It is no surprise that the Queen has a long-standing passion for horses. So it was not surprising that her Majesty visited the stables during Sandringham today.  

In one of Her Majesty’s signature headcarves with an orange and green leaf pattern, Her Majesty (96) was seen sitting in front of the Range Rover as it left Wood Farm, near Sandringham, in Norfolk.

As she left her five-bedroom home, she wore bright lipstick and sunglasses. She will be back there until the beginning of next week. 

The monarch made a chauffeured visit to her horses, who were at nearby stables.

She celebrated her 30th birthday in Wood Farm Cottage, the Duke of Edinburgh, with a private party.

Royal excursion! The Queen is seen leaving Wood Farm near Sandringham this afternoon to pay a chauffeur-driven visit to her horses in nearby stables

Excursion royale! This afternoon, the Queen leaves Wood Farm near Sandringham to make a chauffeured visit to her horses at nearby stables.

Yesterday, gun salutes were given to her by The King’s Troop and Royal Horse Artillery. 

The King’s Troop Royal Horse Artillery launched the 41-gun salute at noon in Hyde Park.

An hour later, another salute of 62 gun was issued by the Honourable Artillery Company from Tower Wharf.

Yesterday, the royal family shared a photo of Queen Elizabeth II, age two, as part of celebrations to celebrate her 96th Birthday.

One's day out! Queen Elizabeth is staying at the Duke of Edinburgh's cottage on her Sandringham estate, having had a private celebration there yesterday to mark her 96th birthday

A day at the cottage of the Duke of Edinburgh. The Queen Elizabeth, who is currently staying at the Duke and Duke of Edinburgh’s Sandringham cottage for her 96th anniversary celebration, will spend the day out. 

This 1928 photo shows Princess Elizabeth looking into the camera, her hands resting on her faces. The dress she is wearing has frills and a necklace made of beads.

The royal family shared the photo on Instagram with the following words: “Then Princess Elizabeth. She was the eldest child of The Duke & Duchess Of York. It was not expected that she would become Queen.” 

Her life was changed when King Edward VIII, her uncle, abdicated. King George VI became her father and the Princess, the future heir presumptive, became her husband.

“Following the tragic death of her father 1952, Princess Elizabeth became Queen Elizabeth I at just 25 years old. In this year’s 70th anniversary on the throne, it is a first ever in British History.

The Royal Family shared this lovely photograph of a two-year-old Princess Elizabeth to mark her 96th birthday

This lovely photo of Princess Elizabeth, two years old, was shared by the Royal Family to celebrate her 96th birthday.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge joined Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall in leading well-wishes to the Queen on her 96th birthday. 

Prince William, 39 and Kate Middleton (40) also shared photos via Instagram. The first photo was of a loving family shot showing the Queen, the Duke and Duke of Edinburgh, with some great-grandchildren. 

In the post that followed, the couple called the Queen an “inspiration” and wrote: “Wishing Her Majesty the Queen a happy 96th Birthday today!”

‘An inspiration to so many across the UK, the Commonwealth and the world, it’s particularly special to be celebrating in this #PlatinumJubilee year.’ 

Shortly after, Prince Charles and Duchess Cornwall presented their slideshow with images that included a photo of Prince Charles as an infant and another of Prince Charles kissing Queen Elizabeth’s hand.  

Fond memories: The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge led well-wishes to the Queen on her 96th birthday. In the first photograph shared by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, the couple are seen admiring Kate's 2019 Royal Chelsea Flower Show Garden with Her Majesty

Fond memories: Queen’s 96th birthday was marked by fond memories. The Duke and Duchess share the first photo of Kate admiring Kate’s 2019 Royal Chelsea Flower Show Garden together.

Proud great-grandparents: The second photograph, which was taken by the Duchess of Cambridge at Balmoral Castle in 2018, shows Prince Philip and the Queen with seven of their great-grandchildren. Pictured left to right: Prince George, Prince Louis (in the Queen's arms), Savannah Phillips (standing), Princess Charlotte, the Duke of Edinburgh, Isla Phillips with Lena Tindall in her arms, and Mia Tindall

Proud great-grandparents: The second photograph, which was taken by the Duchess of Cambridge at Balmoral Castle in 2018, shows Prince Philip and the Queen with seven of their great-grandchildren. From left to right are Prince George (in Queen’s arms), Prince Louis (standing), Savannah Phillips, Princess Charlotte (standing), Prince Philip, Prince Louis, Prince Louis, Isla Phillips, Lena Tindall, Mia Tindall, and Prince George 

Warm wishes: The couple hailed the Queen as 'an inspiration' in the accompanying post

Warm regards: In the accompanying posting, the couple called the Queen an ‘inspiration’.


A kiss for Mummy! Clarence House shared a number of snaps to mark the Queen's birthday, including this one of Prince Charles kissing his mother's hand at the Jubilee concert in 2012

 A kiss for Mummy! Clarence House took a lot of photos to celebrate Queen Elizabeth’s birth, including this snap of Prince Charles and his mother kissing at the Jubilee Concert in 2012.

'Happy birthday Granny!' Princess Eugenie shared this photograph of her with the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh, taking at Trooping the Colour, along with a moving caption

“Happy Birthday Granny!” “Happy birthday Granny!” Princess Eugenie shared the following photograph with Queen Elizabeth and Duke of Edinburgh.

Wood Farm is the “modest” farmhouse on the Norfolk estate where she will be staying. It is also the place her beloved husband Prince Philip used to spend much of his time when he retired from royal duties. 

The ‘modest’ farm in the grounds of the Norfolk estate is where her beloved husband Prince Philip spent much of his time after retiring from royal duties. 

The Royal Family is frustrated again after Prince Harry made a series of slurs at the Firm during interviews on US television 

Prince Charles, who is believed to be in the final stretch of his rope with his youngest son. Palace staff members who looked after Her Majesty during the pandemic accuse the Duke of Sussex (breathtaking arrogance) of suggesting his grandmother requires extra protection. 

He claimed that she confides in him things she can’t talk to anyone else about. And in a barbed comment he said of his visit to Windsor Castle last week: ‘I’m just making sure that she’s protected and got the right people around her’. 

He also risked further fuelling the rift with his estranged older brother by stating that their late mother, Diana, Princess of Wales, was now watching over him from beyond the grave as ‘she’s done her bit’ with Prince William and his family. 

A new portrait of The Queen with two of her beloved fell ponied has been released to mark her 96th birthday, as she quietly celebrates the landmark occasion in Sandringham

To mark the Queen’s 96th Birthday, a new picture of her with her two beloved fell ponied was released.

Prince Harry seemed to say that the Queen is ‘bored’ by the festivities when he was asked about her upcoming birthday during an interview with Hoda Kokotb of NBC Today.

The broadcaster was interviewed by him. He stated that he believed she — after a certain point, you become bored with birthdays.

Ms. Kotb answered: “You think that she is bored with her 96th?” Prince Harry responds, “I think so.” The Duke changed his mind when asked whether the Queen would be bored for the jubilee.

He answered, “No. It’s not my opinion. Her jubilees have all been quite different. I’m sure she is looking forward to it.’