Buckingham Palace: Queen will not attend Cop26 summit. Buckingham Palace claims she has’regretfully chosen’ to stay at Glasgow event, a week after spending the night in hospital.

The Queen will not attend the Cop26 climate change reception in Glasgow on Monday after spending a night in hospital in London last week, Buckingham Palace has announced.

The 95-year-old sovereign was scheduled to travel to Scotland on November 1 for the high-profile engagement. He was expected to meet world leaders from 120 countries, including US President Joe Biden. 

Aides hoped that the head-of-state would be able, via videolink or in person, to lead the Royal Family at this summit next week. Today, she was back at work after performing virtual audiences from Windsor Castle, where she’s currently resting under doctors’ orders.

However, a Palace spokesman said that the head of state has ‘regretfully decided that she will no longer travel to Glasgow to attend the evening reception’. A statement said that the Queen has been doing light duties at Windsor Castle following advice to rest. 

“Her Majesty regretfully decided to not travel to Glasgow for the evening reception of Cop26. Her Majesty regrets her decision not to attend the reception. However, she will deliver an address via recorded video message to the assembled delegates.

The head of the state had to undergo preliminary tests in hospital, on October 20, during her first overnight stay at King Edward VII’s Hospital since eight years.

Queen Elizabeth II (pictured) during a reception for delegates of the Global Investment Conference at Windsor Castle on Tuesday October 19, 2021

Queen Elizabeth II (pictured at a reception for delegate of the Global Investment Conference at Windsor Castle, Tuesday October 19, 2021).

The Queen was photographed at Windsor Castle today in a picture released on the royal family's social media accounts. The monarch was shown side on, smiling as she sat in a chair with her hands in her lap, in front of her large computer screen. On the table were the Queen's folded glasses and several pages of typed briefing notes for the audiences

Today, the Queen was photographed at Windsor Castle in a photo released by the royal family’s social networks. The monarch was shown smiling side-by as she sat in a chair and held her hands in front of her large screen. The Queen’s folded glasses and several pages filled with briefing notes were placed at the table.

Queen Elizabeth II appears on a screen via videolink from Windsor Castle this morning

Queen Elizabeth II appears via videolink from Windsor Castle on a screen this morning

Queen Elizabeth II hosted a reception for international business and investment leaders at Windsor Castle on October 19

Queen Elizabeth II hosted an international business and investment reception at Windsor Castle on Oct 19th

It is understood the trip to the private King Edward VII's Hospital in London (pictured) on Wednesday afternoon was expected to be for a short stay for some 'preliminary investigations'

It is understood that Wednesday’s trip to London’s King Edward VII’s Hospital (pictured above) was for a short visit for some preliminary investigations 

After receiving medical advice to cancel her two-day Northern Ireland trip, she is now resting. 

Following her return from Balmoral in September, the Queen had a busy schedule with engagements in October.

Her hospital stay was kept secret and was only confirmed by Palace when it was published in a newspaper.

After questioning whether Buckingham Palace had undermined public trust by not disclosing that the Queen was admitted to hospital, Nicholas Witchell, the BBC’s veteran Royal Correspondent, faced backlash last night.

In blunt remarks, Mr Witchell stated that journalists had not been given the whole picture.

He stated, “The problem is that rumours and misinformation always thrive when there is no reliable, accurate and trustworthy information.” 

However, his comments were met with criticism online. One Royal watcher posted on Twitter that Nicholas Witchell’s comments were “truly so infuriating.” The Queen is 95, and like many of her peers, she’ll need to be admitted to hospital for various tests. That’s because that’s what happens at that stage no matter how fit you are. She doesn’t have to reveal every detail of her life, she can still keep her dignity.

Another Twitter user wrote: ‘He’s a pompous a***, full of his own self importance. Bring back Jennie Bond. She was classy.

A third person asked: “Since when has Nicholas Witchell been answerable to the Queen?”

A BBC stalwart, Mr Witchell (68) provoked royal displeasure when he asked Prince Charles about his upcoming marriage to Camilla Parker Bowles during a press conference held in Klosters, Switzerland.

Charles mumbled to Princes William, Harry, and Harry under his breath: “I can’t bear that guy.” I mean, he is so horrible, he really does. 

Today’s return of Her Majesty to duties comes after it was discovered that she was unable to enjoy her daily walks with her dogs for nearly a week after being advised to rest by doctors. 

Sources claim that the Queen is now taking the doctors’ orders to relax seriously, having been admitted to hospital last Wednesday night for preliminary investigations.

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