After being admitted to hospital this week, the Queen’s appearance at the COP26 summit among world leaders is in doubt. She waits for guidance from doctors and ‘test results’.

The monarch, aged 95, was planning to join Prince Charles (95) and Prince William (26 COP26 conferences in Scotland on November 1st.

Her appearance at the event is not expected to be a surprise, according to royal sources. She was taken care of at night by specialists at King Edward VII hospital Marylebone, London.  

According to the Palace, the monarch was discharged on Thursday morning. She returned to Windsor Castle at noon to recover and is expected to be back in action for the remainder of the week.  

The Queen's appearance among world leaders at the COP26 summit in Glasgow is hanging 'in the balance' as she waits for guidance and 'test results' from doctors after being admitted to hospital this week

After being admitted to hospital this week, the Queen’s appearance at the COP26 summit is ‘in the balance’ as her doctors wait for guidance and a ‘test result’

It is understood the trip to the private King Edward VII's Hospital in London (pictured) on Wednesday afternoon was expected to be for a short stay for some 'preliminary investigations'

It is believed that the Wednesday afternoon trip to London’s King Edward VII’s Hospital (pictured) was intended to be for ‘preliminary investigation’. 

The monarch, 95, had planned to join Prince Charles and Prince William at the COP26 conference in Scotland on November 1

The monarch, who is 95 years old, had planned to attend the COP26 conference in Scotland with Prince Charles and Prince William on November 1.

Before spending the night in hospital, The Queen’s busy October schedule

October 6: The Queen hosts two virtual audiences at Windsor with both the ambassador for Belize, and the Greek ambassador.

She meets Canadian troops of the 1st Regiment Royal Canadian Horse Artillery. Later, she has a telephone interview with Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

October 7: The Queen and the Earl of Wessex launch the Queen’s Baton Relay to the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games, from the forecourt at Buckingham Palace.

October 12: The Queen and Princess Royal attend a Westminster Abbey service to thank God for the centenary of Royal British Legion.

She used a walking stick to get to the abbey. This was her first major event.

October 13: The monarch meets pianist Dame Imogen cooper face-to-face to present the Queen’s Medal for music. She also has three other audiences.

October 14: The Queen addresses the Welsh Senedd sixth session on an away day to Cardiff.

October 16: Queen Elizabeth II Stakes is won by the Queen during Ascot’s Qipco British Champions Day.

October 18: She has a virtual audience of Dame Cindy Kiro, the Governor-General for New Zealand.

October 19: The Queen holds three engagements, including two virtual audiences with both the Japanese and EU ambassadors. After that, she hosts an evening reception at Windsor Castle to celebrate the Global Investment Summit.

MailOnline understands the Queen has not yet made any commitments to future events, such as COP26. However, it will confirm this at a later date.

It is believed that her private secretary is still waiting for the results of the preliminary tests. She will then see how the elderly monarch feels in the next few days.  

The global climate summit will take place in Glasgow between Sunday October 31 and Friday November 12. 

But Her Majesty was ordered to rest by Royal doctors and told to cancel her trip to Northern Ireland this week. This led to speculation about the reason behind the sudden cancellation.

The Queen was said to be in ‘good spirits’, and was back at her desk on Thursday reading her official government red books. Her admission is not believed to be related to coronavirus. 

Buckingham Palace stated that doctors took an ‘understandably prudent approach’ to treating patients, and that the Queen’s admission came for practical reasons’. There was only one week left before she was due at COP26.

The monarch returned home to Windsor Castle Thursday afternoon, and will begin a schedule of light duties’ once she hears from doctors. 

A Buckingham Palace spokesperson stated that the Queen visited hospital Wednesday afternoon for preliminary investigations. She will return to Windsor Castle today at noon, following medical advice. [Thursday], and keeps you in good spirits. 

According to a palace source, the Mirror was told by a person close to the Queen that she is in good spirits and would continue to rest for the next few days.

“She will be guided in her duties by her doctors.”

The Queen is expected at Windsor Castle to rest, while her aides confirmed that she will not be cancelling her attendance at events in Glasgow for the UN climate summit at the end of March.

She will likely continue to hold private meetings at Windsor Castle next Wednesday, but she has no public engagements.

The Queen maintains a busy diary of events, audiences, and deals with her daily red box of official papers. 

The Queen has attended 15 engagements since her return to Windsor after her summer break at Balmoral.

Downing Street didn’t confirm that Prime Minister Boris Johnson had his weekly address with Her Majesty Wednesday. A Court Circular, the official record of any royal engagement, does not list any such meeting.

Since returning from Balmoral at beginning of October, the sovereign, whose husband, the Duke of Edinburgh, died six months ago, has had a busy calendar. 

The Queen has covered nearly 1,000 miles since her return from Aberdeenshire, where she spent the summer. 

She was forced to use a walking sticks in public last week, a stark reminder of her ageing. 

On Tuesday evening, she hosted the major Global Investment Summit at Windsor Castle. As she performed her royal duties, she looked cheerful and bright. 

Aides said that they were still confident that she would be able to attend a number of audiences and meet with audiences next week. She will also be leading the Royal Family at Cop26’s climate change summit in Glasgow at November’s beginning. 

Another development was that Nicholas Witchell, a BBC veteran royal correspondent, called out Buckingham Palace live on TV and accused them deceiving the media by claiming that the Queen was resting in Windsor Castle while she was actually in hospital. 

The Queen at a reception to mark the Global Investment Summit, at Windsor Castle, October 19, 2021

The Queen at a reception at the Global Investment Summit in Windsor Castle on October 19, 2021

The monarch returned home to Windsor Castle on Thursday afternoon and is due to commence a schedule of 'light duties' once she hears back from doctors. Pictured: Police cars practice outside the COP26 summit in Glasgow this week.

The monarch returned home to Windsor Castle on Wednesday afternoon. She will begin a schedule of light duties’ when she hears back from her doctors. Pictured: Police cars practicing outside the COP26 summit this week in Glasgow.

Downing Street did not confirm whether Prime Minister Boris Johnson (pictured) held his usual weekly address with Her Majesty on Wednesday

Downing Street didn’t confirm that Prime Minister Boris Johnson (pictured), held his weekly address with Her Majesty Wednesday.

Prince Charles once called Mr Witchell an “awful man” and he said that her Majesty’s aides had not given Britain ‘the whole picture”. He only admitted the truth last night after the news broke. 

It happened as the Queen’s driver took her corgis, which she loves, for a walk at Windsor this afternoon. This is a job Her Majesty would normally do by herself. Boris Johnson stated that the monarch, now 95, is currently working at her desk. 

BBC viewers were told Wednesday by Mr Witchell: “We were led on Wednesday to believe that the Queen was resting in Windsor Castle.” As we were being told, and relaying it in newspapers to their readers and viewers, the truth was that she was in hospital.

He said, “The palace would claim that the Queen is entitled patient confidentiality and medical privacy. Not withstanding that she’s the head of state, millions of people around this world would be concerned.” 

“We must hope that it is possible to rely on the palace’s current telling us,” he said, adding that assurances that the queen was in good spirits were a handy phrase that the palace dusts off at times such as these.

MailOnline was told by Robert Jobson, Royal Author: “Medical privacy is one thing. But on matters of fact trust between the palaces and correspondents is paramount.” The Lobby was informed that the PM was in hospital.

“Personallly, I believe it was poor judgment.” [by the palace]It makes it difficult for us to believe what we are told at face price’.