Queensland Health sends a remarkable message to its residents urging them to masturbate

  • Queensland Health urges residents not to masturbate in a new public health message
  • On Thursday, social media users were taken by surprise by the latest announcement
  • People are encouraged to masturbate for health benefits by the slogan “Give yourself an hand”.
  • The new public messaging in health aims to reduce stigma about masturbation

Queensland Health has encouraged residents of the Sunshine State, to masturbate, and it has left social media users stunned.  

The department issued a public message Thursday morning encouraging residents to ‘Give yourself a hand’ in support of the health benefits that masturbation offers.

Queensland Health posted on Facebook that “Masturbation can be a normal and healthy part a person’s sexual experience”

‘The best part is, it’s for everyone — and also offers a wealth of health and sexual health benefits!’

“It is important that we all work together to normalize sex-positive messages regarding masturbation to reduce associated emotions of shame and fear and to improve overall sexual health. 

Queensland Health’s latest article discusses the health benefits of masturbation and encourages healthy discussion. 

According to Queensland Health, masturbation can increase endorphin levels that can influence mental wellbeing, reduce menstrual cramps, and lead to body positivity. 

A remarkable announcement from Queensland Health on Thursday morning is encouraging Queenslanders to masturbate (pictured)

Queensland Health announced Thursday morning that it is encouraging Queenslanders (pictured) to masturbate.

Queensland Health urged residents to open up the conversation around masturbation to reduce stigma on Thursday morning (pictured)

Queensland Health asked residents to have a conversation about masturbation in order to reduce stigmatization on Thursday morning (pictured).

Additional benefits include protection against sexually transmitted diseases and safe sex. 

Social media users were taken aback by the Queensland Health announcement.

“Wow, good morning from Qld Health!” One person wrote. 

Another commented, “Nice topic for this morning’s breakfast,” 

‘Who’s hacked the Qld health website,’ added a third.  

Other users saw the chance to create their best puns by writing: “This is a STROKE of genius Qld Health.”

Another commented, “We can achieve this if all of us work together.”

A third added, “Definitely hard work ahead.”