A pub was labeled offensive and inappropriate after it attached a life-size model, which appears to be black, to its road-side signage. 

Residents vented fury online at The Kings Head in Great Cornard near Sudbury, Suffolk for allegedly ‘triggering’ suicide-minded people. 

Others suggested that the dark-coloured ball was used to symbolize the hanging man’s head. The combination of a black jacket, leggings and a boater cap made it appear like it was a black minstrel caricature’. 

The pub of the 17th Century has responded to the comments. A spokesperson explained that the football was green and that they strongly object’ to the blackface narrative. 

One worker told Mail Online the outrage was ‘pathetic’ and from the ‘snowflake generation’  – adding that the figure was just the pub trying to get into the spirit of Halloween and that the ball happened to be all they had to hand.

Regulars also supported the controversial figure, saying that it was not intended to offend and was just a harmless bit of fun.

The pub heard the outcry and turned the figure around so that it was now hanging from its feet rather than its head.    

A neighbor said that the image of a man hanging from a tree was sickening and ridiculous. It is an insult to anyone who has lost a beloved one.

A group of residents reacted with fury online, accusing The King's Head in Great Cornard, Suffolk, of 'triggering' people who may have lost loved ones to suicide after it strung up a life-size figure of a man hanging from a noose (pictured)

Residents reacted furiously online, accusing The King’s Head, Suffolk, of ‘triggering’ suicide attempts by people who lost loved ones. The King’s Head strung up a life-sized figure of a man hanging from an unattached noose (pictured).

“But, the fact that this figure has a dark face with a boater-hat, black jacket, and black leggings makes them reminiscent of a black minstrel cartoon.

“I am certain that there was no intention to be offensive or racist, but it looked like an image showing a black man being executed.”

Mail Online was told by a worker at the pub who did not want to be identified: “It’s just an idiot, it’s non racist, the whole thing is blown out of proportion.” 

“The football belonged the owners and their dog, they had punctured it, that’s how they used it, this pub is the most non-racist in the world, it’s owned people from Iran and Pakistan. 

“We’ve all had enough, it’s pathetic. It’s all part and parcel of the snowflake generation, who have nothing to do.  

The figure was also strung up while the pub displayed carved pumpkins on its doors and fake spider’s webs on its windows. It also used ghoulish bunting as a way to promote its Halloween party.

After posting a picture with the question: “Anybody know what this macabre sight’?” to the Sudbury Suffolk Moaners Facebook Group, scores of comments were left.

Many people described it to be ‘offensive’, ‘inappropriate’ and a potential trigger for anyone mourning the suicide of a loved.

Later, the post was removed and replaced with one showing the figure at its feet.

The group members welcomed the compromise as it was a way to avoid offending the families of those who have taken their lives.

One member stated that it wasn’t a case where people whined. A life-size model showing a man hanging from a sign at their neck is very insensitive and irresponsible, considering the number who hang themselves each year.

“I’m up for a good laugh, but not when it makes someone feel uneasy or traumatized. This is now funny and not insensitive.

Another said, “Being ‘offended” by something is very different from being traumatised or mentally stimulated by it.

“Those who are unable to show compassion and empathy for others because they don’t know what it is are lucky not to have experienced are inept at showing compassion. Let’s pray they never have the experience that some of you have.

A second comment was made: “The poor people that have experienced losing someone in this manner, will hurt everyday regardless.” It seems that people are always looking for things to offend.

A third participant said that she had witnessed a friend hanging herself and had also seen a friend fill up her car with gas. As a Halloween decoration, it didn’t trigger me. I don’t hide in the dark if I see a car.

The 17th century pub has since hit back at the claims, with a spokesperson explaining that the football was green and that they 'strongly objected' to the 'blackface narrative'

The pub of 17th century has since reacted to the claims with a spokesperson explaining that the soccer was green and that they’strongly opposed’ the ‘blackface narrative.

Ken Grimes, an 83-year-old retired electrician, said that he was not offended by the pub. It was Halloween, so I thought it was a Halloween decoration.

“To be honest, I didn’t notice that they had changed it around. It might have stopped people from complaining. 

Mail Online was contacted by a worker at the pub, who requested anonymity. He said that it was a joke, not racist, and that the whole thing had been exaggerated. 

“The black football belonged the owners’ dog and had punctured it. This pub is the most non-racist in the world and it’s owned people from Iran and Pakistan. 

“We’ve all had enough, it’s pathetic. It’s all part and parcel of the snowflake generation, who have nothing to do. 

Mail Online was told by The Kings Head: “Some concerns were raised regarding the positioning of our hanging men on social media. 

“We immediately changed his position because it was pointed out on social media by users that this could cause distress to people who have experienced mental illness or the death of a loved. 

“We are sorry for our mistakes. Concerning the ‘blackface,’ this has not been raised to our attention. The model does not have a face, but an old green football was used. 

“The model was wearing black suit and a bowler cap… we are still not sure where it came from and strongly object.” 

“We are proud to be an inclusive, community pub and are very hurt at this narrative.”