Get out of my way, Moo-ve! After escaping from a Brazil overturned truck, a rampaging cow rams a motorcyclist off his bicycle

  • The incident was captured in Santa Catarina, Brazil on October 25, 2012.
  • The cow ran away from the truck that had been tipped on a narrow bend.
  • Footage shows how the animal runs from a plot on land to a motorcyclist. 
  • Local media reported that the motorcyclist managed to escape without serious injury 

Footage captured the moment that a cow ransacked a motorcyclist, just moments after escaping an overturned vehicle.

The incident was filmed at Sete de Setembro Street near Presidente Medici in Chapeco on October 27, 2012.

Fatima Mayer, a local resident, said that the animal was being transported in a truck with other cows and then the vehicle veered off the bend.

A cow ran into an oncoming motorcyclist on Sete de Setembro Street in the neighbourhood of Presidente Medici, Chapeco, in the southern Brazilian state of Santa Catarina on October 27

On October 27, a cow was run over by a motorcyclist on Sete de Setembro Street, Chapeco’s neighbourhood of Presidente Medici.

The cow that ran away fled to a vacant piece of land in front Mayer’s house, where workers arrived to capture the cow.  

Footage filmed at the scene by a person sat in the driver’s seat of a parked car shows the moment the cow runs from the plot and crashes into the oncoming motorcyclist.

The clip begins with a man looking into the land. He then moves out of the way. A few moments later, a large cow appears, and runs in front the car onto the street.

At that moment, a motorcyclist rides past the car and collides against the cow. The cow appears to be trying to ram its head and body into the vehicle.

The clip ends with the motorcyclist appearing back on his feet, while the cow continues its journey, seemingly unhurt. 

Eyewitness Mayer said workers managed to round up the other cows from the overturned vehicle, but one escaped and ended up ramming the biker on the city street.

The footage shows the runaway cow escaping from a plot of land after running from an overturned truck that was transporting the animals

The footage shows the cow running away from an abandoned truck that was transporting them.

The cow appears to duck its head and ram its body towards the motorcyclist as the two converge in the middle of the road

As the cow and motorcyclist converge in the middle, the cow appears to duck its head.

Mayer stated that the motorcyclist was helped by onlookers, but that he did not require medical attention.

She said, “My neighbour shouted, “Look at the cow!”I was not at the window at the time, however. I saw people helping the young man riding his bike.

“The cow was confused and ran around like crazy.

Later, the police confirmed that the truck accident occurred and that officers assisted in rescuing the other animals.  

Eyewitness Ailton Barbosa stated that it was a frightening experience.

“I was waiting for my friend, who lives across the street, to go for a stroll when it all happened. So I filmed it.

According to news site G1, the motorcyclist was not severely injured in the accident.