Rapist Taye Francis (pictured), 40, was in a 'roid rage' when he stabbed Khloemae Loy, 23, in the neck in a hotel room near the O2 in Greenwich, London, the Old Bailey heard

Taye (pictured), 40-year-old rapper, was in a “roid rage” when he attacked Khloemae Loy, 23 in the neck, in a hotel near the O2 Greenwich. The Old Bailey also heard the incident.

An ex-personal trainer murdered his partner while trying to control the effects of years worth of steroid abuse was facing a life sentence.

Taye Francis was 40 years old and in a “roid rage” when he attacked Khloemae Liy, 23 in the neck, in a hotel near O2 Greenwich.

He shot photos of the body and bloody bed, then sent one to his solicitor saying that he had murdered his girlfriend.

Francis broke the window of the hotel and fell to the fifth floor, in an effort to flee.

When he was sentenced to rape a 19 year-old girl at axe point in 2002, he was also known as Ashley Wyatt.

After being attacked by a train toilet, she was then taken to Thornton Heath (southeast London) where her father was living. She was then again raped.

Francis’s violent behavior was unabated by a six-year sentence. Khloemae was also assaulted many times. When he tried to throw her into a wheelie container, he was again sentenced.

Khloemae had begged Khloemae for his freedom and she knew Francis would ultimately kill her if he stayed.

Dany’s father did not need to question the police when they arrived at their home on the night she was assassinated. Instead, he simply replied, ‘He’s murdered her.

Francis claimed that he didn’t commit the murder at the time because he had mental health issues.

He took pictures of her body on their blood soaked bed and sent one to his solicitor saying: 'I've murdered my girlfriend.' Pictured: Khlomemae

He shot photos of his girlfriend’s body lying on the bloody bed, and then sent the one to his solicitor. Pictured: Khlomemae

According to him, he told psychiatrists that he had stabbed Khlomemae because a deluded belief that she was trying to help people who wanted his death.

Francis will now be sentenced to life after the jury found him guilty of injecting steroids.

Francis did not show emotion when the Old Bailey jury convicted him of murder with a verdict of 10 to 2.

Maxine, Maxine’s daughter was the one who wept behind the judge as the verdict came out.

Judge Mark Lucraft (the Recorder in London) placed the killer under arrest until December 6.

According to the court, steroids abuse can lead to “impulsivity, irritability and reduced sleep” and many bodybuilders have been made long-term inmates at psychiatric facilities.

Francis became obsessed with his rape conviction, believing he was being pursued by vigilantes seeking revenge.

Khlomemae, a Croydon College graduate, met Francis at 18 when he was 34. She was then working in a pub.

After his training as a Smithfield butcher, he then went on to personal training. He was employed by Canary Wharf’s wealthy clients.

Khlomemae had already been injecting steroids since almost ten year before he was shot.

Dany Loy, the parents of the teenage boy, was told by Francis that Francis was 26 years old and was also attending college. This was their first nightmare for five years.

Kate Lumsdon, Prosecutor: “Khloemae had a rather private relationship with the other.

“When Mrs and Mr Loy first met Khloemae, they didn’t approve. They observed that Khloemae started changing his behavior.

She started to drink more. She stated that she was ready to leave her home in order to buy her own house. They were concerned by a variety of events.

The couple went to the Holiday Inn Express near the O2 arena on the Greenwich Peninsula (pictured), where Khloemae was to be murdered

They went to Holiday Inn Express on the Greenwich Peninsula, near O2 Arena (pictured), and Khloemae was murdered.

In February 2017, Francis assaulted Khloemae then put her in a wheeliebin.

Francis was sentenced for assault, was jailed, and received a restraining or order that prevented him from reaching his victim.

They believed that their story was over and they were divorced.

Khloemae contacted her mother in December 2019 to inform her of their reunion.

Ms Lumsdon explained that Khloemae had been talking with her mom about this as she entered 2020. The mother recalls that Khloemae was getting distressed by the circumstances.

Francis and Ms. Loy moved in with him to Sutton, after becoming convinced of the ‘after’ people.

“On the 1st of July 2020 Mrs Loy got a phone call from Khloemae stating that she had been admitted to the hospital after she was found sitting on a window sill.

Her parents were able to get her home from Queen Elizabeth Hospital, where she was kept over night.

“Her parents encouraged Khloemae, as they did before, to leave Mr Francis.

Khloemae told her she couldn’t leave him, or he would attack Mrs and Mr Loy. They took her back to Sutton’s flat,’ stated Ms Lumsdon.

They found Francis, who was dressed in a police-style “stab vest” and using a bed as a barricade to block the entrance of the flat.

The couple were driven by Ms Loy’s parents to Slough the next day. Francis was convinced that his parents were following him around Slough.

Francis called the police just two days before his murder to report that people had threatened him outside of the flat he lived in.

The couple began packing frantically, claiming they were returning to London after the officers had left.

Later, St Mary’s Hospital Paddington was called by officers after staff were concerned about Francis’s behavior.

His and Ms Loy wanted an urgent assessment of their mental health to secure new accommodation. However, they were told that the wait was long and that each would have to be evaluated separately.

They let Francis go, believing that despite his paranoia and signs of fearfulness, he wasn’t a danger to anyone or himself.

Khloemae called mother on July 4, and she cancelled plans to go shopping with her. Instead, Khloemae said that she was instead going to the coast to see Francis’ parents.

She asked her father for £300 for tickets and accommodation. “Mr Loy” transferred the money. She said that he had spoken to her the last time.

Francis and Francis went to Pimlico after the accident at the hospital. Francis called an ambulance saying that Francis needed a mental assessment because he was cutting his own throat.

The couple then went to Holiday Inn Express on the Greenwich Peninsula. This is where Khloemae would be killed.

Francis administered steroids one day before his partner died.

Francis then sent out a string of texts, some believed to have been solicitors to several recipients that night, alleging someone had tried to organize his murder.

He searched the internet for his name, and “Taye Francis Rapist” during the night.

Khloemae was angry at the thought of being murdered and called hotel reception. She said that somebody knocked on her front door. An employee then told Khloemae she hadn’t asked them to.

Francis began to paranoidly rant about the possibility that someone had knocked at his door and was looking for him to be killed.

Ms Lumsdon said, “That was the last time anybody outside of the room spoke with Khloemae.”

Francis dialed an ambulance just before 10am and told the operator that his girlfriend was in serious condition. He had stabbed her neck.

Francis broke the window in the hotel’s room while Francis called 999.

Francis claimed that they could get in the room even though it wasn’t.

Un paranoid message from Francis about an attempted murderer was received by a solicitor. The solicitor wrote that the only person who could help him was the police.

Francis replied by sending him a photo of Ms Loy on WhatsApp. He also added: “I’ve murdered my girlfriend.”

Francis was seen by police removing his bags from the fifth-floor windowsill before scaling the window ledge.

The officer below said that he climbed out the window, appearing to be trying to get down. The prosecutor said that he hung there for a while, trying to gain a foothold.

‘Taye Frans tried to get down but lost control and fell to the edge above the main entry to the hotel.

Officers forced their way into the room and found Ms. Loy’s dead body on top bloody bedsheets.

According to Ms Lumsdon, “She received a severe cut on her neck.”

Later, police discovered a set kitchen knives that Mr Francis had purchased from Asda Sutton about one week before.

Ms Lumsdon claimed that the larger, blue-colored knife was the one used to murder the victim.

Officers found Francis on the edge bleeding, but still conscious. They arrested him and gave first aid.

The injury caused him to break his collar bone and shoulder, as well as a rib. He also fractured one vertebrae.

Ms Lumsdon said that on Sunday 5th of July, Mr. Loy and Mrs. Loy came home to find uniformed police at their door.

“Her father came down.” He stated: “He’s murdered her, hasn’t he?” He had, according to the officers.

Khloemae’s family stated that Khloemae, who was just 23, died at her time. Her family and close friends will miss her.

We all will be missing her bright personality. She was always the life and spirit of the party. She was our miniature china doll.

“At 23 Khloemae was already suffering five years at Taye Francis’ hands. All she wanted to do was get love and devotion from him.

She was tricked into believing that ‘Taye had gotten her to enter his world. From the beginning, he lied to her. From the beginning, he lied to her about his age, job, and that he was studying at a nearby college.

“He attempted to control and manipulate Khloemae right from the beginning. He took her from her relatives and friends, then physically and emotional abused her.

“Even though Khloemae has left us, she is still here. Taye took Khloemae’s life, but he also destroyed ours. She cannot give us her happiness and love.

Quinn Cutler stated that Detective Sergeant Quinn Cutler believed Taye Francis to be a violent and controlling man, who subjected Khloemae a constant assault and abuse due to his own paranoia.

“His horrible actions have taken a young girl’s life and robbed her family. Our team was determined to bring justice and make amends for those who were left behind.

Emma Currie of the CPS stated that Taye Francis was controlling, violent, angry and even paranoid. He wore a stab vest and went about his day wearing it.

“As a registered sexual offender, he believed everyone knew and wanted to take him.

After being caught in an abuse spiral at Francis’ hands, Khloemae Liy tragically lost her life.

“The prosecution was able present testimony strong from toxicology experts as well as a history evidence detailing past abusive incidents related to Francis’ ex-partners as well as Khloemae.

The defense claimed that Francis had been suffering from an illness which impairs his thinking. However, the prosecution showed that Francis became paranoid after he voluntarily took anabolic steroids.

“Domestic violence may have devastating consequences. CPS is committed to prosecuting offenders wherever it’s possible.

Although nothing can save Ms. Loy’s life, it is my hope that the conviction brings some comfort to her loved ones. We are thinking of them.

Francis admitted manslaughter based on diminished responsibility but denied the murder.