It’s no wonder he’s called Professor Green. Prince William supported rapper who promoted Instagram cannabis dealer

  • Professor Green praises Stonechester, an Instagram drug pusher, in a video
  • He previously claimed that he is “long removed” from the world of cannabis. 
  • Ten months after speaking to students with the Duke of Cambridge, video was made
  • Rapper spoke out about the importance role models and mental health issues

A rapper who spoke to schoolchildren with Prince William about mental health issues has promoted an Instagram cannabis dealer.

Professor Green claimed that he has been a guest at Buckingham Palace many times. Stonechester was then praised.

He had previously claimed that he is a long way removed from cannabis because it makes his ‘paranoid’ and ‘anxious’. 

The dealer posted the clip to his 19,000 Instagram followers. In the clip, the rapper is seen smoking a joint and saying: “Good food guys, it’s Stonechester.” Food is the slang term for cannabis. 

The Duke of Cambridge (R) with rapper Professor Green (L), real name Stephen Manderson, makes an unannounced visit to Burlington Danes Academy in west London to surprise children taking part in an assembly on cyberbullying and its effect on young people's mental health

The Duke of Cambridge (R), and rapper Professor Green, real name Stephen Manderson (L), make an unannounced stop at Burlington Danes Academy, west London to surprise children participating in an assembly on cyberbullying.

Professor Green (Pictured) appears in clip on Stonechester's Instagram page, appearing to smoke drugs

Professor Green (Pictured), appears in a clip on Stonechester’s Instagram page, appearing as if he smokes drugs

The Instagram page for Stonechester dealers (Pictured). Advert for 'Pre Rolls', which are 'filled with 1.5G Hand Trimmed Premium Flower' saying 'leave a message if you want one'

The Stonechester dealers’ Instagram page (Pictured). Advert for a ‘Pre Roll’ that is ‘filled with 1.5G hand-trimmed premium flowers’.

It appeared on the site ten years after he spoke with students with the Duke to discuss the importance of role models as well as mental health issues.

Stonechester, a Manchester-based company, has been able to avoid being deleted from Instagram for four years. They have added the disclaimer “No Sales” to their Instagram account. No DMs [direct messages]”In the account’s biography. 

But the page posts pictures and videos which openly promote cannabis products with hashtags including #smokeweedeveryday, #thehighlyfe and #F***ThaFeds.

When undercover reporters contacted Stonechester via Wickr – an encrypted messaging app – the dealer was happy to sell high-strength cannabis even when they believed a customer was aged 16.

Stephen Manderson, Professor Green, has admitted to selling drugs as a child. 

He said this in a BBC 2017 documentary about legalizing cannabis: “Nowadays it make me uncomfortable, it make me paranoid and it makes it anxious.” I’ve been away from this world for a while.

The following year – ten months before the Stonechester promotional video was posted in December 2018 – he helped William in his mental health campaign Heads Together. In an interview with Mail last year, he stated that he visits schools and prisons to help others make better drug decisions.

The publicist for Professor Green did not respond to our requests for comment.

Stonechester pulled all the cannabis content from the Instagram account within five hours of the Mail getting in touch with them. Kensington Palace declined comment.