Rebekah and Jamie Vardy win planning permission for a DRESSING ROOM as part of two-storey extension at their £3million mansion

  • Jamie Vardy and Rebekah Vardy received planning permission to build a dressing area.
  • It is part of a  two-storey extension at their £3million mansion in Lincolnshire
  • This project might be a nice distraction from the “Wagatha Christie” saga

England footballer Jamie Vardy and his celeb wife Rebekah have won planning permission for a new dressing room as part of a two-storey extension at his plush £3million mansion.

He and his ex-I’m a Celeb star spouse, a Leicester City striker, want to expand their luxurious property just outside Grantham in Lincolnshire. The garden will also be landscaped.

On October 14, they submitted their planning application, and South Kesteven District Council proviso approved it on December 9.

Jamie and Rebekah Vardy have carried out major works on the property since then and it is now estimated to be worth north of £3million

Jamie and Rebekah Vardy have carried out major works on the property since then and it is now estimated to be worth north of £3million

The dressing room is set to be on the second floor of their two-storey extension at the Lincolnshire mansion they live in

Their dressing room will be located on the second level of the two-storey addition to the Lincolnshire home they own.

The plans were submitted to South Kesteven District Council in October and were accepted this month

These plans were submitted in October to South Kesteven District Council and accepted by the council this month

A mock-up shows the second-storey add-on resting atop arched foundations which the family could walk through while enjoying their garden

The mockup of the second-storey addition rests on top arched foundations that the family can walk through as they enjoy their backyard.

The dressing room will be built above the arched cloister. The plans also include a redesign of the garden

Above the arch cloister, the dressing room will also be constructed. Plan B also includes a redesign for the garden.

This will enable the couple to build a brand new bathroom with an en-suite.

The plans show that they will add a dressing room adjoining one of the bedrooms.

They want landscaping work to be done on their large farmhouse pad.

The couple bought the pad for £2.5million in 2016 but have carried out major works on the property since and it is now estimated to be worth about £3million.

The Vardys's home already has eight bedrooms and is worth millions of pounds

Vardys already have eight bedrooms in their home, which is valued at millions of pounds.

Rebekah and Jamie have three kids together Sofia, six, Finlay, four, and Olivia, one. She has two children from previous relationships, Megan, 16, and Taylor, 11, while Jamie also has a daughter, Ella, five, from another relationship

Rebekah has three children with Jamie: Finlay (four), Olivia (one), and Sofia (6). Megan, 16 and Taylor, 11 are their children, respectively. Jamie, on the other hand, has Ella, 5, from a previous relationship. 

The two-storey extension will add another four bedrooms to their home, taking the bedroom tally to a total of 12

Their two-storey addition will bring the total number of bedrooms in their home to 12

The family could find a pleasant distraction from the continuing fallout of the scandal ‘WAGatha Christie.’

Since Wayne’s wife, Rebekah was accused by Coleen Rooney of leaked stories in 2019, Rebekah is embroiled in a row with Coleen.

The celeb couple received planning permission last summer to add a four-bed extension on their luxurious bolthole. It will be a two-story addition.

Jamie, 34, won the golden boot in the 2019/20 season and has scored 125 goals in 256 Premier League games, scooping the title in the 2015/16 season. Pictured: Jamie in action during a defeat to Liverpool on Wednesday

Jamie, aged 34, was awarded the golden boot in 2019/20. Jamie has scored 125 goals over 256 Premier League games and won the title for 2015/16. Jamie during Wednesday’s defeat by Liverpool

Rebekah Vardy is currently embroiled in the WAGatha Christie saga with Coleen Rooney, the wife of Jamie's former England teammate Wayne Rooney

Rebekah Varidy and Coleen Rooney are currently involved in the WAGatha-Christie saga. Coleen Rooney is the wife Jamie’s former England teammate Wayne Rooney. 

Last summer, the celeb couple won planning permission to build a separate four-bed, two-story extension at their swanky bolthole, which already boasted eight bedrooms

Celeb couple got planning permission last year to construct a fourth-floor, four-bed addition at their chic bolthole. The extension would have been an additional two stories.

Mark Winklewski, Vardys’s architect, stated that the proposed extension was modelled in a complementary style and form to the house. It will also be smaller and less detailed and constructed with matching exterior materials, such as natural stone for walls or pantiles on the roof.

The proposed extension is a visual and architecturally pleasing addition to the scene. There are no objections, in principle and detail.

“It won’t also affect the setting east of property. It will be covered by the main home.

Heritage Lincolnshire claimed it had no archaeological comment to offer in regard to the application.