After a week, the red list will be removed and tested for fully-vaccinated individuals.

  • Within weeks of its introduction, the controversial red list was scrapped. 
  • Grant Shapps, Transport Secretary, is reported to be in favor of fully-vaccinated people.
  • Recall of the red List met with anger from African officials
  • Quarantine travelers complained about six-hour trips to hotels and “grim” food.

It is expected that the travel red book will soon be scrapped.

The emergence of Omicron forced thousands of travellers into hotel quarantine at a cost of £2,285  per person for ten days.

However, just two weeks after the introduction of the list, Grant Shapps, Transport Secretary was said to have persuaded colleagues that testing should be done for fully-vaccinated people.

Just a fortnight after the list was introduced, Transport Secretary Grant Shapps is said to have convinced colleagues it should be replaced with testing for the fully vaccinated

Grant Shapps, the Transport Secretary of Canada, is reported to have persuaded colleagues that the current list should be replaced by testing for fully-vaccinated people within a matter of weeks.

Mail on Sunday reports that the move will be approved by Parliament this week.

Omicron is spreading quickly worldwide and data suggests there will not be any differences in infection rates between countries.

Officials in the affected African countries were furious at the return of red lists, and travellers complained about six-hour travel times to get to their hotels or ‘grim food’.

Boris Johnson said Wednesday that he would reexamine the policy after being accused of unfairness and inefficiency.