Christian Wakeford was open about his disgust at Boris Johnson before he defected to Labour. 

The 37-yearold was a vocal critic for the Prime Minister in Partygate. He also made news during Owen Paterson’s lobbying story with his foul-mouthed attack on the former minister.

Amid the chaos over the PM’s attempts to spare Paterson  from censure for lobbying for firms paying him a six-figure sum the father-of-one approached the then North Shropshire MP and called him a ‘c***’ for causing the situation.

The Government ordered MPs to vote for a change in parliamentary sleaze laws to aid the ex-North Ireland Secretary.

He crossed the floor today to Labour because he was disgusted after weeks and weeks filled with sleaze. 

Critics will also point out the large majority of Mr Wakeford. Boris Johnson’s massive victory in the Red Wall campaign propelled him to the 2019 seat. 

This was the first blue wave in the region since 1997. However, his majority of votes is only 402 which makes it one of the smallest areas in the country. Today’s polling by JL Partners and Channel Four shows that the Tories are on track to lose their seat. They also have 41 seats from Red Wall they took 3 years ago.

Boris’s move may also be a way to put pressure on Partygate, shock fellow rebels and get their attention away from the PM. 

However, Labour has been adamant that his departure was not welcomed. The leftwing Yong Labour organization tweeted: “Christian Wakeford MP shouldn’t be admitted to Labour Party. 

The 37-year-old has been a vocal critic of the Prime Minister over Partygate and made headlines during the Owen Paterson lobbying saga with a foul-mouthed rant at the former minister.

This 37-year old has been vocal in his criticism of the Prime Minister regarding Partygate. He made national headlines with an offensive rant against the ex-minister during the Owen Paterson lobbying scandal.

Before entering politics, Mr Wakeford worked for a telecommunications firm having studied politics at Lancaster University. He is married to Alexandria (pictured together after he won Bury South in 2019)

After studying politics at Lancaster University, Mr Wakeford was employed by a telecom company before he entered politics. Alexandria is his wife (pictured after he took Bury South in 2019).

Critics will point to the size of Mr Wakeford's majority. He took the seat in 2019 - one of the Red Wall victories which propelled Boris Johnson to his massive election win.

Critics will highlight the vast majority held by Mr Wakeford. Boris Johnson won his huge election victory when he took over the seat from him in 2019.

‘He has consistently voted against the interests of working-class people; for the £20 universal credit cut, for the Nationality and Borders Bill and for the Police and Crime Bill. Young Labour does not welcome him.’

Johnson said that the Tories would be able to hold Bury South with Johnson out of office. Sir Keir goaded the PM  in the Commons that any more defectors were ‘welcome’, saying the Tories had shown they were ‘incapable’ of governing the country.

Johnson retorted: “As for Bury South,” he said to Johnson. The Conservative Party won Bury South under the Prime Minister’s agenda of unifying, levelling up, and delivering for Bury South. Bury South is our next victory.

After studying politics at Lancaster University, Mr Wakeford was employed by a telecom company before he entered politics. Alexandria, his wife of ten years, and he have one child.

Since 2013, he has been a Tory Councillor for Lancashire County Council. He also worked previously as a Tory MP Andrew Stephenson’s case worker. 

As the leader of Pendle Borough Council’s Tories, he was also a member.  

As a Member of Parliament, Mr Wakeford serves as a member on the Education Select Committee. 

He also serves as co-chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group on British Jews. 

Last year, he was in the news for his boozy trip from Gibraltar. In which the behavior of the MPs was criticized.

The two Conservatives on the trip were accused in a carousel during a visit by the UK’s armed forces to the Mediterranean enclave.

Three opposition MPs had been accused of heavily drinking before they arrived in British Overseas Territory under the Armed Forces Parliamentary Scheme. One of them was reportedly forced to leave the airport with a wheelchair.

After the “drunken” display, Defence Secretary Ben Wallace slammed Labour’s Charlotte Nichols and Drew Hendry from the SNP as having shown a lack of respect.

Wakeford said in his resignation letter: “My decision is more about your leadership than the shameful behavior you’ve displayed over the past weeks.

“But, I believe that not all politicians are equal and believe in politics’ power to work for the good of humanity. Keir Starmer agrees.

“He showed integrity by leading his party in issues important to me. Not least, the crucial challenge of fighting antisemitism.

Sir Keir stated that Mr Wakeford always placed his constituents first.

Christian stated that policies by the Conservative government were doing little to assist the Bury South residents and in fact are making their struggles every day worse.

The Tories have now defected to Labour for the first time in 15 years since Quentin Davies left. The move comes amid allegations that Johnson wept last night as he begged the MPs for more.

Yesterday’s PM is said to have wept as he faced wavering backbenchers.

While No10 dismissed the allegations amid the febrile atmosphere in Westminster, it underscores the threat to the leadership of his group as rebels prepare to take him out.