Armed robbers destroy an armored security truck that was parked on the Cape Town motorway. Drivers rush to get cash.

  • An armed gang attacked a GS4 truck of security on a Cape Town motorway. 
  • Two security guards were shot and killed by the mob. The truck was then destroyed with explosives. 
  • They fled the scene with cash and a lot of other items. 
  • Motorists took advantage of the situation to load their pockets with illegal cash. 

This incredible video shows delighted motorists screeching to a halt to scoop up bundles of cash after armed robbers blew up an armoured security truck on a motorway.

As drivers struggle to grab the cash, one man is smiling and can be seen stuffing large amounts of cash into his pants. Another man has both his arms filled with money.

The thieves struck when at least a dozen robbers armed with powerful weapons attacked the GS4 truck while it was parked on a Cape Town motorway slip road.  

Members of the public scooped up cash from a G4S security van which was ambushed by a gang of heavily-armed raiders in Cape Town, South Africa

The public snatched cash from the G4S security vehicle, which was attacked by heavily-armed criminals in Cape Town.

On video, you can see that people were carrying large quantities of loose coins back to the cars.

The gang used explosives to blow open the doors to access the cash inside the truck

To get cash in the truck, the gang used explosives

The driver as well as the guard were both shot in the head. Before the thieves used explosives to open the doors and sides of the truck, the robbers stole the cash.

On Tuesday, 6.30 pm, the police raided Cape Town’s outskirts.  

The raiders spent several minutes trying to grab as much cash as possible, but eventually fled.

The men abandoned their cars, ran to the truck abandoned by their car and ate the leftovers. They filled their pockets with money and their underpants.

While the rest of their gang fled at great speed, armed police arrived quickly to open fire and shoot one of the getaway cars.

The sirens rang and the people fled.  

A gunshot had been fired at one suspect’s buttocks. Another shot was directed to his right thigh. The two were taken to hospital with the other two guards.

According to Lieutenant Colonel Robert Netshiunda, a spokesperson for the police said that four individuals were taken into custody and that others fled with cash in unspecified amounts.

He explained that it was reported that a Jeep, which was traveling along N7, stopped abruptly at the intersection of the road. This caused a cash van and a lighter delivery vehicle to collide.

Nearby motorists raced around the armoured car to collect the cash which had been dropped by the raiders

Drivers in the vicinity raced past the armored car, trying to get the cash that had been stolen by the raiders. 

The truck was badly damaged during the attack which left the driver and a guard suffering gunshot wounds

The attack on the truck left the truck badly damaged, leaving the guard and the driver with gunshot wounds.

The suspects are said to have opened the safe with explosives in order to steal the money. This was before the National Intervention Unit shot out.

“Both the G4S cash-van driver and security guard sustained gunshot injuries during the incident and were taken to the hospital for emergency care.”

They will be charged with attempted murder, Armed Robbery, and Illegal Possession of Weapons, Ammunition, and Explosive Devices.

An investigation is under way for other members of the armed gang, who were thought to have carried machine guns, revolvers, and automatic rifles. High explosives are also believed to be used to blow up the safe.

South Africa’s Police Service advised all looters that they must return their money to the station, or else risk getting arrested.

South African police warned bystanders who took the cash that they should return it as they could face prosecution if they are identified

South African police advised bystanders who had taken the cash to return it, as they may face criminal prosecution if identified