Red Wall Tories created a WhatsApp group named “Liz For Leader” to plot against Foreign Secretary Truss being elected party leader

  • Red Wall seat Tory MPs have set up a ‘Liz for Leader’ group on WhatsApp
  • Members said to be secretly plotting to install Foreign Secretary as party leader
  • They were urged Boris Johnson is being criticized by colleagues on social issues like the government’s reforms to health care.

Tory MPs created a group of phone messengers to plan secretly to elect Foreign Secretary Liz Truss to be their party leader.

Members of the WhatsApp group – which is called ‘Liz for Leader’ and dominated by new MPs from the Red Wall seats formerly held by Labour – have been exhorting colleagues to rebel against Boris Johnson on issues such as the Government’s social care reforms and the Prime Minister’s doomed decision to defend Owen Paterson over sleaze allegations.

Mr Johnson’s recent political difficulties have seen his approval ratings tumble – while Ms Truss remains the darling of Tory Party members, who will be instrumental in electing the next leader.

According to a source, the 2019 intake, especially Red Wallers are unhappy with Boris and disenchanted over high taxes and migrants.

Tory MPs mostly from Red Wall seats have set up a phone messaging group called 'Liz for Leader' to carry out secret plotting to install Foreign Secretary Liz Truss as party leader

Red Wall Tory MPs have created a messaging group on the phone called “Liz For Leader” to plot to make Foreign Secretary Liz Truss their party leader.

“They believe that he doesn’t have a Right-wing bone and would prefer Liz to be conservative.

This is after Ms Truss fired a key aide because he was allegedly ‘aggressively’ trying to get her to succeed Johnson. He also reportedly contacted colleagues regarding her prospects.

Bim Afolami (her parliamentary private secretary), who wrote earlier in this month that Johnson’s government was “close to losing confidence” will now serve as Culture Secretary Nadine Dories. 

Members of the group have been exhorting colleagues to rebel against Boris Johnson on issues such as the Government's social care reforms

The members of this group exhorted their fellow colleagues to resist Boris Johnson’s policies on social care reforms.

The claims by Mr Afolami that he was agitating to win Ms Truss’ support are strongly refuted. John Lamont MP for Berwickshire Roxburgh and Selkirk is likely to succeed him.

While Mr Johnson’s fortunes seem to be falling, party whips have kept an increased eye on the MPs and advisors surrounding Ms Truss in an effort to spot signs of her potential leadership bid.

In his article for the Conservative Home website, Mr Afolami wrote: ‘The danger of this political moment is that the Conservative Government may be close to losing a very precious thing – the benefit of the doubt.

“I do not know how much time this will continue, but I don’t believe our drop in support for the mid-30s polls will be temporary. It is also not about the’sleaze issue.