Tory MP linked male crime and female Doctor Who is facing sleaze probe about his relationships with the electric car company

  • Nick Fletcher, MP, initiated debate on ‘promotional electric vehicle use’ 
  • Analogue Electrics’ director is he. The company is now expanding to vehicle charging.
  • One Labour MP brought him up to the attention of the Parliamentary standards Commissioner. 

A Conservative MP linked male crime and having a female Doctor Who was reported to Parliament’s sleaze monitor over his other interests.

Nick Fletcher was working as an electrician and initiated a Parliament debate about electric vehicle use.

Fletcher stated that there were a multitude of fast-charging devices needed throughout the country and asked Ministers for’more speed’. 

He demanded charging points to be installed “with the same frequency that petrol stations” 

Analogue Electrics Ltd., which Mr Fletcher founded in 1994, is his company as a director. 

According to its website, it wants to grow the car charging business. 

Nick Fletcher (pictured) initiated a debate in Parliament about the 'promotion of electric vehicle usage' while working for a company that installs electric vehicle charging points, The Mail on Sunday can reveal

Nick Fletcher (pictured), who works for an electric vehicle charging point company, initiated the debate at Parliament.

The Don Valley MP owns more than 75 per cent of shares in the firm and receives a company car, phone and health insurance, to the value of £800 a month, which he declares in his register of interests.

Anneliese Dodds (Labour chair) reported Mr Fletcher’s conduct to Kathryn Stone (Parliamentary standards commissioner), stating that he could be breaking lobbying laws.

In his opening speech Mr Fletcher mentioned his register of interest. Ms Dodds stated that the code of conduct for MPs states that they cannot start proceedings in Parliament to bring any material benefit to companies that they are receiving an external reward.

The Mail obtained her letter on Sunday. She claims that the April debate “appears to have been a clear breach” of the code. 

Yesterday night Mr Fletcher said that he did not break any rules.

He claimed that positive role models for male actors in film and television were being replaced with women by a small vocal minority. 

He also cited Star Wars, Doctor Who and The Equalizer.

Ms. Dodds stated that Nick Fletcher seems to believe there are two rules for men.

Last week, Mr Fletcher said positive male role models in television and film were being replaced by women because of pressure from a 'tiny, vocal minority'. He cited Doctor Who, Star Wars and The Equalizer, claimed this left boys looking up to the Krays and added: 'Is there any wonder we are seeing so many young men committing crime?' (Pictured: Jodie Whittaker as Doctor Who)

Yesterday, Mr Fletcher stated that positive role models for male actors in film and television were becoming less important due to pressure from a small, vocal minority. The Equalizer and Doctor Who were three of his favorite shows. Fletcher claimed these made young boys idolize the Krays, and that is why we see so many young men commit crime. Jodie Whittaker, Doctor Who.

In videos created for his company since he became an MP in 2019, Fletcher introduced himself by saying: “Hello, Nick, I am the MD at AEL” and “Hi, Nick from AEL”, without mentioning that he’s an MP. 

In a brochure, the company describes Mr Fletcher also as its managing director.

The MP’s spokesperson said last night that Nick has not had any conversations about Analogue Electrics Ltd. with ministers or government officials.

Fletcher stated that he had transparently declared his financial interests to the Register of Members’ and expressed interest in the current debate. 

I would like to be able to assist the standards commissioner in any queries they may have regarding this matter.