David Fuller victims’ families have condemned Sajid Javidian for failing to respond to a request for an inquiry by the legislature into the crime of the mortuary monster.

On behalf of 21 families, a law firm wrote the Health Secretary to alert the Radio Silence to the’significant stress and anxiety’ that their clients already experience.

Dean Wilson, LLP, previously wrote a letter on December 2 to the department for health and social services, copying in Mr Javid as secretary of state, but had not heard anything back after a fortnight.

This was just before the necrophiliac, double-murderer of 67 received a whole lifetime term for the sickening offenses that shocked the nation.

Fuller of Heathfield (East Sussex) was filmed defiling more than 100 women and girls in two mortuaries over a period of 12 years.

They were finally reported last month when Caroline Pierce (20) and Wendy Knell (25), admitted to the 1987 Bedsit Murders in Tunbridge Wells.

While  67-year-old David Fuller (pictured) was handed a whole life sentence for the 1987 murders of Wendy Knell and Caroline Pierce, the punishment he was given for raping and sexually abusing at least 100 dead women and girls was just 12 years

While  67-year-old David Fuller (pictured) was handed a whole life sentence for the 1987 murders of Wendy Knell and Caroline Pierce, the punishment he was given for raping and sexually abusing at least 100 dead women and girls was just 12 years

Sajid Javid has been criticised for not replying to the letter, which was sent a fortnight ago

Sajid Javid is being criticized for not responding to the correspondence, which was received a fortnight back

Dean Wilson, LLP., sent another letter to Fuller last week, asking for a reply in a timely manner.

“It was stated by the firm that it was crucial for the inquiry to determine, as much as possible, when these offenses occurred, and who the victims were.

According to them, the investigation announced by Mr Javid in Parliament on November 8th will be non-statutory. It will not lead to an ‘effective inquiry’ into offences that could have been committed over 31 years ago when Fuller began working as a hospital electrical contractor in 1989.

This is due to the fact that it might not have enough resources or power to make witnesses attend.

This is the message that says, “This isn’t what the families understood.”

“They feel that only an independent, thorough and legal inquiry can answer all questions that are raised and recommend the necessary changes to be made to ensure that such terrible and destructive events do not happen in the future.

David Fuller's hospital pass card used to access the mortuaries where he carried out his abuse on around 100 dead bodies

David Fuller used his hospital card to gain access to the mortuaries, where he abused around 100 bodies.

Caroline Pierce

Wendy Knell

A DNA breakthrough last year finally cracked one of Britain’s longest unsolved murder cases, identifying Fuller as the killer of Wendy Knell, (right) 25, and Caroline Pierce, 20, who were beaten, strangled and then sexually assaulted in 1987 in Tunbridge Wells

The statement continues: “We don’t believe the current investigation you have requested will be able to bring about the broad-ranging, necessary changes that are needed to stop these crimes happening in the future.”

There is an obvious public interest to conduct a thorough and fearless inquiry. The results will have wide-reaching implications for national security and restore trust in the existing system for storage and handling deceased persons.

Dean Wilson LLP questions the wisdom of appointing Sir Jonathan Michael as chair for an independent inquiry. He is a former chief executive officer at three NHS trusts.

Dean Wilson LLP claims that families haven’t had any contact with Sir Jonathan. They are interested in having a say on the terms and conditions of the inquiry.

The letter concluded with: ‘As noted above, considering the seriousness and potential consequences of the offences under investigation, the family believes that only a statutory enquiry with a new chairperson can discharge the state’s responsibility to carry out an effective investigation.

“The families that we represent request you confirm the convening of a statutory investigation and to consider Sir Jonathan’s selection as chair.

Although the new letter was sent Friday, there has been no reply from either Mr Javid nor his department as of Wednesday 22nd.

According to a spokesperson for the Department of Health and Social Care, the inquiry headed by Sir Jonathan Michael will investigate the facts surrounding the offenses committed at the hospital and the national consequences.

The inquiry will enable us to identify the areas in which these offenses occurred without detection by the trust and take immediate action. We also need to consider national issues, such as those that affect the NHS.

“The inquiry will outline its terms of reference in its initial draft and be guided by families’ experiences.