Stephanie Davis shared her fears about the stalker who terrorized her over months, giving her creepy gifts and making her die.

Alex Boston (33) pleaded guilty to stalking Celebrity Big Brother’s star on November 12, but he didn’t turn up at sentencing December 22. A warrant is still out for his arrest.

Stephanie shared her story about the incident in an interview. She said that she was first aware of someone watching her after a shipment of hand-picked daffodils arrived outside her home, where her four-year old son Caben lives.

Terrifying: Stephanie Davis has opened up about how she feared she would die at the hands of her stalker - who tormented her for months with creepy gifts

Terrifying: Stephanie Davis opened up to describe how her stalker, who tortured her for months and gave her creepy gifts, made her fear that she would be killed. 

At first, Stephanie brushed off any harrowing thoughts and thought maybe her mother Pauline Davis had left the flowers outside her door.

Stephanie became concerned after Pauline clarified that she wasn’t the gift giver.

Talking about some of the gifts received, Stephaie told the Mirror: ‘He left a big bag of stuff that obviously he picked for me. The leopard-print number was what really freaked out me. It made me sick.

Terrifying: The actress' stalker, Alex Boston, 43, pleaded guilty on November 12 to stalking the Celebrity Big Brother star, 28, however he failed to turn up to sentencing on December 22 and there is currently a warrant out for his arrest

Terrifying: The actress’ stalker, Alex Boston, 43, pleaded guilty on November 12 to stalking the Celebrity Big Brother star, 28, however he failed to turn up to sentencing on December 22 and there is currently a warrant out for his arrest

Stephanie claimed that the gift-giver was the same person because she continued to receive dozens of daffodils. 

The present included a gift of a plant with the message: “grow that to grow our love.”He made declarations of his love, and admitted that he would like to become a father for her son Caben. 

Stephanie, who was in a relationship with Oliver Tasker at the time, asked her then boyfriend if he was sending the gifts – however she said he seemed offended and confirmed that it wasn’t him either. 

Stephanie felt paranoid about the gifts and began to wonder if it was someone that she knew locally, such as a man who asked her on numerous occasions for a date. 

Stephanie discovered hundreds of fake messages in the direct messages she received from the stalker on Instagram during the ordeal. 

She stated that she noticed messages from this account, one of many, because I don’t know how many accounts have he made to message him. He was basically saying that he knew we were meant to be together, and that he loved me. And that he wants to become a father to Caben.

He also told her he was following her around while out and about.  

Creepy: The gifts continued to arrive for Stephanie but the stalker would also bring gifts for her son Caben

Creepy: The gifts continued to arrive for Stephanie but the stalker would also bring gifts for her son Caben

Stephanie called the police to have the items (including the daffodils) taken for DNA testing. 

Stephanie shared her thoughts about how it affected her life. 

Stephanie started to fear the worst. She says that she began to worry about the possibility of being stalked and would be killed.

“At that point, I was wondering what to do if the man tried to kill my, it was very scary. What is his plan? He’s waiting outside for several hours. Do you think he is looking for ways of getting in? Are you looking through the window at him? Do you think he is doing anything more sinister?

After Stephanie said to her boyfriend that she felt him watching her, the obsessed stalker was captured on video skulking about Stephanie’s home. 

She experienced panic attacks throughout the entire ordeal, and she had to flee her home due to the ‘frightening campaign of obsessive-unwanted contact’.

Even more shocking was the footage she posted on Instagram that showed Boston in distress, wearing a hooded jacket as she walked around her garden. 

CCTV: Stephanie's stalker was pictured on CCTV outside her home

CCTV: Stephanie’s stalker captured on camera outside of her house 

Stephanie can be heard screaming out of terror while watching her stalker traipse around the garden, looking into cracks in her house and gardens.

With the caption “My stalker,” she posted the frightening footage on Instagram. It’s been a while since I was active on social media. 

“It has caused me such distress. I had to leave Caben’s home and move in with my moms. My routine was changed, everything took away from me, and it affected my peace of heart, my sanity, and my love for living. 

“Looking at my shoulders every day and panicking everywhere I go. It has been so bad that I cannot even speak and have not been able to get out of my house. 

‘I’ve literally had the s****** year amongst s******* other years. Sometimes you think things can’t get much worse. It’s not always fair. Sometimes I feel like I just don’t ever get a break. 

“On top of that, I lost my child and had a terrible relationship. 

“All of it together has slowly damaged my mental health, amongst others stresses, and has put me in a very dark place again. 

“You can see Ol and me leaving my house, with the stalker behind my bins. This video shows a lot more, but the jury will reveal it. It’s a blessing that he was captured and I am able to attempt to rebuild my life. 

Harrowing: Stephanie took to Instagram to post harrowing CCTV footage showing Boston sneaking around her front garden wearing a hooded jacket

Pictured: Boston skulking around Ms Davis's front garden

It was horrifying: Stephanie posted harrowing CCTV footage of Boston walking around in a jacket and hooded jacket on Instagram.

All of it has taken a toll on me. At times, I don’t see a way out. It’s going to be a great year.! 

“It is hard to believe you have found your happily ever after. Then it all seems so much more. It’s still difficult to sleep and I find it hard to accept everything. I need some rest so that I can be my best. 

‘But I’ve seen it’s all in the media. So this is the video of me finding him when I was at home, and then walking out to him hidden behind my bins with my balaclava. He wanted Caben and other horror films. 

I just need a huge hug and a fresh start. It’s like someone has to give up on me. All I want is peace and happiness.  

CPS spokesperson said that between April 2020 and July 2021 Boston harassed Ms. Davis, bombarding her via social media and delivering gifts and letters, while loitering at her house.

The CPS stated that Boston was from Moreton, Wirral in Merseyside. He was identified by his Instagram account as well as fingerprint evidence found on the letters.

More letters destined for Davis were discovered when his address was searched. 

Ronan Molloy was the CPS Mersey Cheshire district crown prosecutor. 

Stalking can result in serious consequences on victims.

“The CPS will prosecute these offenses, and we work closely with our partners in order to support victims wherever it is possible.

Stalking should not be considered flattery. It is something that women who work in public life must not expect.  This is a dangerous practice that will be dealt with very severely. 

Davis is most well-known as Sinead O’Connor’s character on Hollyoaks. She also rose to prominence on BBC Talent Series Over The Rainbow.

With reality TV personality Jeremy McConnell, she has a son. 

Stephanie (pictured in 2019), suffered panic attacks and had to move out of her home as a result of the 'frightening and distressing campaign of obsessive and unwanted contact'

Stephanie, pictured in 2019, suffered panic attacks. She had to leave her house because of the “frightening” campaign of obsessive or unwanted contact.