A retired teacher has been evicted from the £15,000 beach hut she bought as a ‘mermaid haven’ after her divorce amid a row with locals over ‘antisocial behaviour’.

The hut was purchased by Michele Spicer (mother-of-two), in Goring-by-Sea West Sussex last year.

But her relationships with neighbors quickly soured due to disputes involving an attempt to reopen the public toilet, allegations of antisocial behaviour, and parking her Mercedes.

According to her, she has had angry letters and dog poo placed on her car from residents who are furious that she uses a “private” car park. 

Ms Spicer, who says she has done ‘nothing but good for the community’, believes locals have simply become ‘jealous’ of her.

She stated, “I have done nothing wrong. It’s a plot against me to remove me.”

“I believe it’s because they are jealous of me, because I’m an actress and very glamourous with a sportscar. 

Michele Spicer pictured posing inside her beach hut in Goring-by-Sea, West Sussex, which she now claims to be worth £35,000

Michele Spicer pictured posing inside her beach hut in Goring-by-Sea, West Sussex, which she now claims to be worth £35,000

Ms Spicer, a retired teacher, claims local residents are simply 'jealous' of her because she is a model with a glamorous car

Retired teacher Ms. Spicer says local residents just love her for being a model, with a luxurious car.

Local residents are claimed to have left abusive notes on her car after becoming furious that she parks her Mercedes in a 'private' car park

After becoming angry that her Mercedes was parked in a private carpark, local residents allegedly left her abusive notes.

The mum-of-two, from Worthing, West Sussex, claims the notes have been left on the windscreen of her car

Worthing mother-of-two claims she was left the notes on her car windscreen by the West Sussex couple 

Ms Spicer claims she is entitled to use the car park despite a furious backlash from local residents

Ms Spicer asserts she can use the carpark despite being rebuffed by local residents

Worthing Borough Council intervened last month, after it was told that the volume of complaints had left them with no choice.

She claims that the hut was moved from its original spot, and that locks were replaced.

According to the council, it was the first seafront expulsion in over 25 years.

Ms Spicer explained that the locks of the beach hut were altered a couple weeks back. It was then taken out without me knowing.

“I’m just a beach-hut owner, enjoying my area for its mental health. But then neighbours began bullying me and conspiring against.

“I don’t believe that there’s anything wrong with my carpark – I just tried to get the bathroom re-opened.

‘I did nothing but do good things for my community. But they envy me, because I am glamorous.

“It’s like my whole life has been ruined – my favorite beach hut is gone.”

In April 2020, the former teacher bought the hut to provide a refuge for her and her mental health after her divorce.

She says she spent months renovating it to the point where she claims it now to be worth £35,000. 

 Ms Spicer says abusive notes were left on her car windscreen following a campaign to have a toilet reopened near to the row of beach huts.

Ms Spicer says she has done 'nothing wrong' and believes local residents are conspiring against her

Ms. Spicer insists that she’s done nothing wrong and feels local residents are conspiring against it

The inside of Ms Spicer's beach hut, which she describes as her 'mermaid haven' following her divorce

Interior of Ms. Spicer’s beach hut. She describes it as her’mermaid paradise’ after she divorced.

The toilet is located on council land. However, the service fee covers the maintenance of the loo. She objects to this claim. 

The notes included contained insults calling her an ‘idiot’ and stating she was ‘p******’ residents off.

But she insists that she’s entitled to park her Mercedes just as she does.   

She continued, “I didn’t do anything wrong. However, because I model and own a beautiful car they get a certain impression about me.”

The neighbours she calls ‘bullies’ eventually reported her for antisocial conduct to the council. She claims.

On October 22, when she visited the Hut, she discovered the locks had undergone several changes. Later it was removed entirely.

According to her, it was moved from the back of a sailing club with all her personal belongings still in it.   

Ms Spicer said, “I had an entire breakdown at the beach when it wasn’t there.”

“When I finally did so, it was damaged beyond repair. My belongings were also still in the house.

“My pride and joy were taken without my even knowing it.”

 She camped for several days close to the hut due to fears of it being removed again.

Ms Spicer wants to move the hut to her Worthing garden and she says that she will not give up until she receives ‘justice.

Also, she stated she was taking legal action against this council.

Mother-of-two, a mother of two, said that stress has ruined her life. She’s experienced extreme stress.

“I am just a regular beach hut owner. I go to the beach every day for exercise and socializing with other beach owners.  

Ms Spicer says residents that have grown angry with her are 'jealous because I'm glamorous' and drive a Mercedes

Ms Spicer said residents are angry because they feel ‘jealous’ that she drives a Mercedes and is glamorous.

The former teacher and mother-of-two poses while leaning against her Mercedes, which has been the focal point of rows with neighbours

This former teacher poses as a mother-of-2 while leaning on her Mercedes. The Mercedes has often been at the center of row after row with neighboring families.

“I wanted the hut for my mental health, but it has been 18 months of complete misery.

“The hut is my home, my sanctuary and my only hope. I want to see it go back.

Worthing Borough Council spokesperson said that while they were sorry for this, it was the first time in 25 years that we had to take eviction actions at our beach huts.

“The overwhelming number of complaints from residents forced us to conclude that Mrs Spicer had violated her lease terms,” said the spokesperson.