REVEALED – The secret to keeping clothes and your wardrobe looking amazing throughout the year

  • Domestic blogger shares simple secret for how to keep clothes smelling great 
  • Her clothes smelled better, felt fresher and lasted longer thanks to the hack.
  • She stuffs scented cotton ball in a bag of muslin and hangs it up on her coat hangers
  • The mum uses lavender oil and eucalyptus oil to repel against bugs and moths

Australia’s best-known blogger shares her secrets for keeping clothes fresh all year. 

Chantel Mila is a mother-of-two who has received nearly 70,000 views after sharing her TikTok video in which she placed scented cotton balls into a muslin bag, and then onto a hanger.

This clever trick made it so her clothes felt fresher and better for longer. 

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Melbourne mum Chantel Mila (pictured) runs a popular cleaning account called Mama Mila

Chantel Mila, a Melbourne mom (pictured), runs Mama Mila, a well-known cleaning service.

Mama Mila is a Melbourne mom who blogs online under the name Mama Mila. She shared her useful trick in drawers, wardrobes, and linen closets.

Begin her hack with five drops peppermint and lavender oil on cotton balls.

This combination repels insects and moths and deodorizes clothing.   

After that, she places the scented cotton balls inside a small bag made of muslin and then hangs it from a coat hanger hook.  

Chantel states that the fragrance lasts for up to three weeks. If it begins to fade, just add oils to your cotton.

Chantel’s easy trick has been praised by many, who left comments saying that they will definitely use it.

Domestic goddess: Chantel (pictured) has built a loyal following by sharing her tips on home interior and design

Chantel, the domestic goddess (pictured), has built an ardent following through sharing her design and interior tips.

Last month the Melbourne mum went viral for more clothing hacks when she revealed her three-step secret for sparkling white laundry.

In a TikTok video Chantel revealed that she soaks clothes in dissolvable denture tablets to eliminate all traces of sweat and grubby stains.

For ‘extra stain power,’ she also uses half a cup of baking soda in her laundry.

Since they were posted online 109,000 times, the tips have attracted a lot of attention from viewers who have offered their suggestions. 

A woman claimed that she washes her whites in ice-cold water for a half hour and then adds some softener at the end.

She added, “Super clean and fresh.”

Chantel was thanked by others for sharing her tips and they said that the denture tablets were a great idea.