27-year-old mother-of-three dies from Covid. She had been putting off her jab for so long because she was too busy caring for her children. Her distraught father claims that she is not anti-vaxxer, but she simply put her children first.

  • Stephen Baird said Rashelle wasn’t an anti-vaxxer prior to her death
  • A mother-of-three, Brechin, died from Covid at Dundee’s Ninewells Hospital
  • Her father advised anyone putting off their shots to make sure they get them as soon and quickly as possible. 

One mother of three has been diagnosed with Covid and died after putting off her jab due to being busy caring for her children.

Stephen Baird, Rashelle’s father was devastated and said that Rashelle wasn’t anti-vaxxer but just put her children first.

After contracting the virus, her 27-year old mother from Brechin died at Dundee’s Ninewells Hospital last week.

Her father advised those not yet vaccinated that they ‘just get it done.

Rashelle Baird's (pictured) devastated father Stephen said she was 'not an anti-vaxxer' and 'just put her kids first'

Stephen, Rashelle Baird’s distraught father, said that Rashelle had “not been anti-vaxxer” and had simply put Rashelle’s children first.

The BBC interviewed him and said that it was “just more to to with” because every appointment she received, she found something for her children.

“So, she put it off. While she was determined to have her vaccine, her family came first.

Rashelle had asthma. At first, she thought that Rashelle might have caught her colds from her family. Rashelle was diagnosed with asthma and admitted to the hospital after her symptoms became severe.

Her sister Lani (pictured) paid tribute to 'the life and soul of the party', who she said was 'kind' and 'bubbly'

Lani, her sister (pictured), paid tribute to “the life and soul at the party”, whom she described as ‘kind’ und ‘bubbly.

Lani, pictured, said Rashelle was 'determined' to get the jab but never managed to get round to it, and she hopes their experience will encourage others to get theirs

Lani (pictured) said Rashelle had been ‘determined’ but could not get it. She hopes that their experiences will inspire others to try.

She died after several days in an intubated coma at the ICU. Her father believes she would have survived if she had been given vaccinated.

Lani, her sister, paid tribute to “the life and soul at the party”, whom she described as ‘kind’ with a ‘bubbly’.

Rashelle said she was determined to have the jab, but Rashelle never got around to getting it. She hopes that their experiences will inspire others to do so. 

It comes after an anti-vaxxer British mother and her daughter died less than a fortnight apart in hospital after both refused to have the jab before contracting coronavirus, leaving their family ‘devastated’.

Sammie-Jo Forde (32), died at Ulster Hospital in Belfast on September 11, just 11 days after Heather Maddern (55) passed away in that same ward.

Kevin McAllister, the father of Miss Forde, stated that his daughter was not vaccinated and that it would haunt him the rest in my life. Daisy also left behind her four children Max, Ruby, Milo, and Milo.

Two beds apart in the hospital, Miss Forde was next to Ms Maddern. Both were home-care workers caring for elderly persons in their homes.

Kevin McAllister is pictured with his daughter Sammie-Jo Forde, who died in Ulster Hospital

Kevin McAllister is pictured with his daughter Sammie-Jo Forde, who died in Ulster Hospital

Miss Forde (right), 32, died in September, 11 days after her mother Heather Maddern (left), 55

Miss Forde, 32 (right), died 11 days after Heather Maddern, 55, her mother.

Miss Forde was healthy and had not had any underlying conditions.

McAllister also had two sons and said that he didn’t understand why Ms Maddern (his ex-partner) decided to not have the jab. 

In the weeks prior to her death, Ms Maddern had shared several conspiracy theories regarding Covid-19. She also posted about nurses who were threatened with being fired if they didn’t have the jab.

Additionally, Candace Owens, a conservative commentator from the US and activist shared video clips on what you can do if your employer forces you to get it. She also posted another video from Candace Owens talking about the reasons why kids shouldn’t be getting vaccines. 

Miss Forde was a care worker, so Ms Maddern and Miss Forde would have been the first people to get the jab.

Tragedy of loved ones who declined Covid jab

Matthew Keenan told friends that he 'wished he had his jab'

Matthew Keenan shared with friends his wish to have his jab.

Self-confessed vaccine skeptic, he said that he could go back in time and get rid of the virus after being admitted to hospital with Covid-19. He died at 34 years old.

Matthew Keenan said to friends that he “wished he’d had his jab” after being hospitalized at Bradford Royal Infirmary. He was placed in an intubated coma as a last resort.

A hospital respiratory specialist, Dr Leanne Cherne, posted a picture of the patient in an oxygen mask, hooked up to a ventilator, and fighting for his own life.

Glenn Barratt told nurses that he wished he had been jabbed

Glenn Barratt said to nurses that he wishes he’d been jabbed.

One 51-year old man died from Covid-19 after refusing to be jabbed. His last words were to his doctors and nurses: “I wish I could have.”

Glenn Barratt (Cleethorpes in Lincolnshire) is believed to have contracted coronavirus during England v Croatia, a match that took place at an event held June 2020.

After fighting the virus for many weeks, all 50-plus people were offered the jab.

John Eyers, 42, died from Covid-19

John Eyers (42), died of Covid-19.

His twin sister shared the sad news that a fit, healthy father of 42 years who loved rock climbing and bodybuilding passed away from Covid-19. He refused the vaccine as he believed he would not get the virus.

John Eyers was a Southport construction specialist from Merseyside. He had been hiking in the Welsh mountains for a month and camping wild until his passing last week. This happened exactly four weeks after he test positive.

His twin sister Jenny McCann from London said he was the ‘fittest, healthiest person I know’ and had thought he would only have a ‘mild illness’ if he contracted coronavirus, adding that he had a ‘belief in his own immortality’. While Mrs McCann claimed that Mr Eyers did not have any underlying medical conditions, she also stated that he suffered from asthma.