The Revellers held their final-ditch parties Saturday, before Plan B curbs came into effect. Clubbers will now need to show a Covid card in order to gain access from next week.

In Leeds, Santa-themed headgear was seen on partygoers who were dressed up in festive best. As they celebrated with their colleagues, Christmas bashes early before new Covid restrictions come into force.

There were long lines outside the Yorkshire city’s bars and clubs as they waited to host the Otley Run pub crawl, which attracted 15 people. This was ahead of the tightened restrictions that had been implemented in an effort to reduce the Omicron mutant strain. 

In England, the legal requirement to use masks is now extended to indoor areas such as museums, galleries, community centres and other public spaces.  

Friday’s measures came before Monday’s return of working at home, and compulsory Covid passports will be required for large venues starting Wednesday.

All unseated indoor venues that have more than 500 guests, all outdoor unseated venues with over 4,000 attendees and every venue hosting more than 10,000 persons will be eligible for the passport. 

Public Health Scotland advised people to cancel Christmas celebrations, as a clash with Boris Johnson’s suggestion that England still have festive parties despite the call to workers to be away from work.

A pair of young women get into the festive spirit early as they are pictured smiling outside a pub in Leeds on Saturday

Young women are seen smiling in front of Leeds’ pub Saturday as they get into festive mood.

Hundreds of revellers came out in force to continue with The Otley Run pub crawl in the Yorkshire city days before Plan B measures come into effect

There were hundreds of revellers who came out in large numbers to keep The Otley Run alive in Yorkshire, even though Plan B had not yet been implemented.

Merrymakers are expected to don their best Christmas-themed outfits for The Otley Run, an infamous 15-strong pub crawl

The Otley Run is a famous 15-strong pub crawl that sees Merrymakers dress up in their finest Christmas costumes

Five young punters smile for the camera as they get an early start for The Otley Run pub crawl in Leeds

As five young men smile at the camera, they are getting an early start on The Otley Run pub crawl around Leeds

The route from Woodies in Far Headingley, on the outskirts Leeds, to the city center was populated by festive Santas, elves and even a Snowman.

Students at all universities consider the 1.5-mile stretch a right of passage. It includes anywhere from 14 to 17 pubs. 

Officially, the ceremony begins at Woodies Craft and Ale House Headingley in the middle of the afternoon and ends at Dry Dock in central London. 

Participants are required to drink at least one beverage in every bar or pub that they visit. They will spend an average of 30 minutes in each location. There is a wide variety of bars and clubs, from traditional taverns and boats to choose from.

Boris Johnson, Prime Minister, announced Wednesday that partygoers would not have to drive to work on Monday. Instead, Johnson gave them a temporary reprieve, telling them to stay home as much as possible. This will allow those who are looking to enjoy the weekend to get some additional recovery time. 

The NHS Covid will now be required to obtain access to clubs, nightclubs, and any other venues with large groups of people.

One dose of each vaccine will be given to a child who is fully vaccinated. This will still be monitored by the booster programme.

The requirement will allow for a negative lateral flow test. This will also suffice. It will be available in one week to give companies time to plan.

They are not yet known when, but there have been reports that the government is considering a Plan C as well as other stricter measures. This variant will likely become the dominant one in the next weeks. Johnson stated that the original September measures will be reviewed on January 5th. 

Modeling done by London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine suggests that Omicron could lead to anywhere between 25,000 and 75,000 deaths across England within the next five-months and more hospitalisations than in last year’s January. 

The researchers — who also sit on the Spi-M SAGE modelling subgroup that advises No10 — said restrictions similar to stage two of the roadmap out of lockdown, which include a ban on indoor socialising at pubs and restaurants, may be needed to stop the NHS becoming overwhelmed. 

These experts suggested the measure should be taken as Boxing Day in order to curb the death and admissions tide.  

The organisation’s director for public health science Dr Nick Phin has advised that revellers delay celebrating until another time in order to reduce the spread of the virus.

Festive Santas, elves, and even a snowman were seen wandering the route between Woodies in Far Headingley on the outskirts of Leeds to the city centre

Christmas Santas and elves were seen stumbling along the road between Woodies, Far Headingley, on the outskirts Leeds, to the city center.

Those taking part are expected to have a drink in each bar and pub they go to - spending an average of half an hour in each place - with a variety of sports bars and clubs from old taverns to an actual boat along in the route

Participants are required to drink at least one beverage in every bar or pub that they visit. They will spend an average of 30 minutes in each location. There is a wide range of bars and clubs, from traditional taverns and boats to choose from.

Meanwhile in London, hundreds hopped on their bicycles (above) to raise money for the BMX Life Santa Cruise ride

Hundreds rode their bikes in London to help raise money for the BMX Life Santa Cruise. 

One man dressed as The Grinch and a Mrs Claus look on as festive fundraiser paused outside Buckingham Palace on Saturday

A man in costume as The Grinch watches as a Mrs Claus looks on while he stops outside Buckingham Palace to raise money for the holiday fundraiser

BRISTOL: Shoppers enjoy the Christmas market in Bristol city centre today. Most were seen wearing face masks ahead of the new restrictions coming into force on Monday

BRISTOL: Today’s Christmas market is a great place to shop in Bristol. Many were wearing masks to protect their faces ahead of Monday’s new restrictions.

NEWCASTLE: Shoppers walk shoulder-to-shoulder down a busy Northumberland Street in Newcastle this afternoon

NEWCASTLE – Shoppers walk hand-in-hand down the busy Northumberland Street of Newcastle in this afternoon

John Edmunds (a member of Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies, or Sage) said that the number of cases will continue to rise.

At a Royal Society of Medicine briefing, he stated that restrictions were a necessary evil. He said it was very detrimental for certain sectors of the economy, including the retail and hospitality sectors. They will all be affected.

“Unfortunately we must do it. It spreads at an alarming rate, with the virus increasing in frequency every two or three working days.

He said, “Even though it appears like overreaction and there are very few cases right now, it is in fact not.” 

The regulations governing sports stadiums were published Thursday evening. But, although the Department of Health stated that facial coverings are only required in indoor spaces, they will still be permitted in outdoor areas. 

Below is a map showing the 10 areas with the highest number of Omicron cases and suspicions in England. It was created by the UK Health Security Agency. West Northamptonshire has been identified as the hotspot of this strain. However, London is home to eight out of ten.

People attending churches or other places of worship will have to wear a face mask – but will be allowed to take it off to sing, making people question whether the face covering will make any difference to the spread of Omicron.

This exemption was created amid confusion because of concerns that singing increases the risk of Covid-19 spreading by making droplets travel farther. 

On Saturday, the UK had 1,898 Omicron cases. Experts believe that this number may be much greater. 

The Daily Telegraph quotes an anonymous source from the Government as saying that it’s’very probable’ that visitors to social care facilities will be restricted to three visitors under plans being reviewed by ministers.