We don’t have the Covid Christmas blues. The rich kids show Omricon doesn’t affect their Christmas plans. They fly private jets, and go on lavish trips to the Maldives or Dubai.

  • Covid lockdown worries are causing many Brits to stay home. They’re saving their money and staying in bed.
  • However, the Rich Kids of Instagram splash out on expensive trips and extravagant nights out.
  • Holidays to Dubai, and San Moritz Winter Trip are just two examples of the extravagant extravagances. 

With Christmas fast approaching, fears about another Covid lockdown growing, many Britons stay home to save their money.

However, the Rich Kids of the Internet continue to travel the world and visit amazing locations. Spending extravagantly on luxury items

The sun-soaked holidays are a highlight of these lavish indulgences. Some jet-setting travelers fly private aircraft. 

Dubai seems to be the most sought-after holiday destination for the Rich Kids. But, San Moritz, Switzerland’s top resort ski area also makes the cut.

Olesya Malinskaya soaks up some rays in the Maldives, as she cools off in the clear, turquoise water during a December getaway

Olesya Malinskaya enjoys the Maldives’ sunrays as she relaxes in the turquoise waters during a December vacation.

Influencer Nika Mariana steps off a private jet in Saudi Arabia, decked out in designer clothes as she asks her fans where she should fly to next

Nika Mariana, an influencer, flies off in a private plane in Saudi Arabia. She is dressed in designer clothing as she questions her followers where to fly next.

Photographer Yana Leventseva enjoys some enviable weather, taking a dip while holidaying in Mauritius with her family

Yana Leventseva, a photographer enjoying some amazing weather while on holiday in Mauritius.

Corinna Kopf enjoys some festive sun during a Winter break in Dubai, taking to the beach to celebrate her birthday

Corinna Kopf takes to the seaside to celebrate her birthday during a Dubai Winter Break

Influencer Katya celebrates the upcoming festive season, dressed-up while stepping out the evening in Dubai

Katya is an influencer and celebrates the festive season by dressing up while going out for the evening in Dubai

Caroline Stanbury gets in the seasonal spirit, spending time with new husband Sergio Carrallo in Dubai

Caroline Stanbury is in season and spends time with Sergio Carrallo in Dubai.

Influencer and self-professed artist Love Rose dons a red frock while holidaying in Paris - which she describes as her 'favourite city in the world'

Love Rose, an artist and influencer who is self-confessed to be an artist, wears a red dress while on holiday in Paris. She describes Paris as her “favourite place in the world”.

Psychologist and social media star Anna Accendimi also manages to enjoy some rays of sun while taking in boat trip in Dubai

Anna Accendimi (psychologist, social media star) also finds time to soak up the sun during a Dubai boat trip.

Travel journalist Irina Cerutti, who is normally based in Zurich, takes time out to enjoy the snow in luxury ski resort San Moritz

Irina Ceutti, travel journalist based in Zurich takes some time off to relax in San Moritz luxury ski resort.

Entrepreneur and designer Daisey O'Donnell is among the crowd of Rich Kids who are the making the most of the sun in Dubai this December

Daisey, an entrepreneur and designer is part of the Rich Kids that are making the most Dubai’s sun this December