You do not need to be white. This is the subliminal message of a prominent investment firm that aims to raise its ethnic and female staff quotas.

Jess McNichols, head of Inclusion, Diversity and Corporate Citizenship at State Street — which employs 39,400 people worldwide, including at Canary Wharf, in London — said: ‘This is now front and central, it’s on every executive’s scorecard.’ That can be taken as a threat and not aspiration.

Annual bonuses for senior managers failing to achieve targets in BAME recruitments and female recruits will be reduced.

The American-owned company tried to backtrack yesterday, saying that it will still hire white men but after they have been interviewed by an ‘diverse panel’ including at least one female and one person of color.

Be honest chaps. You wouldn’t feel at ease applying for work if the cards are stacked against your favor. It’s not worth it.

Are you white because it’s so?

But be honest, chaps. Would you feel comfortable applying for a job when you know the chips have been stacked against you in advance? Why bother? Is it coz I is white, writes Richard Littlejohn

Be honest chaps. You wouldn’t feel at ease applying for work if the cards are stacked against your favor. It’s not worth it. Richard Littlejohn writes: Is it because I am white?

What number of executives will see their bonuses as trebles-all round and hire white men over black applicants?

Many of us knew this was coming. My 1995 introduction to You Couldn’t Make it Up read, “I was born 1954 in Essex, white, male, and in Essex.” Within 20 years, the Bullrushes will have hidden any child who fits this description.

To make it funny, I did exaggerate as is my habit. My attempt to satire was in response to the current trend of blaming straight men for all the problems in the world.

To be clear, I support every effort to make sure that the workforce is representative of the people they are meant to serve. In the middle of 1990s I hosted a London Weekend Television late-night program.

My executive producer Trevor Phillips was my guide through the building. He went on to be head of the equality commission and currently enjoys a third act, as an outstanding breakfast television host and columnist in the newspaper.

My realization that Trevor wasn’t the only person of color was quickly made. The production team and guests were as London-like as possible. We tried our best. Although it wasn’t always possible, we tried.

Forty percent of London’s residents are BAME, a quarter century after their origins. Employers should not reject qualified applicants for jobs based on skin colour, gender or sexual orientation. London-based dramas and local news channels, including Save Me (the brilliant series by Lennie James), are a good example of these demographics.

However, the self-regarding metropolitan elite, which controls all aspects of government, broadcast media, and advertising, seems to forget that London is not the only country. They haven’t stopped trying to enforce their cynical, woke agenda all over the country.

Eight out of ten individuals still identify as “white British”, despite unrestricted immigration over the past two decades. The latest official statistics show that only 2.7% of respondents identify as gay, bisexual or lesbian.

You could, however, be mistaken for thinking that the majority of the population are black or gay.

But if you watch TV adverts you could be forgiven for forming the impression that half the population is either black, gay or in a mixed-race or same-sex marriage

However, you can be forgiven if you look at TV ads and get the impression half of the population is black, gay, or married to a same-sex or mixed-race couple.

Heterosexual white men are frequently portrayed as imbeciles. This is not advertisement, but proselytising. Every cop show has a strong female detective inspector. Despite the fact that you almost never see a white man balding at the Old Bailey during a briefing, it is all about a hard-working woman.

TV Land has a lot of diversity. Vera is set in rural Northumberland and even its gamekeepers have black skin.

You see, I do not object to color-blind casting. This is called “acting”. It’s called ‘acting’.

You shouldn’t disparage white males in order to promote the rights of women or ethnic minorities, particularly when you consider that white poor boys are among the most educationally and economically disadvantaged groups in this country.

Greg Dyke was my former boss at LWT and became the director-general for BBC. He famously called it ‘hideously White’ when he took over as BBC’s director-general. Although this has changed, it is still very pale and masculine in the top echelons. It might seem hideous, however.

When Greg Dyke, my old boss at LWT, became director-general of the BBC, he famously described it as ‘hideously white’. While that has undoubtedly changed on screen these days, the upper echelons are still pretty pale and male. Hideously, you might say

Greg Dyke, who was once my boss at LWT became director general of BBC. His famous description of BBC as “hideously white” is what he used to call it. Although this has changed, it is still very pale and masculine in the top echelons. You might even say it in a hidden way.

So, TOO, the multinational corporations, political parties, police forces, advertising agencies, banks, financial firms, and the fat cats who run professional football currently peddling their patronising wokery — everything from ruinous Net Zero propaganda to ‘trans rights’.

It’s possible that I may actually be able to believe that Spurs’ chairman Daniel Levy’s voluntary resignation in favour of a lesbian of Tottenham’s Broadwater Farm council, as I have said previously, might accept the club’s sincere ‘taking the Knee’, BLM and rainbow laces gesture.

Similar to the above, Ronald P. O’Hanley (a white Harvard Business School-educated Chairman of State Street) has his bonus cut and is replaced with a black woman across 110th Street, Harlem. I’ll take his “inclusion, diversity, and corporate responsibility” doctrine very seriously.

Unfortunately, until then, ethnic minority women are not allowed to apply in boardrooms.

 Flights to the U.S. resumed yesterday after the lifting of Covid restrictions. This is a positive step for the airlines trying to recover the lost money from the pandemic. They could do worse than copy Vietnam’s first female billionaire, who has just given £155 million to Oxford’s Linacre College, which will now be renamed in her honour. Nguyen Thy Phuong Thao is partly due to the fortune of Nguyen Thu Phuong Thao. This budget airline featured hostesses dressed in skimpy bikinis. Richard Branson, Virgin Atlantic boss, isn’t one to overlook a trick. His long-haul crew could be persuaded to wear only two-piece swimsuits while he was at it.

It’s not difficult for him to get some of the more extravagant male flight attendants to put on Borat-style Mankinis. This could be extended to Virgin Voyages cruise vessels if it proves popular.

Welcoming aboard the Bikini line! 

Flights to the U.S. resumed yesterday after the lifting of Covid restrictions.  It's a welcome boost for airlines struggling to make up the money they lost during the pandemic

Yesterday, after lifting Covid restrictions were lifted, flight to the U.S. was resumed.  This is a positive step for the airlines who are still trying to recover the lost money from the pandemic.

 Is that a large hippocampus or are you just pleased to see me? A new study has shown that London’s black taxi drivers possess a highly developed part of their brains which controls memory.

That’s thanks to The Knowledge, the test which gives them encyclopaedic recall of thousands of addresses and the fastest routes around town — now gridlocked as a result of mayor Genghis Khan’s anti-car crusade.

According to a new study, London’s black cab drivers have a hyper-developed part of the brain which governs memory (stock image)

New research has found that London’s blackcab drivers are more likely to have memory-governing brain regions hyperdeveloped (stock photo).

It doesn’t surprise us. Fred Housego (cabbie, who was awarded Mastermind) and me were both a part of LBC Radio. His traffic reports on congestion at Hanger Lane were incomplete without a reference to George III, or the number of bricks required to build Wembley Stadium.

Uber’s rapid disappearance is not a problem, but black taxis are your best option in Central London. They know exactly where they are going.

You’ll find the Hippodrome Casino at Charing Cross Road if you mention the hippocampus.

 The RSPCA is investigating video footage which appears to show a huntswoman punching a horse. The incident was condemned by both animal welfare advocates and pro-hunting activists.

Blazing Saddles was then cancelled. Mongo may be remembered riding in town on a steer, and then decking out a horse with right-handers outside of the saloon. Two-Ton Ted from Teddington was the driver of Ernie’s bakery van (The Fastest Milkman in The West). Ted was shocked to see Ernie’s wagon parked in front of Sue’s house at Linley Lane 22. He leapt out from his van. . .

His veins were hot.

He crossed to Ernie’s wagon and didn’t even half-kick his horse.

It sounds like an additional job for RSPCA.

 How long before the wokerati come for Thomas The Tank Engine?

By the statute-toppling classes, railways have been accused of spreading colonialism. Their demand for cancellations of trains is only a matter time. If the Network Rail engineering team and ASLEF aren’t already there, they will demand that all trains be cancelled forever.

How long before the wokerati come for Thomas The Tank Engine? The railways are accused of spreading ‘colonialism’ by the statute-toppling classes

Will Thomas The Tank Engine be the next target of the wokerati? Railways accused of spreading colonialism by the statute-toppling class