Saghian has always said that his goal is to bring more people to shop on Fashion Nova (when asked in interviews, which he rarely gives). Saghian, the CEO of this fast-fashion brand, ensured that the prices of Fashion Nova items were even more affordable than other fast fashion brands while delivering the best quality.

To be able to bring more people to the Fashion Nova site, increase the customer base, and boost sales, he has done several things like engaging with customers on Instagram, posting their pictures on the Instagram page, making clothes super affordable, and making the brand inclusive by adding fits for the plus-sized and curvy audience.

Apart from all these things listed above, Richard Saghian has been able to increase customer retention by building a customer-friendly website.

What do we mean by a customer-friendly website?

The new interface of the Fashion Nova site makes it very easy for you to get all the items you need at a particular time. In a few minutes, you will be done shopping.

How Fashion Nova’s Website Stays Customer Friendly
1.      Wishlist

The Wishlist on Fashion Nova is very common on e-commerce sites, and it is one of the features that give you a great buying experience.

For instance, if a friend recommends a product on the Fashion Nova store, but you’re not yet ready to have it in your wardrobe, you can add it to your Favorites (Wishlist).

So, when you are finally ready to shop on the site, you don’t have to start looking for the link your friend sent you or browsing through the entire site in search of that particular item. Since it is in your Wishlist, you can simply head over there, and it to your cart and purchase.

2.      Better Navigation

Many customers also love Fashion Nova’s interface because of its simple navigation. When you enter the site, you will see all the categories listed on top. So, you can click the one you want and get the exact type of items you are looking for without having to go through unrelated items first.

On top of the site, you’ll be able to switch from Women (default category) to Men or Curve. So, when you switch, you’ll get new subcategories on the screen, showing you things you’ll like to shop.

In the women category, you can easily shop tops, loungewear, jeans, matching sets, new arrivals, shoes, clothing, and dresses in just one click.

Also, these categories are not hidden (except you’re using your smartphone). But, when you tap the menu option by the top corner, it displays everything for you.

3.      Advanced Payment Options

Another thing Richard Saghian did to improve customer shopping experience was making it easier for customers to pay for their goods after buying.

Some e-commerce sites have limited payment options. For instance, some of them have only Paypal. So, what happens to customers who have picked out all their favorite products but do not have Paypal, and only find out that they can’t pay after happily selecting their favorite items?

Richard Saghian removed this problem in Fashion Nova by having over 12 payment options including AMEX, Paypal, Apple Pay, Mastercard, and VISA.

So, you can shop smoothly and pay without stress.

4.      Order Tracking

The purpose of order tracking is to eliminate any form of anxiety you may have while waiting for your products.

Everyone feels anxious while they await the items they just purchased online. Sometimes, it is due to the fear that these items are not good enough, while other times, they are just over-excited to see and test these products.

With the order tracking feature on Fashion Nova, Richard Saghian makes it very easy to see your shipping details and know when your goods will arrive.

5.      Recently Viewed

The Recently Viewed tab is very similar to the Wishlist feature. However, they operate differently. Most people go to the Fashion Nova site having something in mind that they want to buy.

But, as you browse the site, you may see things that interest you and decide to view them.

Since you had no intention of buying them in the first place, you may not add them to your Wishlist.

But, that does not mean that they are gone forever. You can view them later on your Recently Viewed tab and then add the ones you love to your cart.

6.      Find the Fit

This is one of the latest features of Fashion Nova. Richard Saghian has made it easier for you to get new designs to buy on the site by using its image search technology.

If you’ve saved a Fashion Nova design you saw on Instagram, you can simply upload the design on the Find the Fit page and let the tech do the rest for you. You can also choose from the different #NovaBabes pictures placed on the site.

So, you no longer have to go through hundreds of designs to find one that will look good on you.

7.      On Sale

Every fashion brand has periods when items go on sale. During this period, items are sold at even more affordable prices than the original price.

Fashion Nova allows you to know which items are on sale by including an ‘On Sale’ category along with the others on the homepage.

So, you can easily find pieces that are going for more affordable prices than they would if you were buying them on a normal day.

Apart from these features listed above, you also get free shipping when you shop over $75 and reside in Canada and the US, and there are also numerous discounts available for you even though you’re shopping affordable items.

By Rolen Awerkamp

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