If you’re looking for a little more independence in your lifestyle, taking your world off the grid is one way to really make some big changes.  Living off the grid means that you have to be knowledgeable on survival and sustainable living methods.

If you’re looking to see if living off grid is something that might make your lifestyle more cohesive with who you are inside, start with a little research.  Take some time to read through these helpful tips for successfully living off the grid.  

Find a great spot to make your home

Learn how to choose a great spot for living off grid. You may want to be far away from any developed area, or you may want to stay kind of close.  Decide which best suits your goals.  

Ideally, a great spot has a good water source, plenty of sunlight, a flat area to build your home, and rich land that will grow food.  Your perfect spot needs to be sustainable.  

Invest in a renewable energy source

If you want to live off of the mainstream electricity grid, then you’ll need to invest in a renewable energy source for your new space.  If you have a reliable solar setup in your place, you’ll also need a reliable generator to assure you’re never left without power. 

Solar setup systems have batteries that are charged by the rays of the sun, but too many rainy days could lead to trouble.  Delve into the various renewable energy resources available to you, and consider which might work best for your chosen setup.  

Learn the challenges of your area

Once you’ve chosen a place to set up shop, you need to learn a bit about the climate and other challenges of the area.  You can’t prepare for something you don’t see coming, so find out for your own longevity.  

Take a look up.  Make sure you don’t have any trees dangerously looming over your living quarters.  Learn the wildlife in the area, and understand the temperament of the local animals.  

Build a rainwater catchment system 

Your body needs water more than anything else to survive.  Building a rainwater catchment system is a commodity that you can capitalize on in nearly any environment.  You’ll need water for your food, your body, and for cleaning, so don’t sleep on a rainwater catchment setup.  

Learn to grow your own food 
Growing food is a skill you desperately need proficiency in to thrive in an off-grid type of lifestyle.  Make sure you know what crops will grow best in the climate you’ve chosen, so you can feed yourself long term.  Also, make sure to understand how to keep your crops safe from wildlife in the area, so you’re not competing for food with your less civilized neighbors.