“My parents were attacked by REVERSE porch Pirates!” Ringcam captures two women placing a package in a mailbox to make sure it’s not stolen from the door.

  • Doorcam footage shows generous ‘reverse porch pirates’ in Vancouver, Canada
  • The family was on vacation and they received an alert about movement via a Ring camera.
  • Clips show two women hiding an unattended parcel from would-be thieves  
  • They approach the camera, make clear they have no intention of stealing the Amazon parcel, before clearly pointing out they have moved it into the mail box

It is the touching moment when two young ladies try to protect their family from “porch pirates” by hiding their package in their mailbox.

A short video clip recorded in Vancouver (Canada) on November 9, at approximately 7 pm, shows the couple approaching the home to speak into Ring cameras.  

The women quickly let it be known that although they don’t answer the door, no one else is there to help them. 

This short clip was recorded in Vancouver (Canada) on November 9th. It shows two women approaching the house and speaking directly to the Ring camera.

No-one answers the door as the women approach, but they quickly make clear that they have no intention of making off with the homeowner's Amazon parcel

Although no one answers the door when the women arrive, they make it clear they are not going to steal the Amazon parcel of the homeowner.

A woman wearing a hat and ginger hair starts recording the conversation by saying, “Yo, we got a package at our door,” before she picks it up and gestures to the camera.

She comments on all of the exchanges in the background and reiterates that they are not stealing the delivery.

First girl continued: “We have come here to obtain it. So nobody wants it. Which I will conceal for you in my mail box.

The couple, philanthropic and not aware of it, were away on vacation for one week. Their package was therefore left behind. They could have been snatched or stolen by “porch pirates”. 

As she approaches the camera again, making her intentions painfully obvious, the first woman shouts “The package is in my mail box!” 

The second woman added: “Ok. We placed your parcel in the mailbox. You are my house, and I am so grateful for it. It is a beautiful house that reminds me of Mexico.

The woman with ginger hair and a hat starts the recording by saying: 'Yo, you guys got a package at your door'

A woman wearing a hat and ginger hair begins the recording with: “Yo, I got a package at my door,”

She then picks up the Amazon parcel, dangles it in front of the camera for the homeowners to see, and then shoves it into the mail box

After she has grabbed the Amazon parcel, she will show the homeowner how to use it and place it in her mailbox.

In response to increasing instances of thieves taking online orders left out front of a homeowner’s home, the phrase porch pirates has been popularized in North America. 

Internet orders skyrocketed after the Covid pandemic. This meant that criminals were more likely to steal goods left unattended.

Porch pirates are often seen on doorcams trying to steal from neighbors. 

As they peel away from the front door, the second woman adds: 'Ok. We put your package in the mail box. Peace out, I love your house. It's a great house and reminds me of Mexico'

The second woman, as they begin to walk away from the front door adds: “Okay. We placed your parcel in the mailbox. You are my house, so I wish you peace. This house is beautiful and reminded me of Mexico.

After posting the clip, @chenryhinaski discovered the generousness of Canadians and came up with an original term.

Reddit user he shared his clip with the following title: “My parents are gone this week.” They were attacked by “reverse-porch pirates”. 

Positive comments online were flooded with positive vibes thanks to the goodwill of the young women.

June Berry said: “It is nice to see people doing something good for a difference! Bravo ladies! 

@Asidal commented on the actions of the couple, saying: “They’re so lovely; I wish there were more people like them.” 

One user said, “Wow, the world needs more.”