That will teach him! Boyfriend leaves his girlfriend behind as he flees from armed criminals… before she calmly hand over his phone, motorbike keys and gets into her hot dog

  • The woman is naive as the crime is occurring before she has finished her meal
  • She gave his valuables to her boyfriend after he fled Rio de Janeiro.
  • The woman ends the footage smiling wryly while continuing to eat.

This is when an ice-cool lady continues to eat her hotdog while a robbery occurs around her and her boyfriend. She then abandons her at the table.

The robbery occurred in a cafeteria located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It was happening while the woman was having a meal with her boyfriend.

According to Metropoles, the woman refused anything to get in her way of her hotdog and continued eating her hotdog while the robbery took effect around her.

The woman was reportedly approached by the thieves at her table and gave them her boyfriend’s mobile phone, motorbike keys, and her helmet. They declined.

The woman was enjoying a meal with her boyfriend in Rio de Janeiro before he bolted at the sight of the armed robbers entering the restaurant

The woman was enjoying dinner with her boyfriend in Rio de Janeiro when he saw the armed robbers enter the restaurant.

Two thieves can be seen in the CCTV footage getting off a motorbike to enter the cafeteria wearing helmets.

The couple is eating at their table in front of them when the two thugs move behind them and appear to gesture to the diners with weapons.

After robbing the victims they enter the cafe’s inside and the boyfriend notices the robbery.

He slams his chair and sprints down to the road, leaving his girlfriend, who was not astonished, at the table.

The nonplussed woman immediately punished the fleeing man by giving his valuables up

The woman, who was not perplexed, immediately punished the fleeing male by giving him his valuables

The footage ends as the woman has a wry smile on her face while continuing to eat her hot dog

The video ends with the woman smiling wryly while continuing to eat her hot dogs.

As she is enjoying her snack, the woman hands a cell phone to the thieves, and then holds up a motorbike helmet that they can take. They apparently decline.

The two men leave the scene on their motorbikes, and the cool young lady adds mustard to her hotdog. She continues eating with a wry smile.

It is unclear whether the local police are investigating the robbery and if the couple has spoken since the incident.

One witness stated that they did not take her hotdog.