The risk of catching Covid in a plane because there is more Omicron strain infection: As millions fly off to spend Christmas with their loved ones, experts warn that the best seats for business class passengers are those located at the top.

  • David Powell (International Air Transport Association) comments
  • Omicron increased risk, as he stated.
  • As millions prepare to fly home to see their family ahead of Christmas, it comes. 

A top medical advisor has warned that airline passengers could be three times as likely to contract Covid after the Omicron variant was introduced.

David Powell, the physician and medical advisor of the International Air Transport Association said the virus variant could increase the likelihood of getting it ‘just the way we have seen in different environments.

Covid is more likely to be caught on an airplane by passengers in economy than business, due to the tighter seating arrangements.

He said that passengers are just as likely as planes to be able to catch Covid in terminal buildings than they were inside the aircraft, because commercial airflow rules are more strict.

These comments are made as millions prepare to return to their loved ones for Christmas while holiday sunseekers fly off to enjoy their summer vacations.

Bloomberg News: Mr Powell stated that despite the Delta risk, the Omicron risk is two- to three times higher than with Delta. This was similar to what we have seen in other environments. 

David Powell (pictured), physician and medical adviser to the International Air Transport Association, said the variant increased the risk of catching the virus 'just as we have seen in other environments'

David Powell, a physician and medical advisor to the International Air Transport Association (pictured), said that the variant raised the chance of contracting the virus “just like we’ve seen in other environments.”

He also warned those in economy class were more likely to catch Covid on a plane compared to those in business class, because seats are more closely packed together. Pictured: An aircraft cabin is deep cleaned

Covid can also be caught on planes by passengers in economy, as they are less likely to have their seats crowded together. Image: Deep cleaning of an aircraft cabin

The best protection for yourself is to get vaccinated. 

The protection you receive by using an additional mask or another type of mask to protect yourself, or even not flying, are probably much less than you would enjoy from fully being boosted.

Powell stated that passengers on aircraft were more at risk than those flying in planes.

He explained that airflow requirements onboard are stricter than for airport buildings.

“The airline cabin has protections: everyone stays seated facing the same direction. There are physical barriers in the way. You have high levels of airflow from the ceiling to the floor.

Due to Omicron-related cases in the UK, a minimum of 30 countries have imposed travel bans for Britons.  

France banned travel to the UK from non-essential reasons, while Germany placed a quarantine of two weeks on British travelers.