RMT staff quit their UNION after being accused of questioning their integrity’ by their bosses – forcing the annual conference to be canceled early

  • After a vote, a faction of the union was reportedly called’scum’ by RMT members
  • RMT’s annual meeting, which was being held in Leeds, was forced to close earlier because of the incident. 
  • Yesterday also saw workers at the union headquarters in London stop working 

The staff of the Rail, Maritime and Transport union (RMT) have walked out in protest over an internal dispute, forcing its annual conference at Leeds to close early.

Yesterday’s outcome of an internal appeal saw workers at the union’s London headquarters also stop working.

It happened after a faction in the union called RMT staffers’scabs’ or’scum’ during a vote at a meeting.

The letter was written by the staff member who was aggrieved and read: “Our integrity has been called into question by our employer.

‘As lifelong trade unionists who proudly work for the RMT, this is utterly unacceptable – an injury to one is an injury to all.

“We have spoken with our GMB reps, and have made the decision that we cannot continue working at this AGM. We will now consider our position in relation to the AGM going forward.

General Secretary Mick Lynch (pictured) said he was working to resolve the dispute 'as soon as possible'

Mick Lynch, the General Secretary, said that he was working hard to resolve the dispute “as soon as possible”.

Mick Lynch, General Secretary, wrote to his colleagues: “I have been advised by our head office staff that they have entered into dispute and have collectively decided on industrial action today.”

“That will mean that I am without any administrative support or services until further notice.

“I will be seeking to have discussions with the GMB representatives, and their trade union officials as quickly as possible in order for us to address the situation and the issues.

“I hope you will understand the fact that there won’t currently be an opportunity for head office to respond to your inquiries or provide services.”

He stated that he was working hard to resolve the dispute “as soon as possible.”

It follows a deal between RMT and ScotRail on Wednesday that prevents train staff from striking during the COP26 Climate Summit, which will be held in Glasgow starting Sunday.

The RMT trade union demanded a 2.5% pay increase backdated to April and a so-called COP26 payment for all staff in its final negotiating situation.

The union confirmed that the planned strike would be’retracted immediately’ after a deal on a pay raise was reached.