A band’s lead singer urinated in front of fans during a concert.

Sophia Urista (frontwoman of Brass Against) announced to the crowd she was going to the restroom but that she couldn’t delay any longer.

Instead of leaving the stage or peeing her pants, the 36-year-old dragged up a male fan from the audience, got him to lie down on the stage at a concert in Daytona, Florida, on Thursday night and relieved herself over him.

She exclaimed, “I need to pee and can’t go to the toilet,” to her concert-goers. “So, we may as well make a spectacle of it.” 

Sophia Urista, 36, the frontwoman for cover band Brass Against urinated over a fan

Sophia Urista (36) is the frontwoman of Brass Against’s cover band. She urinated in front of a fan

Urista told the audience she needed to pee but couldn't make it to the bathroom

Urista said to her audience that she had to go to the toilet but could not.

Then, she hurriedly took off her underwear and pants while crouching to go.

As she empty her bladder, the singer did not hold back. She licked the entire contents all over the man’s face and hair. 

Fans shared footage of him enjoying the experience and it was later shared online.

Despite the difficulties, she sang a song from Rage Against The Machine, “Wake Up.”

Social media users were stunned by this act, with one calling it ‘pure garbage’.

A male fan was brought on stage and lay on the floor as Urista squatted over him

Urista was able to squat over a male fan who had been brought onto the stage.

Many on social media were shocked by the act with one describing it as 'pure trash.'

Social media users were stunned by this act, with one calling it ‘pure garbage’.

It wasn't all hate and disgust online. At least one person seemed to appreciate the outlandish nature of what he had just witnessed.

Online hate was not all bad. He seemed to have seen something that was unusual and appreciated it.

“This is devilish.” One Twitter user said that the end is near for the entire world. 

‘Disgusting….’ Another added. “I believe they have both mental problems.” 

“That would constitute indecent exposure as well as a criminal offense, surely? A second online poster stated the same.  

Online hate was not all bad. One person at least seemed to be able to see the absurdity of what they just saw.

“This is the best punk rock thing that I have seen in a while. Keep up your great work. It’s going to be a challenge to keep up with the pace.  

Brass Against later apologized for Urista’s actions via Twitter, claiming she was ‘carried away’.

“We had a wonderful time at Welcome to Rockville. Sophia was a little too enthralled. This is not what the others expected and you won’t see it again at our shows. Daytona thanks for having it.     

The band, Brass Against, later took to Twitter to apologize for Urista's behavior saying she got 'carried away.'

Brass Against took to Twitter later to apologize to Urista for her behavior, stating that she had been ‘carried off’.

New Yorker Sophia Urista first became more widely known after appearing on the The Voice in 2016

After appearing on The Voice 2016, New Yorker Sophia Urista became well-known.

Urista is seen in a picture from her Instagram page where she keeps her underwear on

Urista in an image taken from her Instagram account, where she wears her underwear. 

In pictures on social media, Urista appeared to be normal as she enjoys lounging by pools

Urista in pictures from social media

Urista looked normal in photos shared on social media as she loves to lounge by swimming pools.

There have been many other moments on the stage that were shocking over time. 

American musician, singer, and songwriter Iggy Pop, widely known as  the ‘Godfather of Punk’ would break bottles on stage, vomit and then roll around in the shards of glass cutting up his back and check before diving into the crowd. 

Blind Melon’s leader decided that he would urinate in the middle of an audience row.

Shannon Hoon took a sneeze on the fans at Vancouver’s Pacific Coliseum.

Similar behavior was witnessed from the group The Almighty Defenders who would urinate into one another’s mouths before spraying it out all over the audience. 

The Meanies were an Australian punk rock group that used to blow out their snot at the audience.

Iggy Pop, widely known as the 'Godfather of Punk' would break bottles on stage, vomit and then roll around in the shards of glass cutting up his back and check before diving into the crowd

Iggy Pop is widely known as “Godfather” of Punk. He would smash bottles, vomit, and roll in the broken glass, cutting off his back before checking out the audience.

In 1993, the front man of a group known as Blind Melon, Shannon Hoon, decided to urinate all over the front row of the audience

Shannon Hoon was the leader of Blind Melon in 1993. He decided to pee all over the front row.

The Almighty Defenders would urinate into one another's mouths before spraying it out all over the audience. The group are pictured in 2010

Almighty Defenders would then urinate in each other’s mouths, before spraying the liquid all over the crowd. Photo of the group from 2010