Six days prior to the start of the trial, the prosecution’s main witness in Kyle Rittenhouse had a criminal case dismissed. has learned that the jury was not privy to his criminal history nor his history lying about police.

Thomas Binger, assistant district attorney, knew this and paraded Gaige Großkreutz, 28 years old, who was the third person shot that night. According to the court, he was just there as a paramedic to offer medical help, and he also claimed that he did so at many other protests in the country. learned that he is actually a career violent criminal with an extensive list of previous offenses and convictions dating back over ten years.

Domestic abuse, prowling and trespass are some of the charges. He also faces felony burglary, two DUIs and two counts of carrying a weapon while impaired. The other occurred after he was barred from owning firearms as a felon.

Additionally, he has a history showing disrespect for law and lying to police.

The Rittenhouse jury was not aware of any such thing.

Because just six days before he took the stand, Grosskreutz was before a judge himself at a hearing at which a pending DUI charge – a second offense that saw him three times over the legal limit – was dismissed on a technicality.

Gaige Grosskreutz, 28, was shot by Kyle Rittenhouse in August 2020, and appeared as the prosecution's star witness last week. He was the only one who survived being shot by Rittenhouse that night

Gaige Grosskreutz (28 years old) was shot in August 2020 by Kyle Rittenhouse and made an appearance as the star witness for prosecution last week. Rittenhouse shot him only once that night. 

Kyle Rittenhouse is on trial for the August 25, 2020 shooting deaths of two men and injuring Grosskreutz

Kyle Rittenhouse is on trial for the August 25, 2020 shooting deaths of two men and injuring Grosskreutz

Grosskreutz is seen in bodycam footage being pulled over on October 6, 2020 - less than two months after being shot by Kyle Rittenhouse

Grosskreutz is seen in bodycam footage being pulled over on October 6, 2020 - less than two months after being shot by Kyle Rittenhouse

Grosskreutz was captured in bodycam footage as he is being pulled over October 6, 2020. This happened less than two months following his shooting by Kyle Rittenhouse.

Police pulled Grosskreutz over on October 6, 2020, for failure to use a signal but under Wisconsin law if there is no other vehicle present a signal is not necessary. Sullen, monosyllabic and with barely concealed disdain, Grosskreutz resists police efforts to 'work with him'

Grosskreutz was pulled over by police on October 6, 2020 for failing to use a sign. However, Wisconsin law states that if no vehicle is present, a signal may not be necessary. Grosskreutz, who is monosyllabic with barely hidden disdain and is sullen at best, resists any police effort to “work with him”.

Bodycam footage of the night of Grosskreutz's arrest, obtained by, shows a very different person from the doe-eye man who sobbed on the witness stand as he told jurors that he feared for his life obtained bodycam footage from Grosskreutz’s arrest on the night. It shows a completely different man than the doe eye man who cried as he said that he was afraid for his life.

Grosskreutz’s attorney filed successfully a Motion To Suppress Evidence claiming that Grosskreutz got the evidence from a traffic stop.

Grosskreutz was pulled over by police on October 6, 2020 for failing to use a sign. However, according to Wisconsin law, a signal that isn’t required if no vehicle is present is sufficient.

Grosskreutz was the state's star witness and  took the stand last week, giving tearful testimony

Grosskreutz was the state’s star witness and  took the stand last week, giving tearful testimony 

Grosskreutz’s lawyer told the judge, intriguingly, that it was a unique case. This is not what she elaborates on.

In reality, nothing is unique about the second DUI of her client, except for the fact the accusation was scheduled to testify as star witness to the Kenosha District Attorney Office case with the highest profile outcome.

Grosskreutz’s most recent DUI case would not have been dismissed so quickly. Rittenhouse, his defense attorney, would have been permitted to ask him questions under oath regarding the fact that Grosskreutz was currently on bond as well as the nature and extent of the offense.

Grosskreutz would be severely discredit and the credibility of Grosskreutz could have been damaged. The prosecution also offered a wholesome picture of Grosskreutz as a law-abiding citizen. has obtained bodycam footage from Grosskreutz’s arrest on the night. It clearly shows an entirely different man than the doe eye man who cried as he said that he was afraid for his life.

Grosskreutz, who is sullen and monosyllabic but has not concealed his disdain for police, resists any attempts by the police to ‘work alongside him’ can reveal that less than ten days before he was shot by Rittenhouse, on August 16, 2020, Grosskreutz was arrested by West Allis Police and charged with prowling when he was caught videotaping personal police officer vehicles in the police department parking lot at 1am has the information that Grosskreutz was charged with Prowling after he was captured filming police officers in the parking lot of West Allis Police at 1am.

On May 9, 2015, Grosskreutz received his first DUI and second citation for carrying a loaded firearm while intoxicated

Grosskreutz was cited for his second DUI on May 9th, 2015.


In 2012, Grosskreutz earned himself a felony burglary charge for burglarizing a property in New Berlin, 40 miles north of Kenosha. Officers said in the police report that they suspected Grosskreutz was not being truthful

Grosskreutz was convicted of felony burglary in 2012 for breaking into a house in New Berlin. This is 40 miles north from Kenosha. The police reported that officers suspected Grosskreutz of lying to them 

According to police reports, he had “red, cloudy eyes, and slurred words” and smelled like alcohol. The police report stated that the man refused to identify himself or cooperate with field sobriety testing. He asked for an attorney, and said that he “doesn’t answer any questions.”

He was eventually arrested for his incooperation and taken into custody. is also reporting that Grosskreutz, who was only ten days old when Rittenhouse shot him, was detained by West Allis Police. Grosskreutz, charged with prowling, was caught filming officers’ vehicles at the police station parking lot at 11am. has seen the police report. It states that Grosskreutz couldn’t give any reason for him being there, and that ‘Gaige made it clear that he had anti-law enforcement views.

The defense was able to prove that Grosskreutz refused to be interviewed again by police regarding his September 2020 shooting.

He also admitted that he had misled police by failing to state that he was armed and carrying a Glock 27 gun or that it was pointed at Rittenhouse when the teenager shot him.

Grosskreutz, who was under oath to testify against Grosskreutz’s testimony, has now gone on national television.

Grosskreutz’s insistence upon co-operating is evident from the numerous police reports that he has compiled and which have been reviewed by It is also noted in some reports that Grosskreutz encouraged others to follow his lead.

Assistant District Attorney Thomas Binger was well aware Grosskreutz's criminal past when he paraded him as a paragon of selfless virtue in front of the jury

Thomas Binger, Assistant District Attorney was aware of Grosskreutz’s past criminal activities when he presented him to the jury as an example of selflessness. 

Gaige Grosskreutz is seen after being shot in the arm during the riots and protests in Kenosha, Wisconsin in 2020

Gaige Grosskreutz seen looking after she was hit in the arm by a gun during protests in Kenosha (Wisconsin) in 2020 

The court was shown images of the shooting that clearly showed Grosskreutz grimacing and screaming in agony while he cradled his right arm

Images of Grosskreutz’s shooting were shown to the court. They clearly show Grosskreutz screaming and grimacing in pain while he holds his right arm.

Using a microphone as a prop for his Glock handgun, Grosskreutz shows the jury how he was holding the gun in his right hand when he was shot by Kyle Rittenhouse

Grosskreutz used a microphone for his Glock pistol to demonstrate how it was in his hand at the time he was being shot by Kyle Rittenhouse.

Grosskreutz was cited for his second DUI on May 9th, 2015.

Grosskreutz was pulled over in Greenfield (about 40 miles from Kenosha) and again his eyes became ‘bloodshot, glassy’. The police officer also observed Grosskreutz’s smell and said that Grosskreutz could detect intoxicants.

According to the report, Grosskreutz stated that he was working towards getting his CCW. Grosskreutz was asked to leave the vehicle but before that, Grosskreutz told the officer that he had an openly-carried firearm and informed him that the gun was on his person. Grosskreutz claimed he was working towards getting his CCW [Concealed Carry Weapon] permit.’

Police ‘recovered a 9mm Glock 19 semi-automatic handgun that was located near Grosskreutz’s right hip in a black leather holster on his belt…There was a 9mm round in the chamber of the weapon.’

Grosskreutz claimed he was getting a CCW. However, the police report states, ‘It should be noted that when I put this case folder together. I noticed GROSSKREUTZ’s criminal history. He is a felony offenders and has a disqualification to firearms on it. Grosskreutz should be arrested for Felony in Possession Of a Firearm.

Grosskreutz was subsequently cleared of any felony charges.

Last week, he said that his usual practice was to carry a firearm. This is in support of the Second Amendment.

He said, “I believe the Second Amendment. I am for people’s freedom to bear arms. And that night was no other than any other.” It’s keys, phone, wallet, gun.’

His repeated firearm violations were not mentioned by the jury. The defense could not raise the fact that his Open Carry License was suspended due to his criminal activities.

Jurors were also not informed that the judge repeatedly ordered him to complete compulsory alcohol- and substance abuse programs.

The earliest report seen by dates to 2010 and involves an incident in which Grosskreutz struck his own grandmother in the face and smashed a lamp, damaging the dry wall against which he hurled it has seen the earliest report from 2010. This involves Grosskreutz hitting his grandmother in the face, smashing a lamp and damaging the wall against which it was hurled.

Grosskreutz was convicted of smashing the bedroom windows of an ex-girlfriend in 2013. The police report states that Grosskreutz had harassed her earlier in the night by calling.

He broke the window and sent her the following threat: “I’m about come back, it’s going to not be pretty, so you’d better respond.”

Grosskreutz, who was almost exactly one year old at the time of his conviction for felony burglary in New Berlin (40 miles north-east from Kenosha) had been charged with burglarizing an apartment in New Berlin.

Grosskreutz was caught selling three Play Stations stolen by him. The lengthy police report reveals that Grosskreutz is a complete fraudster and liar.

He was eventually charged and convicted.’s earliest reported incident dates back to 2010. It involves Grosskreutz smashing a lamp and hitting his grandmother in the face.

A juvenile record is also sealed.

Judge has been a friend of Ass’t.DA Thomas Binger since the start

Thomas Binger, a veteran of seven years at the Kenosha County law office headed by Michael Graveley is an outstanding prosecutor. 

Graveley will not be handling the Rittenhouse high-profile case as he was assigned to investigate the Jacob Blake police shooting at which Rittenhouse was arrested. The Kenosha riots were sparked by Blake’s August 23 shooting. 

Binger and Judge Bruce Schroeder, who sits on Kenosha County Circuit Court, clashed frequently in the run-up to the trial, and the proceedings have been as explosive as expected. 

Schroeder is 75 years old and the longest serving active circuit judge in Wisconsin. He has a reputation for being tough, stern, and often delivering harsh sentences. 

Wisconsin Right Now called his style ‘bizarre.’ He made many moves that appeared to support the defense’s argument that Rittenhouse acted in self defence. Rittenhouse discussed the chaos that was engulfing Rittenhouse while he opened fire. Rittenhouse also showed videos of violence protest and led Rittenhouse saying that he wants to help others. 

Binger received his law degree from the University of Michigan Law School. He became a criminal prosecutor in the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s office in 1999. From there, he rose to assistant district attorney. 

He went on to work for the DeMark, Kolbe & Brodek law firm as director of litigation in 2005 before joining the Kenosha County District Attorney’s Office in 2014. 

Binger unsuccessfully ran as a Democrat to fill the Racine County District Attorney’s Seat. In 2016 he told The Journal Times, “In my two years as a prosecutor I have won thirteen jury trials.” I have been convicted of murderers, rapists child molesters drug dealers drunk drivers home-invading criminals and women abusers.

Nicole GustafsonBinger is his wife. She works as a mental counselor at Oakwood Clinical Associates. Their three children are theirs.  

Binger missed the opportunity to tie Rittenhouse to Proud Boys in the months leading to Rittenhouse’s murder case. 

In his pre-trial hearings, Judge Schroeder strongly criticised him, arguing that defense attorneys should not have the right to inform jurors of Joseph Rosenbaum’s destruction during the riot. 

Arson is what we are referring to. Binger stated that we are referring to being disorderly and loud.

Schroeder cut him off, and raised his voice.

He stated, “I don’t believe some things you are saying.” He said, “All that we’re discussing is arson.” Don’t be afraid!

Schroeder, during the trial, reprimanded Binger because he brought up information previously barred to the court regarding Rittenhouse’s AR-15 rifle history. A video of Rittenhouse talking to two other men about his experience shooting shoplifters at a pharmacy was recorded just weeks before the shootings.

Schroeder has already ruled that video is inadmissible. 

“You are an expert trial lawyer and tell me that when the judge states, “I’m exclusioning this”, you bring it in because it seems you have a way around it,” Schroeder said. ‘Come on!’

Binger said, “You have the right to shout at me.” It was in my good faith. 

Judge Schroeder responded: ‘I don’t believe you. You said you were acting with good faith. I do not believe that. You should not have another instance.

Rittenhouse’s defence accused Binger that they knew of Rittenhouse trying to throw proceedings as it was going against the will of the state.

On November 10, the defense demanded that Rittenhouse be mistrial without prejudice. This would allow Rittenhouse to walk free, and it would also mean that a retrial was not possible. It is a catastrophe for the prosecution.