Rolex Rippers disguise themselves as nurses to steal the luxury watches of their elderly victims

  • The women are described as having ‘dark hair’ and ‘eastern European accents’
  • At least 15 incidents almost identical to those reported in Dorset have been reported by the police  
  • Police are encouraging the general public to check fundraisers’ credentials 

Rolex Rippers wear medical costumes to fool elderly men while stealing their watches.

A man was approached by two women in nurse uniforms who claimed to be collecting signatures for a ‘deaf centre’ in the small coastal town of Emsworth, Hampshire.

As one signed the document, the other gave a hug to the man and grabbed his left arm.

He was attempting to kiss one of the women, but he broke off and ran away. A few minutes later, he discovered that his watch had been stolen.  

As they reveal the staggering extent of fraud committed by female victims in the past year, police issued an alert today ahead of the holiday season

The two women, described as a 40-year-old and a 20-year-old with ‘dark hair’ and ‘eastern European accents’, typically ‘embrace’ their victims and take the designer watches using sleight of hand techniques. 

Thefts believed to have been carried out by the pair have been reported throughout the year in areas of Hampshire, including: Locks Heath, Yateley, Upton Grey, Chandler’s Ford, East Wellow, Petersfield, Bordon, Southampton and Yateley.

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Detectives hunting two women dubbed the 'Rolex Rippers', who are believed to have targeted at elderly men's expensive watches across southern England this year, released CCTV images

Investigators are on the lookout for two females referred to as “Rolex Rippers”, who were believed to be targeting older men’s watches throughout southern England.

Dorset Police released grainy CCTV images of the two women after a man had his watch stolen in October

After a theft of a watch by a male in October, Dorset Police have released CCTV images showing the two women.

Lone elderly men wearing Rolex watches – which can cost up to £14,000 – are usually targeted outside golf clubs and Waitrose supermarkets in affluent areas of Hampshire and Dorset before the women flee in a vehicle. 

Detectives investigating the spate of thefts are now reminding elderly people to be ‘on their guard’.

They are also encouraging the public to check fundraisers’ credentials and even consider ‘forensically marking’ their valuable items.

Hampshire Constabulary spokesperson said that they are asking for help and providing crime prevention advice after a series of thefts and robberies involving luxury watches in the County over the last year.

“During every incident, the suspect (usually a female) has targeted elderly victims in public by presuming that they are asking them questions about a survey and/or a petition.

“The most desirable target areas seem to be close to supermarket car parks and golf courses. Some offences were committed outside of residential property.

“During the past twelve months, over 30 incidents have been reported.. Victims are targeted primarily because they’re wearing Rolex watches of high quality. 

Police today issued a warning ahead of the festive season as they revealed the shocking extent of the female fraudsters crimes in the last year alone

Today’s police warning came ahead of Christmas season. They revealed shocking details about the crimes committed by female fraudsters in the past year.

According to the spokesperson, “Detectives are currently investigating these incidents” and added that they would remind everyone to stay alert after reading the recent reports.

“We ask the public not to commit any offenses to aid in the arrest of the criminals.

“We also want to use this chance to remind everyone of the things they can do to protect themselves.

‘Check fundraisers’ credentials; register your property for free at; photograph each piece of valuable gold or jewellery against a plain background with a ruler next to it.

You can forensically mark jewellery with the appropriate security products. Be sure to seek professional advice before marking valuable or irreplaceable objects. offers more information about traceable liquids.

“Be alert to what’s happening in your environment when shopping. Keep your bags close at hand and quickly return any cards or money you have. Zip it up, button or zip it.