Roy Keane was seen angrily confronting a Manchester United fan who called him a ‘pr***’ outside Old Trafford following the team’s defeat by local rivals Man City on Saturday. 

Keane was a former United captain and was working as a pundit in Sky Sports’ coverage. The fan approached Keane to criticize the player from Ireland. 

Keane was furious at his fan for drinking ‘two pints’. At one point, Keane took two steps back to get almost in line with the man. 

A fan posted a social media video in which he said, “You are a legend at this club.” 

Keane replied, “What’s the point?” Keep waiting all day to sign autographs! Signed autographs for me!

A fan responded, “Why do you act like that?” Keane responded angrily with his arms wide: “Like What?” You mean what? How did you do it?  

Roy Keane angrily confronted a Manchester United fan while signing autographs at Old Trafford on Saturday

Roy Keane swore at a Manchester United fan as he signed autographs at Old Trafford.

The fan (right) called the ex-United captain a 'pr***' with Keane accusing him of being drunk

The fan (right) called the ex-United captain a ‘pr***’ with Keane accusing him of being drunk


Fan: You are a legend in this club.

Keane, What’s the point? You can sign autographs for all you like. Signed autographs for you!

Fan: What is the point of being so naive?

Keane: What do you like? Keane: Like what? Was it something I did?

Fan: An absolute pr***

The Keane You’re taking it out upon me because you had some drinks, and United beat you. I don’t know what that has to do with you. It’s obvious that you have had several drinks. How many pints have you had? Do not lecture your fellow mates.

The supporter jibed: ‘An absolute pr***’ which angered Keane even more.

A former United midfielder said, “Oh, they’ve had some drinks and they (United), got beat. You’re taking it out upon me?” Was that really what it had to do?

“You have had several drinks. I know this. How many pints have you had? I beg your mates to not lecture me.

Following the loss by 2-0 to Sky Sports, the pundit from Sky Sports walked into Old Trafford in the pouring rain and found a packed crowd of United fans. 

Manchester United fan Darren Russell took the video on social media of Keane Saturday and told Sportmail‘Keane didn’t seem to be in any bad mood. He was probably disappointed like all of us but it wasn’t unreasonable. 

“He was standing there in the drizzle signing autographs to some of his fans when the other guy started. It’s not clear why, but I suspect he was impatient that Keane wasn’t yet at him. 

Keane’s old club United where he spent thirteen years, including 8 years as captain, before his 2005 departure from the Irishman were defeated by City, reigning Premier League champions in this latest blow to their season.

Keane was signing autographs after United's 2-0 defeat by rivals Manchester City on Saturday

After United’s defeat of Manchester City by 2-0 on Saturday, Keane signed autographs

Keane told the fan 'because you've had a few drinks and they (United) got beat you're taking it out on me?'

Keane stated to the fan that he had been drinking and United beat him. Now, he’s taking it out on himself.

Keane then strolled off in anger into crowds of United fans leaving the iconic stadium

Keane then walked in angrily into the crowds of United supporters, leaving the stadium.

United was beaten by Eric Bailly in the first half, just minutes after Bernardo Silva scored. Pep Guardiola’s City team won with a victory thanks to an Eric Bailly own goal. 

Keane, already angry with Saturday’s outcome, blasted Manchester United players live via Sky Sports. 

An animated Keane stated live that he said, “This defense – you don’t have enough pressure. You need to apply pressure.” It’s almost half time, keep the ball in play! Shaw is the goalkeeper. These guys have been a problem for me for years.

I give up on these guys. They are all international footballers. The defending is beyond me. I’m so confused. Men vs. boys. The difference is so stark that it seems unbelievable. You would think it was difficult to get here, but it isn’t. It’s a place where people are happy and teams come together. 

Keane was at Old Trafford for Sky Sports punditry work and was furious with the United squad

Keane visited Old Trafford to do Sky Sports punditry, and was furious at the United team

Keane (left), who spent 13 years at the Manchester club, was a fierce competitior as a player

Keane, (left), was an intense competitor as a player during his 13-year tenure at Manchester.

It’s not what they do away with, though. But it is the things you do at home that build the foundations of your team and win you trophies. United need only to score at halftime at 1-0. It’s over with the second goal. It is so awful, I have no words.

“McTominay Fred! These players don’t make Manchester United great. Bailly was amazed at the result, I didn’t find it surprising. Foden should have been exhausted by the end of a derby match. Foden should feel exhausted and have nothing left. His speech was like that of a practicing game.

Gary Neville interviewed Keane on the Overlap YouTube channel. He said Keane doesn’t like being public in any way and didn’t want fans to approach him and ask for autographs. 

He stated earlier in the year that “being in the public eye is something I hate,” ‘I hate it. You can appear polite, or have someone follow you around with a camera. Are you the rude one?

Keane admitted in an interview earlier this year that he does not like being in the public eye

Keane confessed in an interview that he hates being seen in public earlier in the year 

“I ran into a United fan yesterday and he showed it to me. Then he said, “Alright. Bye.” And then continued walking. This is a true fan. You don’t need to be pestered by people who want your autograph or your mobile phone. 

I think people view you as busy. It’s almost like they want a piece. Or “Can you sign that?” City enthusiasts aren’t the only ones that want a photo. Would you like a picture of me? You want a photograph of me?

“It’s just a hectic thing to me. This is not an act of respect. It’s not a respect thing. People will treat you with kindness.