An inquest found that a decorated Royal Navy Commodore was killed in a car accident with his car. His wife, who was watching in horror, witnessed the tragedy. 

Cmdre Malcolm CBE had 31 years of distinguished service’. He had a ‘lifeless look’ as he drove along a dual carriageway, getting ‘closer and closer’ to a truck on April 20th.

Sally Williams, his wife, was telling him to slow down. But he continued on his way, and his car was’shunted” into a pick up truck. 

The couple were driving from Southsea to meet friends on the A3M, near Waterlooville. Cmdre was feeling ‘unwell’ and they drove on the A3M, near Waterlooville. 

The court heard that Williams’ Volkswagen Golf crossed the road and struck a barrier, but continued to travel at 66 mph.

The car finally came to a stop when it crashed into a lorry on the hard shoulder of a dual carriageway.

The 69-year-old victim, who had suffered multiple injuries, was declared dead on the spot.

Commodore Malcolm Williams was a veteran mariner who served in the Falklands War and was later appointed CBE for leading disaster relief responses in Sierra Leone and Kosovo

Commodore Malcolm Williams, a veteran mariner, served in the Falklands War. He was later made CBE for leading disaster relief efforts in Sierra Leone (and Kosovo)

Matthew Williams, the son of Cmdre Williams, described him today as a man of great ability and great principle. His father was’somebody to boast about’.

The father of two sons was an Operations Officer on HMS Ambuscade (a Type 21 frigate) which was at the frontlines during Falklands War.

Later, he was made CBE for his leadership of disaster relief efforts in Sierra Leone as well as Kosovo.

Cmdre Williams, who had retired in 2004, became the chief executive of Shipwrecked Mariner’s Society until 2018. 

His wife read a police report to the court and stated that she saw him moving too fast.

“We were getting closer and closer towards the vehicle in front.

“I shouted at him slow down.

“There was no reaction from him at any time.”

“He was sitting upright with a lifeless expression on his face.

‘I repeated my request that you pull over repeatedly, but there was no response. We gained on the vehicle in front, and I said “slowdown, slow down”.

Mrs Williams was in the passenger’s seat when her husband died. She told the court today: ‘I have absolutely no recollection.

Cmdre William, who was suffering from a heart condition, sustained multiple injuries to his body and a blood clot on his brain.

On the spot, he was declared dead.

Jason Pegg, Hampshire Coroner Coroner, concluded: “There was a moment where something was not quite right as both His arms and His eyes were fixed.

‘Cmdre Wilkins suffered a sudden, unexpected cardiac event while driving his car. He collided the rear of his car with the barrier and continued until he hit the stationary vehicle.

“The cardiac event caused him loss of consciousness and he was unable take action.”

Mr. Pegg listed the cause as multiple injuries and a road traffic collision.

The retired Royal Navy Commodore died at the scene after he crashed into a lorry on the A3 near Waterlooville, Hampshire, when having a 'sudden and unexpected cardiac event while driving his car', which 'caused him to lose consciousness and he was unable to take action

After suffering a sudden and unexpected cardiac event while driving his vehicle on the A3 near Waterlooville in Hampshire, the retired Royal Navy Commodore, he crashed into a truck and died instantly.

Samuel Cox was driving his Ford Ranger on the A30 near Waterlooville (Hants) when he noticed the silver Golf’swerving’. He felt a bump in the rear of his pickup type truck.

According to a police report, Mr. Cox said that Cmdre William was driving with his arms ‘bolt forward’ and his eyes staring out in the front’.

Brian Eagle, a laborer working for Lift and Shift was heard to have pulled his DAF lorry onto the hard shoulder in order to ensure that the tarpaulin was secured.

Mr Eagle stated in a statement that “The silver Golf appeared swerving.”

“It was in my outside lane, then on a hard shoulder before colliding into the vehicle that was in.

The court heard that the vehicle was then moved along the hard shoulder.

He offered his condolences and said that he was a deeply loved husband, father, brother, and friend.

Peter McEwan was the former Nautilus deputy secretary general secretary. He wrote an online obituary, which stated: ‘He will always be remembered with great thanks by all of the many seafarers that he helped.