A runaway snowmobile crashes into a garage after its family flew away.

  • CCTV footage shows Chaz Walters driving his family off to a dance recital 
  • A second later, a snowmobile out of control is seen driving into a garage door.
  • Reports state that rider leapt off the vehicle when the throttle became stuck.
  • Footage was captured at the family’s snow-covered home in Pelican Rapids, Minnesota

The shocking moment a snowmobile out of control smashes through the garage door of a family just seconds after it has pulled out from their driveway. 

The Walters family got a nasty surprise returning home to find the vehicle lodged inside their garage.

On December 18, a security camera captured footage of the incident at the snow-covered family home in Pelican rapids, Minnesota.

In the clip, Chaz Walters is seen pulling out of his driveway to take his family to a dance recital.

Shocking footage shows an out of control snowmobile smash through the garage door of Chaz Walters family home in Pelican Rapids, Minnesota seconds after he drives off with his family to go to a dance recital.

After driving off with his family, Chaz Walters drives away to attend a dance recital. This shocking footage captures the snowmobile plowing through Chaz Walters’ garage.

As they head out of their neighbourhood, they drive straight past a man out riding his snowmobile to take advantage of the cold conditions.

However, as the rider tries to follow the bend in the road his vehicle’s throttle gets stuck and he quickly loses control.

CCTV footage captures the man bailing the snowmobile high above the snow, before it crashes into Walters’ house.

Chaz remembered that he received a phone call shortly afterward from his son.

“Come home immediately, someone crashed into my garage,” he said. You’re like… He told Valley News Live.

The family returned to their home to discover the snowmobile had smashed into their garage and landed on top of a brand new snowblower

When the family went back to their house, they discovered that their snowmobile had crashed into their garage. It landed on top a new snowblower.

The family returned home to discover the damaged snowmobile inside their garage and that it had landed on top of a brand new snowblower.

‘[I was] shocked! Chaz continued, “Trying figure out why the hell it happened.”

The entire family will have to live without a garage until spring, and they have already boarded up any hole that was left behind by the car.

Chaz said that although he was glad the situation wasn’t worse, a crash could have been prevented.

He stated that there are many safety measures to prevent such things.

“If he had fallen, it would have stopped the thing.”