Today, Russia is the target of sport after Vladimir Putin declared war upon Ukraine. He invaded in the wee hours.

Sebastian Vettel, four-time F1 World Champion Sebastian Vettel demanded that the Sochi Grand Prix be cancelled in September. Meanwhile the Champions League Final in St Petersburg is being moved to another venue.

UEFA faced serious threats to alter the site of its European event and it was suggested that the FIFA governing body might take Russia off the list.

Premier League and Ukrainian star Oleksandr Zinchenko was one of the first high-profile sports figures to speak out following Russia’s invasion, saying he ‘hopes Putin dies’.

Brazilian footballers left in Ukraine as a result of their injuries are asking their government for help. Paulo Fonseca was also caught in Ukraine, and added that this is the worst day of his life.

The Ukrainian football league has been paused for 30 days at least with martial law introduced overnight, and the Swedish FA say it’s ‘almost unthinkable’ that they could face the Czech Republic in a World Cup play-off match in Russia in March. 

Russia launched all out war on Ukraine, using bombs and missiles, tanks moving across Belarus’ border, parachuting troops into eastern areas, and explosives that were seen throughout the country. Putin himself gave the orders for the attack.

So, the sport world responded. 

Russian Mi-8 attack helicopters stage an assault on Gostomel air base, just on the outskirts of Kiev, after Vladimir Putin launched an all-out attack on the country

An image captured near Kiev shows what appears to be the wreckage of a downed Russian attack helicopter with a soldier parachuting out of it (to the left of the frame)

The image was taken close to Kiev and shows the debris of an unmanned Russian attack helicopter. A soldier is parachuting out from the helicopter (to the right of the frame).

The attack has come to Ukraine on all fronts, with bombs and missiles striking targets across the country

Ukraine has been under attack on every front. There are missiles and bombs that have struck targets all over the country. Ground forces from Luhansk, Crimea and Donetsk also arrived, as well as paratroopers landing on Kharkiv.

Sebastian Vettel is calling for Russian Grand Prix cancellation after the invasion of Ukraine. The sport’s top brass are refusing to take a final decision

Sebastian Vettel, a four-time world champion, has asked Formula One bosses for the removal of the Russian Grand Prix on the 2022 calendar following the invasion by Ukraine.

Vettel (Aston Martin driver), was 34 years old when he became the first F1 celebrity to make a statement.

F1 refused to make a commitment to making a decision on the race which was due to take place in Sochi, Russia on September 25, according to German officials.

Sebastian Vettel is the first F1 driver to speak out against Russia's invasion of Ukraine

Sebastian Vettel, the F1 driver who spoke out against Russia’s invading of Ukraine is Sebastian Vettel

Vettel, who was addressing pre-season testing in Barcelona, stated, “In my personal opinion I woke again after this morning’s news. Shocked.”

“It is horrible to witness what is going on. We have an upcoming race in Russia, if we look at the schedule.

“For me, my opinion is that I shouldn’t go. I won’t go. That country is not fair to the race. It’s a terrible thing for innocent people who have lost their lives because of stupid decisions made by a mad and bizarre leader.

Max Verstappen is the current world champion, and while he did not criticize Russia’s actions, he also believes that this race must be ended. He stated that it was wrong to race in a war zone if a country is at conflict.

The Russian Grand Prix is due to be held in Sochi in September. Lewis Hamilton won last year

Sochi is hosting the Russian Grand Prix in September. Lewis Hamilton was the winner last year

Formula One released a statement earlier in the day that said: “F1 is closely monitoring the very fluid developments, like many other organizations and has at this point no comment regarding the race programmed for September.

We will keep an eye on the situation.

Following reports that F1 had taken the Russian Grand Prix off its website, it was later reinstated.

Oleksandr Zinchenko from Manchester claims his Instagram account was deleted after he wrote that he wanted to die the worst suffering death of any creature.

Oleksandr Zinchenko, a Ukrainian footballer claims that Instagram has deleted his Instagram story. He said that he hopes Putin experiences the most painful and suffering death.

The Manchester City defender, on his Instagram story, posted a photo of Putin with the caption: ‘I hope you die the most painful suffering death, creature.’ 

Zinchenko claimed that Instagram deleted Zinchenko’s story in a apparent move to censor the Ukraine International. Sportmailhas reached out to Instagram regarding a comment. 

Man City star Oleksandr Zinchenko has attacked Vladimir Putin on Instagram

The 25-year-old said: ¿I hope you die the most painful suffering death, creature' in a post that Instagram have since taken down

Oleksandr Zainenko claims that Vladimir Putin should suffer the “most painful suffering death” in an Instagram post, which has since been removed by the Manchester City defender 

Putin is pictured in the early hours of Thursday morning declaring war on Ukraine, in what he termed a 'special military operation'

Putin can be seen declaring war upon Ukraine on Thursday morning, during what he calls a “special military operations”.

The 25-year-old said on Tuesday that he ‘can’t stand back’ while ‘the whole civilised world is concerned about my country’ and has again taken to social media on Thursday morning. 

Zinchenko, who began his career in Russia at FC Ufa on Tuesday, sent an emotional message. He said that the whole civilized world was concerned by the current state of my country. 

“I cannot stay behind and try to get my point across. My country is shown in the photograph. This is the country in which I was raised and born. 

“A country that I stand up for in international sport arenas. An ideal country we strive to promote and grow. 

“A country whose boundaries must not be altered.” It belongs to Ukrainians, and will never be taken by anyone else. We won’t give up! Ukraine, glory! 

Vlada Shcheglovam, Zinchenko’s spouse and journalist posted a photo Wednesday night of a pro Ukraine rally in London. 

Zinchenko with wife Vlada Shcheglova, who is a journalist

Shcheglova posted a photo of a pro-Ukraine rally in London on Wednesday night

Zinchenko’s wife Vlada Shcheglova (with the footballer, left) posted a photo of a pro-Ukraine rally in London on Wednesday night (right)

UEFA calls a Friday morning crisis summit to STRIP St Petersburg, the Champions League final, following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Tottenham, West Ham, and Wembley all want to see the match in England


Twitter fans have criticised the Europa League’s posting of a cheerful, now deleted message titled “Happy Thursday” in response to Russia’s invasion. 


Russia will be stripped of the Champions League final after UEFA convened an emergency meeting for Friday. 

On May 28, the Krestovsky Stadium, St Petersburg would host European club football’s most important event.

The final may be moved to one of three London venues: Wembley Stadium or Tottenham Hotspur Stadium.

UEFA released the following statement: “Following Russia’s recent developments, the President of UEFA has decided that Friday 25 February will see an extraordinary meeting at 10:00 CET of the Executive Committee to review the situation, and to take any necessary actions.”

UEFA is also under increasing pressure to drop their £33million-a-season sponsorship deal with the majority state-owned Russian energy provider Gazprom, who also sponsor the UEFA Nations League and European Championship finals.

Alexander Dyukov was among the invited members of UEFA’s executive board. Alexander Dyukov is president of Zenit St Petersburg, the Russian Football Union and chief executive at Gazprom. 

St Petersburg is set to be stripped of this season's Champions League final as early as Friday

After Russia invaded Ukraine, the Krestovsky Stadium of St Petersburg will be removed from this year’s Champions League final.

The 65,000-capacity Gazprom Arena was due to host this season's showpiece event

Gazprom Arena, which holds 65,000 people, was set to host the season’s main event.

Sportmail According to reports, West Ham’s owners are open to hosting the Champions League Final at their London Stadium of 62,500 capacity.

Wembley, which can hold 90,000.00 spectators, is another option. However the stadium will host the Championship and League Two finals simultaneously.

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, capacity 62850. West Ham’s home are not affected by this concern.

A video is made by terrified Brazilian football players stranded on Ukraine’s shores, asking their government for help. They reveal that ‘food’ has run out and there’s no fuel or money.

Brazilian footballers left in Ukraine after the war have called for immediate evacuation.

Video clip showing players from Dynamo Kyiv and Shakhtar Donetsk gathered together in a hotel near the Ukrainian capital.

The banks are now closed [are shut]There is not enough fuel. Food will run out. Money is scarce. 

A video clip showing Brazilian footballers based in Ukraine and their families appealing to their government for an evacuation has been circulated on Twitter

Twitter circulated an image showing Brazilian footballers stationed in Ukraine and their family appealing for help to evacuate. 

It journalist Arthur Quezada Twitter user posted this video showing some Brazilian soccer players gathered together to call for help from their country.

The video also featured their young children and partners.  

Junior Moraes (34) was a Shakhtar striker. He sent this message: “The situation is one that causes despair. This video should be made public so it can reach the right people. [Brazilian] government.

The group includes players from Shakhtar Donetsk and Dynamo Kyiv, who are currently in a hotel in the Ukrainian capital after Russia invaded the country

It includes members of Dynamo Kyiv (Shakhtar Donetsk) and Shakhtar Donetsk (Dynamo Kyiv), who currently reside in a hotel in Kyiv’s capital. 

The Shakhtar Donetsk player Junior Moraes posted this Instagram message reading: 'All friends and family, the situation is serious and we are stuck in Kiev waiting for a solution to get out. We are inside a hotel. Pray for us.'

The Shakhtar Donetsk player Junior Moraes posted this Instagram message reading: ‘All friends and family, the situation is serious and we are stuck in Kiev waiting for a solution to get out. We’re in a hotel. Please pray for us.

The banks are now closed [are shut]There is not enough fuel. Food will run out. Money is scarce. 

“We are all awaiting a plan for Ukraine to be free.”

Moraes wrote a message to Instagram, saying: “All family and friends, the situation has become serious. We are trapped in Kiev and waiting for an exit plan. We are in a hotel. Please pray for us. 

Moraes, who was born in Brazil, is now a Ukrainian international. Twelve players from Brazil are part of the Shakhtar Squad, Vitinho playing for Dynamo Kyiv.

David Neres is a Brazilian international who had recently completed his transfer from Ajax, the Netherlands, to Shakhtar, last month.

Shakhtar has other Brazilian players including defenders Dodo (Vitao), Marlon and Ismaily, and midfielders Tete, Maycon and Marcos Antonio.

Flights to Ukraine have been grounded by commercial airlines. This prevents any foreigners from leaving the country. Meanwhile, Russia’s invasion of the country from the north, south and north makes it extremely difficult for anyone to escape. 

Paulo Fonseca, former manager of Shakhtar Donetsk, reveals that he’s now stranded with his Ukrainian wife/son in Kiev. He is also ‘praying that a bomb does not fall upon us’ after his flight from the capital was cancelled.

Paulo Fonseca (Portuguese football manager) is currently stranded together with his wife, and their son in Ukraine. Their last attempt to flee from war-torn Kiev has failed.

Fonseca, who previously coached Roma in Italy, is married to Ukrainian Katerina Ostroushko and they had a son together in 2019.

Fonseca was planning a way out of Kiev using a 10-am flight. However, Russia is heading to Ukraine due to growing political tensions. All commercial flights have been suspended.

Paulo Fonseca (right) is stranded in Kiev with his wife Katerina (left) and their son (front) after their attempt to get a flight out of Ukraine failed following Russian forces invading

Paulo Fonseca (right), is now stranded at Kiev with Katerina (left), their son, and their daughter (front), following their failed attempt to flee Ukraine after the Russian invasion. 

Following missile strikes on airports, many people are trapped in their cars trying to flee to Poland. Fonseca, who is currently in Kiev at the time of what he describes as his worst day ever, has taken refuge in an hotel in Kiev. 

He told Jornal de Noticias that he woke up at 5 AM with five blasts in succession. 

I had a flight planned for today. However, due to the fact that the airports have been destroyed and airspace closed, it is now impossible to fly. 

Fonseca and his family are now 'praying a bomb doesn't drop' on them as they try to find an exit route with commercial airlines grounding flights and roads blocked with cars

Fonseca, his family and friends are now praying that no bomb falls on them while they search for an escape route from commercial airlines which have grounded flights or blocked roads by cars.

“This is my worst day in my entire life. We now have to sit back and wait for the right moment. We pray that no one is hurt.

With flights grounded and Russia’s assault on the country from the south, east and north making an escape by land highly treacherous, Fonseca confessed to not knowing a way out. 

Katerina his wife, wrote on Instagram: “Worst Morning Ever.” Pain. Anger. 

“My son was not worthy of the war. The Ukrainian children did not merit the war.

The Swedish FA Chief insists that it is ‘almost impossible’ for them to face Russia in a World Cup Play-Off match next month. He said there was ‘no desire’ to play football in Russia after the Ukraine invasion.

After Russia’s attack on Ukraine, Thursday’s chairman of the Swedish Football Association stated that a 2022 World Cup match between Russia and Russia was ‘almost impossible’.

The Czech Republic will face Sweden in a World Cup playoff Path B match, with the winner meeting the winner from the group games between Poland and Russia.

Sweden are due to face the Czech Republic in a World Cup play-off Path B match in Russia

Sweden is due to play the Czech Republic at the World Cup Play-off Path B Match in Russia

Russia or Sweden wins, this would result in the sides meeting on March 29 in Russia. A place at the Qatar World Cup is at stake.

Karl Erik Nilsson stated: “It is possible… spontaneously around the feelings that we feel as we awaken this morning are that it would almost be unimaginable for us to play a Russian football match within a matter of weeks.”

He added, “As it stands now and tomorrow, today, we have absolutely no desire to play football in Russia,”

RELEASE: Russia may be KICKED OUT OF the Women’s Euros this Summer in England following Thursday’s invasion by Ukraine… their participation will be discussed at UEFA’s Emergency Meeting tomorrow

Russia may be expelled from the Women’s European Championships, set for England in this summer.

The emergency UEFA meeting will discuss the issue on Friday, following Russia’s invasion in Ukraine Thursday morning. 

Liz Truss, foreign secretary, had previously called on English teams not to attend the final of Men’s Champions League in St Petersburg.

The participation of Russia in the Women's European Championships this summer is in doubt

Russia’s participation in the Women’s European Championships is uncertain

However, there is doubt that Russia will be permitted to travel to England this summer to participate in the tournament.

Russia was qualified following their win over Portugal in the play-off and they were drawn with Holland, Sweden and Switzerland for Group C.

There are many outcomes that could be considered, such as their expulsion from competition.

An alternative option is to have the players compete using a neutral name similar to the way that Russian athletes took part in the Olympics. 

German football club Schalke 04 has removed the name of Russian sponsor Gazprom from their shirts following Vladimir Putin’s declaration war against Ukraine. As a result, president Matthias Warnig is resigning from the board

Schalke 04 was one of Germany’s top football clubs and has since removed Gazprom’s name from its shirts. This happened after Vladimir Putin declared war in Ukraine.

Energy company Gazprom are majority-owned by the Russian state and are major sponsors of the Champions League as well as of Schalke.

Nord Stream 2 CEO Matthias Warnig was a former officer of East Germany’s Stasi police, and a well-known ally to Putin. He established the connection between Schalke & Gazprom. 

The club stated that it had removed the GAZPROM logo from its shirts following recent developments. Instead, it will be replaced with lettering that reads ‘Schalke 04’. 

Schalke are sponsored by Gazprom, the Russian state-owned energy company

Gazprom is sponsoring Schalke. Gazprom is a Russian state-owned oil company.

“No war”: Russian footballer condemns Ukraine’s invasion. As the Dynamo Moscow striker, the Russian Football Association’s first prominent player from Vladimir Putin’s country to voice out, the Dynamo Moscow striker became the first of Putin’s high-profile players to do so.

Russia and Dynamo Moscow striker Fedor Smolov has expressed his opposition to the country’s invasion of Ukraine by writing ‘no war’ on Instagram.

Smolov became the first Russian soccer player to make a comment about the situation. He took to Instagram to express his disapproval of Russia’s action on Thursday. 

He posted the black square with the caption: “No war” and added the broken-heart emoticon and Ukraine flag. 

Fedor Smolov took to Instagram to write 'no war' and express support for country of Ukraine

Fedor Smolov posted a message on Instagram in support of Ukraine, writing “no war”.

The Ukraine football league has been halted for at least 30 days 

For a minimum period of 30 days, the Ukrainian Premier League was halted.

Although it had been planned that the league would resume its activities on Friday, after its winter break the league has confirmed via their official site that they have delayed the restart due to Volodymyr Zielenskyy’s overnight declaration of martial law in Ukraine. 

The league was meant to restart on Friday following its winter break but the league confirmed via their official website that the start has been delayed after the introduction of martial law

Although it was supposed to restart the league on Friday, following the winter break, they confirmed via their website that the league’s start had been delayed by martial law.

Russian tennis player Andrey Rublev calls the Ukrainian invasion of Ukraine ‘terrible.’ He also said, “peace is most important ‘…” just days after he shared an ATP doubles title. 

Andrey Rublev was awakened on Thursday morning to discover that his country invaded the home of his doubles partner.

The Russian No7 had just won the ATP title at Marseille with Denys Molchanov from Ukraine five days before. This was an unusual alliance considering the wider events in the world.

Rublev tried to put the images he had seen on television in the morning out of his head before tackling American MacKenzie McDonald in the quarter-finals of the Dubai Duty Free Championships.

He managed just barely to achieve this feat and won a 2-6,6-3,6-1 win after having lost the first five matches. Muscovite, 24, later admitted to being troubled by more severe happenings in his life.

“In these moments, I realize that the match is irrelevant. It is not about me and my match. Rublev stated that what’s going on is far more tragic.

You realize the importance of peace and respect for each other, no matter how difficult it may be. The idea is that everyone should take care of their earth and one another. It is the most important.

Rublev, like Daniil Medvedev his compatriot, was also targeted online because of his nationality. It is a characteristic that goes with being a pariah country.

Russian tennis player Andrey Rublev condemned his country's invasion of Ukraine on Thursday

Andrey Rublev, a Russian tennis player, condemned the invasion of Ukraine by his country on Thursday

Rublev won a double event in Marseille with Ukrainian Denys Molchanov (pictured) this week

Rublev and Denys Molchanov, a Ukrainian woman from Marseille won this week’s double event.

Russia’s Qatar World Cup qualifier play-off rivals in 2022 Qatar rally together to demand that the fixtures for next month be moved from Moscow after Vladimir Putin invaded Ukraine

In the aftermath of Ukraine’s invasion, the Football Assocations in Poland, Sweden and Czech Republic demanded that the World Cup Qualifying Play-Offs for next month be held outside Russia.

Russian president Vladimir Putin declared war upon Ukraine Thursday morning and quickly launched strikes throughout the country, much to the chagrin of the international community.

Russia is due to host Poland at Moscow’s VTB Arena on March 24th in a play off semi-final. After that, the winner will face either Sweden or Czech Republic in order to secure a spot in Qatar five day later. The final, if Russia defeats Poland, will be held at Moscow’s VTB Arena.

In a Thursday afternoon statement, the three other nations that make up UEFA’s Path B’ route in the new qualifying system demanded that the fixtures are moved. 

Russia were forced through the play-off route after losing to Croatia in November (pictured)

After losing to Croatia in November, Russia was forced into the play-off (pictured).

Moscow's VTB Arena is due to host the World Cup play-off semi-final and a possible final

Moscow’s VTB Arena hosts the World Cup playoff semifinal and possibly final.

It reads, “Based upon the recent alarming development of conflict between Russia and Ukraine and the security condition, the Football Associations of Poland. Sweden. and Czech Republic. express their firm belief that the playoff games to qualify for 2022 FIFA World Cup, Qatar, 24 and 29 March 2022. 

“The appeal’s signatories have not considered traveling to Russia or playing matches in Russia. We are witnessing a military escalation which has serious implications and significantly lower safety for national football teams as well as official delegations. 

“Hence, we expect FIFA to immediately respond to our request and present alternatives for where this playoff match could take place.

Russia hosted 2018’s World Cup and finished second behind Croatia in their UEFA qualifying group. They were then seeded to the play-off draw. 

Oleksandr Ptrakov, the coach of Defiant Ukraine insists that his team will play with Scotland in next month’s World Cup. He predicts an easy victory over invading Russian troops.

Oleksandr Ptrakov, Ukraine’s boss insists that preparations for the World Cup in Scotland next month will go ahead as scheduled.

The Executive Committee of UEFA will meet Friday to address the Russian military offensive that has created a crisis.

The Ukrainian Government has placed martial law upon the country and banned football from the country for a month. It also closed down the game of football, putting Hampden in grave doubt about the possibility that the qualifier for the playoffs at Hampden will take place on March 24. 

Ukraine are scheduled to play Scotland at Hampden Park in a World Cup play-off on March 24

Ukraine is scheduled to face Scotland at Hampden Park as part of a World Cup playoff.

Petrakov, a veteran Ukraine boss, said that the game would go ahead if there was a quick victory.

He said, “In this time of difficulty we must unite, support one another, and believe that our army, and our state are in good hands.” We are in Ukraine and have nothing to worry about.

“I’m 64 years old and have lived in Kiev my whole life. I am now here, and I will continue to support my country.

“Sport, in these moments, recedes into the background. The main thing is peace and tranquility for people.

“I am confident that, after this quick win, we will prepare for the crucial matches of Ukraine’s national team in play-offs at the World Cup.

We are all one team. The guys are proud to represent our great country on the soccer field. It is not easy to keep going. We all have a connection with Ukraine. All glory to Ukraine.

Ukraine national team coach Oleksandr Petrakov predicted a 'quick victory' over Russia

Oleksandr Petrakov (coach of the Ukraine national team) predicted a quick victory over Russia

On December 12, 2012, the Ukrainian League opened a winter vacation. 

Although domestic action was set to resume Friday, a central body statement confirmed that there would not be any competitive activity until the two-day period following the game against Scotland.

Sixteen players from the Petrakov squad are playing their football in Ukraine. Dynamo Kiev has nine players who are from the Petrakov’s squad and have pledged to continue as usual. 

Barcelona and Napoli led football’s ongoing condemnation against Russia’s invasion in Ukraine. Napoli stood in front of the “Stop War” banner just before Europa League match… while Oleksandr Ziinchenko from Man City is seen during Manchester’s centre vigil

After Russia invaded Ukraine on Thursday, anti-war messages were displayed by football. Napoli and Barcelona played together under a banner that said “Stop War”.

Vladimir Putin declared war against Ukraine, invading it in the wee hours of Thursday morning. Many aspects of the sport community joined together throughout the day in condemnation of the events.

Barcelona and Napoli players joined forces before their Europa League playoff second-leg in south Italy. The peaceful act was followed by a protest against Russia.

Meanwhile, Ukrainian forward Ruslan Malinovsky scored for Italian side Atalanta in their Europa League clash at Olympiacos – before revealing a shirt that read: ‘No war in Ukraine.’  

Barcelona and Napoli players stood in front of a 'Stop War' banner before their match on Thursday after Russia's invasion of Ukraine

Barcelona and Napoli players stood front-and-center in front of the ‘Stop War’ banner prior to their match Thursday, after Russia invaded Ukraine.

Ukrainian attacker Ruslan Malinovsky held up a 'No War In Ukraine' shirt after scoring for Atalanta at Olympiacos on Thursday night

Ruslan Manovsky, a Ukrainian attacker, held up the ‘No War In Ukraine’ shirt when he won for Atalanta in Olympiacos.

Oleksandr Zinchenko from Ukraine and Manchester City – who had called for Putin’s death earlier in the week – was present at a demonstration against the invasion of Ukraine’s St Peter’s Square. 

Russian side Zenit St Petersburg were also in European action on Thursday evening, with their match at Spanish side Real Betis overshadowed by their decision to drop Ukrainian defender Yaroslav Rakitskiy for speaking out about the invasion.  

Zenit are sponsored by Gazprom the Russian state energy company that pays £33million a year to sponsor the Champions League – the final of which is set to take place in St Petersburg, but UEFA have held talks to remove the May final from the venue. 

In Cordoba, Ukraine’s basketball team played Spain in a 2023 World Cup qualifier and pivot Artem Pustovyi played with the words ‘No War’ written on his face. After the Spanish team’s anthem, the Ukraine team was applauded.  

Manchester City's Oleksandr Zinchenko attended an anti-war vigil in Manchester city centre

Oleksandr Ziinchenko from Manchester City attended the anti-war protest in Manchester City centre

Premier League fans, managers, and players given the go ahead to show Ukraine flags during Russian conflict.

Premier League fans, managers, and players have permission to demonstrate Ukraine flags during their Premier League games. This is a sign of solidarity with the country under attack.

The FA won’t consider flags in stands or on pitch as violating their rules. The FA will usually not allow flags to be placed on the pitch or in the stands as it could cause a conflict of interest.

It comes as the Premier League’s Ukrainian players voiced their anguish on social media, including Manchester City’s Oleksandr Zinchenko, Everton’s Vitalii Mykolenko and West Ham’s Andriy Yarmolenko.

Everton will host City in an televised fixture Saturday evening. City will be displaying a banner to support Mykolenko/Ukraine

FA officials and players who demonstrate at FA fixtures will be monitored. Any players who sport politically-charged shirts in protest of the Russian invasion will face sanctions. The clubs will not face sanctions if they display the Ukraine flag.

Premier League players, managers and fans can protest against the Russian invasion

Premier League fans, managers, and players can demonstrate against Russian aggression

FIFA did not reply to Sportsmail when it was contacted by Sportsmail. The world governing body previously told competition organisers to apply ‘common sense’ when considering whether to punish players.

UEFA has also confirmed that they will move the Champions League final to St Petersburg today following an emergency meeting in their executive board. Rome’s Stadio Olimpico has emerged as UEFA’s favoured option.

England’s hopes of gaining another showpiece event after hosting last year’s European Championship final at Wembley are likely to be dashed.

Although the FA indicated that they would be willing to host an emergency at Wembley if necessary, the FA did not lobby for it as they were aware of many other major events being awarded by UEFA. In addition to the latter stages of the delayed Euro 2020, England will also host the women’s Euros this summer and the 2024 Champions League final.