RUSSIA-UKRAINE LIVE : Russia and Ukraine official meet TODAY following Putin’s “threat to nuclear war” as the battle for Kyiv has reached crucial 24 hours

As the UK Government is under increasing pressure, new measures are expected to be taken to assist Ukrainian refugees fleeing Russia’s invasion.

Ben Wallace, Defence Secretary of the United Kingdom said that the decision to let immediate relatives join the UK-based Ukrainians was only the first step in an ongoing assault.

Vladimir Putin, Russian President, was dismissed by Wallace as part of the Kremlin’s ‘battle for rhetoric’.

As the conflict in Ukraine worsened, Russia’s central bank had no choice but to increase its key interest rate sharply to protect the ruble from falling apart.  

Ahead of an emergency United Nations General Assembly meeting, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said the next 24 hours would be a ‘crucial period’.

In the meantime, heavy fighting has been fought between the Russian and Ukrainian armies ahead of the anticipated assault on the capital.

The Ukrainian defence forces put up a strong resistance but an American official said that the Russians will invariably learn from them and adapt their tactics.

Today, a Ukrainian delegation will meet with the Russians at the Belarus border. However, Mr Zelensky indicated that he doesn’t see any prospects for meaningful dialogue.  

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