Lawyer for Rust Armorer claims that she is being FRAMED. Alec Baldwin claimed the setting of shooting was sabotage. The scene was also ‘tampered with’ before police arrived.

  • Jayson Bowles was Hannah Gutierrez Reed’s lawyer. He claimed that Reed will be set free if he tells the truth after meeting with Santa Fe County Sheriffs. 
  • Bowles stated, “We believe that this was sabotage” and Hannah is being framed. 
  • Gutierrez – Reed supplied the gun that Baldwin fired, which ultimately killed Hutchins

Hannah Gutierrez Reed from Rust is being accused of the accident shooting that claimed Halyna’s life as a cinematographer. Her lawyer claimed she was trying to blame sabotage. He also said the scene had been altered before the arrival of police after Alec Baldwin shot the fatal shot.  

Jayson Bowles was Reed’s lawyer and urged federal investigators continue to search for all the facts after meeting with Santa Fe County officers on Wednesday. 

He said, “We anxiously await the FBI’s investigations as well, and we are asking for an extensive and comprehensive investigation of all the facts including the live rounds themselves and how they got into the ‘dummies box’ and who placed them there.” We believe that the incident was deliberate sabotage. Hannah has been charged with it. The scene had been tampered with before police arrived.

Bowles indicated that they had offered to share “additional and critical information” with the sheriff’s office, but are currently waiting for an answer. 

Baldwin fired the gun from Gutierrez-Reed. David Halls was the assistant director and also examined it. He told Baldwin (63), that it was a cold gun which meant it had blanks. Baldwin fired it while practicing a scene. 

Much has been reported about Gutierrez-Reed, who was reportedly the source of complaints at her previous job, the upcoming Nicolas Cage-helmed film The Old Way

Gutierrez Reed, who is rumored to have been the subject of numerous complaints during her last job and the film The Old Way by Nicolas Cage, has received much media attention.