Mamie Mitchell (Rust script supervisor), who was first to call 911 last month after Halyna Huschins was shot inadvertently by Alec Baldwin at the film’s sets, has now filed suit against Baldwin and another producer, Gloria Allred being her attorney.

The suit names names nearly two dozen defendants associated with the film including Baldwin, Rust producers and production companies, armorer Hannah Gutierrez Reed, First Assistant Director David Halls and others. 

Mitchell, who was close to Halyna Houtchins, Director of Photography when Baldwin shot the Bullet at her. and then Injured the Director of ‘Rust,’ Gloria Allred, Gloria’s attorney filed a suit that contains additional allegations about what occurred on the fateful day.

Plaintiffs are suing for assault, infliction emotional distress and intentional infliction harm.

Mitchell told The Associated Press previously that Mitchell was right next to Hutchins at the time the filmographer hit.

Mitchell replied, “I ran to 911, and I said, “Bring everyone, send everyone.” This woman has passed away at the very beginning of her career. She was an exceptional, rare and very rare woman.   

Mitchell claimed she was less than 4 feet from Hutchins at the time she was shot, and that she was struck by the residue.

She stated, “I will never forget that which happened at Rust on that particular day.” I can’t help but relive that shooting scene and the sounds of the explosion.

Mitchell claimed that Mitchell was depressed, and scared of the future.

She added, “This terrible tragedy took away my joy in life.”

She claimed that she would like to see the same thing not happen to others as what was happening on set.

Mamie Mitchell (left) and her attorney, Gloria Allred, announcing a lawsuit against producers of Rust including star Alec Baldwin

Gloria Allred and Mamie Mitchell, her lawyer, announce a lawsuit against Rust producers, including Alec Baldwin.

Allred said in a press conference that Baldwin played Russian Roulette with the gun

Allred stated in a conference that Baldwin had played Russian Roulette while using the gun

Actor Alec Baldwin is one of several producers named in the lawsuit and specifically called out by Allred

Alec Baldwin (actor) is among the producers included in the suit and was called out specifically by Allred

Director Halyna Hutchins on the set of Rust

Halyna Hutchins, Director of Rust

A sign directs people to the road that leads to the Bonanza Creek Ranch where the movie was being filmed

The sign points people to Bonanza Creek Ranch. This is where the movie was being shot.

Baldwin claimed that Baldwin was given live ammunition by Allred. Baldwin also stated that Baldwin was aware that Baldwin was not allowed to have the gun and could not trust any statements made by the AD as to whether the gun was unsafe to use. 

Mitchell said that she relived the sounds and shots of the explosions from her gun “over and over,” recalling the event with tears.  

Allred stated that Alec Baldwin deliberately, and without any justification or explanation, fired the loaded firearm even though the scene in front of him did not require the firing. ‘Mr. Baldwin chose to play Russian Roulette without the need for checking or asking an armorer. 

‘Mr. Baldwin can’t hide behind the Assistant director to try to justify the fact he didn’t check the gun personally,” continues Mitchell’s complaint. Mitchell was at Bonanza Creek Ranch’s church when Baldwin’s “quick draw” rehearsal became tragic. 

Baldwin was also advised by the attorney to have believed that the gun had been loaded up until it was confirmed that it was empty.  

Allred claimed last month her client has evidence that will be useful in this investigation. She was also interviewed by law enforcement. Allred indicated that, even though the assistant director said the gun was okay, the officer should have advised the shooter not to use it.

The cast and crew of Rust posing for a photo together just days before the shooting

Cast and crew from Rust pose for a picture together days before shooting

Bonanza Creek Ranch was the setting for the film

The film was shot at Bonanza Creek Ranch.

Baldwin, seen in the woods near his Vermont property on November 1

Baldwin was seen near his Vermont property in the woods on November 1.

Allred stated that they were conducting their own investigation into what occurred because of many unanswered queries. The Sheriff’s Department has interviewed Mamie. This woman has evidence and information that she thinks will help in the investigation. 

Baldwin and producers were accused of ‘negligent’ in their actions leading to the shooting.  

Baldwin is also accused of not following industry standards by checking guns; she was also accused of being negligent. 

All weapons and ammunition should be protected throughout production. An armorer must also keep an eye on all guns. Allred claimed that the armorer left ammunition und guns unattended.  

Allred claimed that Mitchell was near Halyna Utchins’ and Joel Souza’s when the shots were fired and ran to get out of the church. 

Allred stated that Halyna was close friends and a colleague of Mamie in a statement last month. She is deeply saddened by the passing of her extraordinary friend. Mamie attended Halyna’s vigil and she was moved by the loss of her friend.

Allred described her client’s traumatization and stated they were conducting an independent investigation. 

Wednesday’s lawsuit was filed by the head of lighting for the film. He claims that negligence led to him suffering severe emotional distress. This will be his haunting forever.

Serge Svetnoy stated in suit, that the bullet which killed Hutchins was very close to him and that he held his head while she died.

Last week, legal action was taken in connection with the shooting that killed Halyna Hutchins on the Santa Fe, New Mexico set on October 21. Serge Svetnoy (right) said in the suit that the bullet that killed his close friend Hutchins (left), narrowly missed him, and he held her head as she died

Legal action was filed last week in relation to the killing of Halyna HUTCHINS on the Santa Fe (New Mexico) set on October 21. Serge Svetnoy (right), stated in the suit, that the bullet which killed Hutchins (left), missed him narrowly and that he held his head while she died.

The fatal shooting took place during rehearsals on October 21 for the filming of Rust in Santa Fe, New Mexico

The tragic shooting occurred in rehearsals for Rust, Santa Fe’s filming on October 21, 2018.

Svetnoy (left), held dying Halyna Hutchins (right) in his arms after she was shot

After she had been shot, Svetnoy held Halyna Hutchins (right), in his arms. 

Attorney Gary Dordick (left) speaks alongside his client Serge Svetnoy (right), chief of lighting on the Rust film set, after announcing a lawsuit against Baldwin and others on Wednesday in Beverly Hills, California

After announcing the filing of a lawsuit against Baldwin (and others) in Beverly Hills on Wednesday, Gary Dordick (left), speaks with Serge Svetnoy, his client, chief lighting engineer on Rust’s film set.

At a Wednesday news conference, Gary A. Dordick, Svetnoy’s lawyer, stated that they should not have ever had live rounds on the set.

Nearly two dozen people are named in the Los Angeles Superior Court lawsuit, including Baldwin who is both star and producer, David Halls who gave Baldwin the gun, and Hannah Gutierrez Reed who handled weapons.

The lawsuit is one of many that could arise from the October 21 shooting.

Svetnoy was working on the ninth film with Hutchins, and he took the job for low wages because she requested.

Svetnoy stated at the news conference, “She was my friend.”

He claimed that he’d seen guns left unattended on the ground in the shoot days before and had warned people about it.

According to the suit, Baldwin was lighting up within six or seven feet of him on the day of shooting.

Plaintiff will be haunted by what happened next, according to the suit. 

“He heard a weird and frightening whoosh from what felt like compressed air coming from his right. He believed that gunpowder or other residue materials had directly struck his right cheek.

With his eyes smashed and his hearing impaired, he then kneeled to aid Hutchins.

Both punitive and compensatory damages are sought in the lawsuit. These will be decided later. Because the plaintiff and many of the defendants reside in Los Angeles County, the lawsuit was filed there.

Emails and telephone messages seeking comments on the suit were not promptly answered by the attorneys and representatives of the defendants.

Jason Bowles (Gutierrez Reed’s lawyer) stated in Wednesday’s statement that “we believe this was sabotage” and that Hannah is being framed. The scene had been tampered with before police arrived, according to us.

Bowles claimed that Bowles’ client had provided full interviews to the authorities, and that he continues to support them. This statement does not mention the lawsuit.

According to the statement, “We demand a complete and thorough investigation of all the facts” including the live rounds, their fate in the “dummies”, and the source of their entry.

Svetnoy sued Alec Baldwin, 63, for his negligence as an actor and as a producer of the movie, claiming that 'the scene did not call for Defendant Baldwin to shoot the Colt Revolver'

Alec Baldwin was sued by Svetnoy, 63, over his negligence as both an actor and producer. He claimed that the scene didn’t call for defendant Baldwin to film the Colt Revolver.

The gun Baldwin used to shoot Hutchins supplied by the armorer, Hannah Gutierrez-Reed (pictured), 24

Rust assistant director David Halls (pictured) is also being sued and told Baldwin that the gun was cold

A veteran crew member filed suit against Hannah Gutierrez Rice (left) as well as David Hall (right), the assistant director for the film, who claimed that the gun was not cold.

Gutierrez Reed stated last week she had seen the Baldwin gun but didn’t know where a live bullet got in.

Mary Carmack, Santa Fe District Attorney and Altwies stated that investigators did not find any evidence of sabotage. 

Sascha Guinn Anderson, agency spokesperson confirmed the comments she made, which were first broadcast on Good Morning America.

Carmack-Altwies claims that investigators have identified the person who loaded the gun. However, it is still unclear how the fatal round of ammunition reached the set. She expressed concern that so many safety violations occurred.

Dordick claimed at the news confer that it was far-fetched to believe that there was sabotage. However, Gutierrez Reed had the same responsibility as him to find out what gun was in it and who handled it.

According to authorities, Halls the assistant director handed the weapon to Baldwin, and he announced that he had a ‘cold weapon’ to indicate that it was safe for him to use.

Svetnoy shared the final photo of Halyna Hutchins (pictured holding the camera) on set in the church just moments before she was shot dead

Svetnoy took the final photograph of Halyna Houtchins, pictured holding the camera. This was just moments before her death.

Hutchins' October 19, 2021 Instagram post showed cast members and staffers, including Baldwin alongside Hutchins herself and armorer Gutierrez-Reed (circled left to right) on the set of Rust in Santa Fe, New Mexico

Hutchins’ October 19, 2021 Instagram photo showed cast members, staff, and Baldwin (circled from left to right on set of Rust, Santa Fe, New Mexico).

Baldwin accidentally shot and killed cinematographer Halyna Hutchins (pictured) on October 21 when he was handed prop gun with live ammunition

Baldwin accidentally killed Halyna HUTCHINS, cinematographer on October 21, when he received a prop gun loaded with live ammunition.

Halls claimed last week that he hopes the tragedy will prompt the film industry’s’reevaluates its values and practice’ in order to prevent anyone being hurt again. However, he did not give any details.

Baldwin claimed on October 30th that the filming was a “one-in a-trillion” event. Baldwin explained, “We were an extremely well-oiled crew, shooting a film together, then this awful event happened.”

Detectives learned that Souza was Baldwin’s director and was acting out scenes in which he took his revolver out of his pocket and pointed it towards the camera. According to New Mexico court records Souza and Hutchins, Souza were involved.

Souza stated the scene was not suitable for using live rounds. Gutierrez Reed claimed real ammo shouldn’t have been allowed, according to court records.

Los Angeles claims that Baldwin was not required to fire the gun, but to simply point it.

The circumstances surrounding the film-setting shooting have left Hollywood pros baffled. This has already led other producers to take more safety precautions.