Hollywood visits Maidenhead Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney jet in to watch conference side Wrexham for the first time since taking the team over and investing £2m

Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney had their first taste of football ownership when they flew to the UK to see Wrexham’s latest match. 

Sportsmail reported that the Hollywood pair would be travelling over from the United States this week to watch their first match since purchasing the club in February. 

They arrived minutes before kickoff to a barrage flashing camera flashes. After being escorted into their seats, an extensive security team carefully guided them. 

McElhenney wore an puffy Wrexham jacket with a Wrexham AFC snapback helmet, while Reynolds wore a navy and darker overcoat for the cold Tuesday evening match. 

Ryan Reynolds (left) and Rob McElhenney (right) touched down in the UK to see their first game as owners of Wrexham AFC on Tuesday - an away league game at Maidenhead United

Ryan Reynolds (left), and Rob McElhenney(right) arrived in the UK to watch their first game as Wrexham FC owners on Tuesday, an away league match at Maidenhead United

The Hollywood pair took their place at Maidenhead United's York Road stadium for the game

The Hollywood couple took their places at Maidenhead United’s York Road venue for the game 

Things started off rocky for the Hollywood stars when Kane Ferdinand scored Maidenhead United’s first goal. This made it 1-0. Two minutes later, things went horribly wrong when Maidenhead scored a second goal to make it 2-0. 

It appeared that Bryce Hosannah, winger at Wrexham was being given a straight red card in order to reduce the club to 10 men. But like all good Hollywood movies, there was much more drama.

Even though Wrexham had one less player, they were determined to impress the audience. Star striker Paul Mullin made it 2-1 before the half-time break. 

The game was restarted in half-time. Local Wrexham hero Jordan Davies made it 2-2 with a stunning goal from 25 yard out. The owners were delighted and high-fiving in delight. 

Many people expected Torquay United to visit Saturday, but they surprised everyone by turning up at Maidenhead’s York Road stadium. 

The pair will visit the Racecourse Ground for the first time on Saturday against Torquay United

The Torquay United team will be visiting the Racecourse Ground on Saturday to face the pair.

Reynolds and McElhenney were determined to make their first trip together, rather than individually. However, due to their busy schedules, it proved difficult.

Last season, travel plans from Canada and the United States were thwarted by another attempt.

But with Reynolds last week announcing he is taking a sabbatical following conclusion of filming upcoming Christmas film Spirited, and McElhenney finished with season 15 of his show It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, a gap appeared for them to visit on Tuesday night.  

Wrexham’s season has started mixed for Phil Parkinson, former Bolton and Sunderland boss. They are currently sitting 11th in the league, 13 behind league leaders Grimsby Town.

Reynolds and McElhenney sealed their takeover of the National League side back in February, purchasing it from the Wrexham Supporters’ Trust.

Reynolds and McElhenney have become 'obsessed' with the team

They recently sent fans crazy with a series of TikTok posts

McElhenney and Reynolds are making the fifth-tier football side a ‘global force.

They immediately invested £2million into the club and their profile as co-chairmen has seen sponsors including TikTok and Expedia brought in as official partners.

Asked why he got involved, Reynolds told The Telegraph: ‘I am proud to say it was never a joke.

“We take the building and growing of Wrexham AFC as well as Wrexham the Community very seriously. 

“In a town such as Wrexham, if a football club is going very well, the entire community must do very well.”