Sajid Javid, who was criticizing unvaccinated individuals for not getting protected yesterday revealed that nearly one million coronavirus jabs had been administered in England.

On Twitter, the Health Secretary stated that there was a new daily record at 906,656 persons vaccinated. This includes more than 830,000 who received booster jabs. 

He concluded: “Amazing to see so many people come forward and #GetBoostedNow for vital protection of their family members. 

While the total data hasn’t been made available, they will soon be.  

These new numbers for England indicate that over 28million UK citizens have been given a booster shot.

To reach the government’s goal of giving every adult an booster jab by 2021, Britain is not jetting enough people per day. 

Around 26 million people over the age of 18 are not yet vaccinated with coronavirus.  

These figures are as Mr. Javid hits out at people They have chosen to not be vaccinated against the coronavirus, as they “take up hospital bed space” that could be used for those in need.

Yesterday, nearly a million coronavirus jabs in England were given. Sajid Javid disclosed this today while he criticised people who refuse to be protected.

The Health Secretary said on Twitter that a new daily record of 906,656 people were vaccinated, including more than 830,000 receiving booster jabs

On Twitter, the Health Secretary stated that there was a new daily record at 906,656 persons vaccinated. This includes more than 830,000 who received booster jabs.

Javid attacked those who have declined to receive a jab, claiming that they were having a negative impact on others.

He stated that 10% of eligible people, more than 5 million people, had still not been vaccinated and about 9 out of 10 patients who needed the most hospital care were also unvaccinated.

He spoke on Sunday’s Sky News program Trevor Phillips, and stated that he couldn’t stress enough how much impact they have on society.

“They should really consider the harm they are doing society by taking up hospital beds that could be used for somebody with a heart condition or someone waiting to have elective surgery.

“But, instead of protecting themselves as well as the community, they chose not to be vaccinated.

“They really have a harmful impact on the body and I can’t emphasize enough that you should get them vaccinated.”

On Sunday, thousands of Britons queued up at vaccination centres around the country to get a jab

There were thousands of Britons queuing up to receive a vaccination at the various centres across the country on Sunday.

Based on the data of UK health agencies regarding vaccinations, figures showed that 51.1 million of the UK’s 57.5 million adults were eligible for one dose of Covid-19 vaccine. 6.4 million (11%) did not.

The lowest percentage of people eligible for vaccination across the four UK countries was in Scotland (9%) at the time. England, Wales and Northern Ireland had 11 per cent each.

Certain people cannot be vaccinated due to medical reasons.

Many Britons lined up to receive a vaccination at one of the many centres across the nation on Sunday. 

Photos showed people waiting in long queues to be vaccinated inside Wembley stadium. 

Yesterday saw an increase in Omicron-related hospitalizations nationwide. Cases increased by 69% in one day, and another 10,059 infections were recorded.

The total number of Covid cases in Britain rose by 67% to 90,418 over seven days. 

Although death rates from Covid-19 declined by five percent last week to 125, compared with 132 on Saturday, they were up 21 over Friday’s. 

Further 900 were hospitalized with Covid. That’s not too much more than the 865 average daily admissions over the previous seven days. 

Also, there were 125 deaths from Covids. This is just below the average of 112 per day for the week. There have been seven Omicron deaths.