Police arrested two women for assisting an offenders after the death of a boy (16). Three teenager boys are still in custody.

  • Ramarni Crosby, 16, was shot to death at Gloucester on Wednesday night 
  • Three teens were taken into police custody under suspicion of murder. 
  • Now, two women aged 21 and 18 are being held on suspicion that they assisted an offender

Following the brutal stabbing death in Gloucester of a 16 year-old boy earlier this week, police are questioning two female suspects. 

Two women aged 21 and 18 years were taken into custody on suspicion that they had assisted an inmate.

These latest arrests follow those of three teenage boys, who were previously apprehended on suspicion of murder over the death of Ramarni Crosby, 16, Gloucester Live reports.

Ramarni, a victim of a stabbing attack in Gloucester’s Barton and Tredworth areas of the city center on Wednesday evening December 15, was killed. 

Ramarni Crosby 16, was stabbed to death in Gloucester on Wednesday evening

Ramarni Crosby, 16, was shot to death at Gloucester on Wednesday night

The three teenager boys were also granted an additional warrant for further detention. 

According to a spokesperson for the Gloucestershire Police, officers from the Major Crime Investigation Team continue to investigate the incident surrounding the stabbing death. Anyone with any information is encouraged to call police.

“Any witnesses or anyone with footage from a dashcam are asked to call police via the online reporting tool.

You can also dial 101 to report incident 389 of 15/12/12. However, Crimestoppers can be reached anonymously at 0800 555 112 or online.

Three youths, aged 15, 16 and 17, have been detained in connection with the death of Mr Crosby (pictured) in the Tredworth area of Gloucester

In connection to Mr Crosby’s death (pictured), three youths were taken into custody, aged 16, 16 and 17.

Chief Inspector Rich Pegler yesterday stated that the police were worried about young people being able to share disturbing footage of the incident. 

Chief Inspector Pegler said: “We know that video footage showing the aftermath of this incident is being circulated among young people, and this could have an extremely detrimental effect.

‘Ramarni’s death shocked the community and has left his family devastated.

‘There will be many – especially his friends and young people in the area, who will be processing the news and grieving.

‘Significant support has been put in place involving schools and we’re also reminding everyone that there is a wide range of agencies who can help outside of term time.

‘We’re signposting these on social media so people know where to go.’