Health Secretary Sajid Javid is set to face questions from the Whitehall investigation into whether Tory MP Nusrat Ghani was sacked due to her ‘Muslimness’.

It is thought that Ms. Ghani privately confided to the Health Secretary after she stated that her Chief Whip, the Conservative party chief whip, had said she was fired partly because of her faith.

According to The Telegraph Mr Javid recognized the seriousness and urgency of the allegations. He urged Mrs Javid to take the matter to a higher level, but he also honored her request for confidentiality.

After Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that he takes Ms Ghani’s allegations seriously and instructed the Cabinet Office investigate them, the Cabinet Office was forced to take the matter further.

After Nadhim Zahawi, Cabinet minister and Javid joined the call for a “proper” inquiry — with others suggesting that it should be completely independent – this was the time to make the move. 

Mr Johnson told reporters on a visit to Milton Keynes University Hospital this morning: ‘We take these allegations extremely seriously. They were brought up with me 18 years ago and I was very serious about them.

‘Very glad there’s an investigation taking place now, can’t say more really about it.’ 

Health Secretary Sajid Javid is set to face questions from the Whitehall investigation into whether Tory MP Nusrat Ghani was sacked due to her 'Muslimness'

Sajid Javid (Health Secretary) will face Whitehall questions about the Whitehall probe into whether Nusrat Khani, Tory MP, was dismissed for her “Muslimness”.

Nusrat Ghani, the Tory MP representing Wealden in East Sussex (pictured), has claimed that her “Muslimness” was brought up when she was dismissed as Transport Minister in February 2020 

Downing Street announced the probe this morning, with a Number 10 spokeswoman saying: ‘The Prime Minister has asked the Cabinet Office to conduct an inquiry into the allegations made by Nusrat Ghani MP. 

‘At that time, these accusations were made for the first time, Prime Minister suggested to her that she file a complaint to CCHQ. The offer to her was not accepted.

“The Prime Minister asked the officials to verify what actually happened.

“As he stated at the time: The Prime Minister takes such claims seriously.

Ms. Ghani claimed that Mark Spencer, chief whip, said she got the boot because of her faith – something Spencer flatly denies. 

Mr Johnson was asked this morning if Mr Spencer will remain in his role while the investigation is carried out and he replied: ‘Just to get back to the key point, this is something I take personally extremely seriously. It was something I considered very serious 18 months ago. We must wait and see what the investigation produces.’

Ms Ghani has contradicted No10’s version of events, saying the PM refused to get involved and tried to fob her off.

Ghani and Spencer: Tories choose sides in the ‘Muslimness row’ 

Ghani Team

Nadhim Zahawi said that there is no room in the Conservative party for racism or islamophobia. Nusrat Ghani is a friend, a colleague & a brilliant parliamentarian. This has to be investigated properly & racism routed out.’

Sajid Javi: This is an extremely serious matter and requires proper investigation. Her making a formal complain is something I support strongly. She should be heard.

Caroline Nokes: I was extremely proud of Nus’s first appearance at the despatch line as a female Muslim minister. It was a testimony to the progress of our party and parliament. Hearing about her struggles over the years is harrowing.

Steve Baker: ‘That Nus could be treated like this is completely intolerable. She is a wonderful colleague, and she’s a huge asset to me. This must end. 

Spencer Team 

Mark Spencer “These allegations are totally false, and I find them defamatory.” I never spoke those words. 

Dominic Raab:  ‘If there are any claims like this they should result in a formal complaint which allows a formal investigation to take place. The chief whip pointed out that Nus hadn’t filed a formal complaint. This was her request. She was not asked to do so. There will be no investigation.

Downing Street: ‘After being made aware of these extremely serious claims, the Prime Minister met with Nusrat Ghani to discuss them.  The Prime Minister wrote to Nusrat Ghani to express his concern and invite her to start a formal grievance process. She refused to do so.

Ms. Ghani demanded that the terms for the probe include “all that was said at Downing Street, and by the Whip”.

Ms. Ghani said, “As I stated to the Prime Minister last evening all I want for this is that it be taken seriously and for him investigate.”

“I accept his decision now.

“The inquiry’s terms must contain all of what was spoken in Downing Street or by the Whip.

“I look forward seeing the terms and conditions.” 

In a round of interviews this morning, Mr Zahawi welcomed the news, but stressed he did not think the allegations had been taken lightly before.

According to him, he had not personally experienced any racism in the Conservative Party.

Sky News received the following statement from the Education Secretary: “She made a serious allegation. Last night, the Prime Minister spoke with her and indicated that the Cabinet Office would look into this.

“She made a statement last evening saying that, in fairness to herself, these could have been people who were not even Conservative Party members. This is why it’s important to quickly get to the bottom.

“And of course Chief Whip Mark Spencer (Mark Spencer), has come out to name himself the person and I work alongside both the colleagues. It is important that somebody like a Cabinet Office senior Civil servant should examine this thoroughly, as the Chief Whip also denied it.

An independent thinktank has asked the Government for the Equality and Human Rights Commission, (EHRC), to investigate these claims.

Runnymede Trust is a thinktank that promotes race equality. It says this issue is too crucial to leave to civil servant-led inquiries.   

The Guardian was informed by Dr Halima Begum, chief executive: “This is an extremely serious situation. The allegation that Dr Halima Begum was fired as minister to the Crown for her so-called “Muslimness” would be a serious challenge to equality and labor laws.

“The very highest authority must immediately investigate the facts and any questions regarding the legality of the events that occurred here. This investigation cannot be left to another civil service inquiry. If these allegations were true, Nusrat could have faced discriminatory treatment.

‘[Her]Every one of the three million Muslims living in this country will feel the pain, along with every member of any of our religious minorities. Every political party must do more to show zero tolerance for discrimination and prove that all religious minorities are valued in this country, regardless of faith.

Caroline Nokes was chair of the Commons Women and Equalities Committee. She described Ms Ghani’s treatment as “appalling”.

The Telegraph also reported that she supported calls for an EHRC investigation. She said: “Her faith has not made me [or any other coworker] uncomfortable.”

“At the most, EHRC ought to have a look.”

According to an EHRC spokesperson, the Commission is continuing to investigate the Conservative Party’s handling last year of the Singh inquiry regarding Islamophobia complaints. A full investigation could also be undertaken.

A spokesperson added that if progress is not satisfactory, we will reconsider our decision [not to begin an immediate review]’

In a round of interviews this morning, Nadhim Zahawi welcomed news that a Cabinet Office investigation will be held

Nadhim Zahawi, in a round interview this morning, welcomed the news of a Cabinet Office investigation

Boris Johnson

Mark Spencer outed himself as the whip concerned, and branded Ms Ghani's comments 'false' and 'defamatory'

Pictured left, the PM has directed the civil service’s investigation into the unusual claims made by Ms Ghani. Mark Spencer (right), who identified himself to be the whip involved, has called out Ms Ghani and labeled her comments as ‘false’ and ‘defamatory.

After the announcement, Ms Ghani insisted the terms of reference for the probe must including 'all that was said in Downing Street and by the Whip'

Following the announcement Ms. Ghani insists that the terms of reference must include ‘all the things said by Downing Street or the Whip’

Nusrat Khani, who are you? A Kashmiri-born trailblazer, Nusrat Ghani was surprised to be sacked in PM’s 2020 reshuffle 

Nusrat Ghani – known as Nus – was long seen as a rising star in Tory circles.

It was shocking to all that she was removed as Minister in 2020. 

This 49-year-old woman was born to Pakistani parents in Kashmir and raised in Birmingham.

Prior to entering politics, she was employed in an investment bank, charity and at the BBC World Service. 

Sky executive David Wheeldon married Ms. Ghani, and they have one son.

In 2010, she stood for the seat Birmingham Ladywood, and was defeated. However, in 2015 she was elected MP for Wealden East Sussex. It was her first win and she became the first Muslim woman to be elected Tory MP.

Following her win, Ms. Ghani stated: “As the nation wakes-up the Conservatives appear to be on the verge of returning to power.”

“We helped get our country on the right track. We have taken bold actions and we are confident that you will trust us to do the rest.

Ms. Ghani, a Brexiteer, was named a Member of the Home Affairs Select Committee in 2015. In 2016, Ms Ghani, a Brexiteer, told BBC that Britain has the chance to elect for a bold and positive future, as an independent nation in charge of its destiny.

“We have the potential to save our economy and open our doors to all of humanity.

In 2018, Ms. Ghani was made assistant whip and transport minister under Theresa May. Her speech was the first by a female Muslim from the Commons dispatchbox. Chris Grayling, the then-Transport Secretary at the time, stated to the BBC that her promotion demonstrated the Conservatives were a party of opportunities.

‘We’re the party to provide… the first Muslim woman minister to speak from the government dispatch box – the member for Wealden,’ he said.’

On her website, Ms. Ghani said: “A century ago, women were granted the right to vote. I want that young people today can see that no matter their faith or background, they will receive a warm welcome at the green benches. And that you, regardless of where you live, can reach your goals and dreams.

Kelly Tolhurst replaced Ms Ghani as the director of HS2 progress in 2020. Ms. Ghani said she was surprised by the demotion. Kelly Tolhurst was the one who reported that it was because she was supposed to be overseeing HS2 development.

Ms. Ghani was a co-chair of the Covid Recovery Group’s backbench Covid Recovery Group. She opposed the December 2020 lockdown, and has voted in favor of other Covid restrictions.

Elsewhere, a Tory MP sparked anger after he said Ms Ghani was ‘hardly someone who is obviously a Muslim’. 

Michael Fabricant claimed that the time of the claims by the former transport minister was “very suspicious”, and suggested it might be connected to efforts to eliminate Boris Johnson in the Downing Street lockdown scandal. 

Yesterday, Labour described Mr Fabricant’s comments as ‘shameful’ and called for the Conservative whip to be withdrawn.

Fabricant stated that the timing was interesting when he spoke on LBC. This is all because Boris Johnson has been openly scrutinized by the party, and they are trying to put pressure on Johnson to step down.

Nus Ghani says, “I think that the whole thing is actually disgusting.”

“She is not a Muslim. She didn’t even know what religion she was. I find it rather lame that she was fired for this reason.

David Lammy, Shadow Foreign Secretary, tweeted in response: “What an appalling and disgraceful thing you say.”

The Tories could remove Michael Fabricant’s whip if they wanted to demonstrate that they care about Islamophobia.

Anneliese Dodds, chair of Labour Party Anneliese Dodds stated that the Tories’ response to Ms Ghani was shameful.

“For Michael Fabricant to be a Conservative MP and make comments on radio that mirror exactly the kind of unacceptable behavior Nusrat has brought up shows how serious the problem is in the Conservative Party,” she stated.

Ms. Ghani was supported by Education Nadhim Zhawi and Health Secretary Sajid Javid, two of the most prominent Muslims in Cabinet.

Both of them took to Twitter and supported her, requesting an investigation into Spencer’s claims.                

He identified himself as the whip in question and called Ms. Ghani’s remarks ‘false and defamatory. 

Dominic Raab (Justice secretary) also stood by to defend the party. He claimed she hadn’t called for an investigation.

Javid stated that Ms. Ghani was “a credit to Conservative Party”, adding, “This is a serious matter and requires a proper investigation.” Her making a formal complain is something I support strongly. She should be heard.

After Mr Zahawi’s tweet, his intervention claimed that he had said: “There is no room for Islamophobia or any type of racism within our Conservative party. Nusrat Ghani is a friend, a colleague & a brilliant parliamentarian. This has to be investigated properly & racism routed out. #standwithNus’ . 

Ms Ghani, who was the first Muslim woman to be elected as a Tory MP in 2015, told the Sunday Times she was told by a party whip she was being axed in February 2020 because her status as a Muslim woman and a minister was ‘making colleagues feel uncomfortable’.

She also claimed she was warned that if she continued to raise the issue then her ‘career and reputation would be destroyed’.   

But yesterday morning Downing Street revealed that Ms Ghani had complained directly to the PM in 2020. A spokeswoman said: ‘After being made aware of these extremely serious claims, the Prime Minister met with Nusrat Ghani to discuss them. 

“He sent her an email expressing concern about her and asking her to initiate a formal process of complaint. She didn’t do this.

After that statement was released, Ms Ghani said: ‘When I told the Prime Minister in June 2020 what had been said to me in the Government Whips’ Office I urged him to take it seriously as a Government matter and instigate an inquiry.

He wrote me to say that he was unable to get involved. I suggested using the internal Conservative Party complaints process.

“This, as you already noted, was clearly inappropriate for something that occurred on Government business. I don’t even know if I was told about the reshuffle meetings at Downing Street by Conservative Party members.

Yesterday Justice Secretary Dominic Raab stood behind him, saying that Ms. Ghani would need to file a formal complaint in order to initiate a specific investigation.

Ms Ghani alleged the chief whip Mark Spencer said her faith got her the boot in 2020

Ms. Ghani claimed that Mark Spencer, chief whip of the Ministry of Justice, said she was a Christian and got the boot for her faith in 2020

Boris will survive despite Downing Street’s multiple struggles 

While he is trying to preserve his leadership, the Prime Minister has been engaged in wars across multiple fronts. 

Although Sue Gray’s investigation into “partygate” is said to have uncovered some very damning evidence. Here are the challenges faced by Downing Street that could be deadly for Boris’ leadership.

Islamophobia allegations 

Nusrat Khani, the Tory first Muslim women MP, claimed she was threatened by being expelled in February 2020 after a party whip said that her Muslim identity was making other Tory members uncomfortable. 

The whip also said that Boris Johnson had told her she was fired because of her comments about a women problem in the attraction of female voters.

Ms Ghani claimed she raised the issue through official party channels but said she was warned that if she continued to do so, she would be ‘ostracised’ by her colleagues and her ‘career and reputation would be destroyed’.

William Wragg’s claims of blackmail against MPs

William Wragg (backbencher) said that he had accused Downing Street trying to blackmail rebel MPs. He met with police yesterday to talk about his accusations. 

Downing Street claimed it hadn’t seen evidence of Johnson’s behavior, but Chris Bryant (chair of the Commons Committee on Standards), said that about 12 Tory MPs claimed whips threatened with withdrawing funding to their constituencies if they didn’t support Johnson.

Whips were also accused of trying to intimidate rebels by using the threat of making sex-related allegations against them.

1922 Committee

William Wragg, Nusrat Khani and Nusrat Guani are the joint vice-chairmen of 1922 Committee of Conservative backbenchers. 

Gary Sambrook, the executive secretary of the committee, has expressed his wish for a Tory leader. Sir Geoffrey Clifton Browne was frustrated with last year’s PM. 

Johnson would not be able to challenge another leader if he wins a confidence vote from the party. However, the committee may reduce this period to six months.  


Christian Wakeford, a former Tory MP joined Labour last week.

Although Parliament is not known for defections, there are rumors that Tory MPs could soon be following suit.