Christmas on Ice: Sales of frozen turkey double and frozen stuffing rises by a fifth as shoppers stockpile early amid fears of festive shortages

  • Frozen turkeys have quadrupled in Iceland, while frozen party foods have tripled in Iceland
  • Aldi and Tesco reported a surge in frozen Christmas food due to shortage fears
  • Experts say frozen food is the fastest-growing groceries category after alcohol 

Frozen turkey sales have nearly doubled because families are stocking up ahead of Christmas to avoid supply problems.

Analysts at Kantar also reported that frozen stuffing sales have increased by a fifth, while other savoury products are up by 9 percent.

Fears of a shortage in festive foods have prompted shoppers and others to stock up early to ensure they have all they need for a Merry Christmas.

Frozen turkey sales have soared in recent weeks as shoppers begin stocking up on festive food over fears there will be a shortage of the usual favourite supplies in the run up to Christmas

In recent weeks, frozen turkey sales have soared as shoppers stock up on festive foods in fear of a shortage.

According to the Guardian, Aldi and Tesco reported a rise in frozen turkey sales. Meanwhile, sales of frozen party foods have tripled.

Recent data also showed that the word “Christmas”, was searched more often than 17,000 times on Iceland’s website in the first week.

Iceland stated that it is preparing to have a busier season than usual, and increased its frozen turkey order by 20% earlier in the month.

It will also launch its entire range of Christmas meats two more weeks before normal.

British Frozen Food Federation chief executive Richard Harrow stated that the increase in sales of frozen turkeys ‘evidence of growing awareness of frozen foods’ quality, convenience, and ability to reduce food wastage’. 

He stated that many consumers are now more likely to buy frozen food due to its long shelf life, value for money, and variety.

As well as a surge in the sale of frozen turkeys, frozen stuffing and party food are also up

Frozen stuffing, party food, and frozen turkeys are also on the rise.

“This, combined with current concerns over food supply, means that many people will opt for frozen this Christmas.” 

According to the BFFF’s 2021 ‘Frozen Food’ report, shoppers spent an extra £872 million on frozen goods last year.

It found that frozen food was the fastest growing category of groceries after alcohol.

Mintel analysts said that the recent fuel crisis and shortages of HGV drivers had created uncertainty for shoppers, and some had already begun their festive preparations as far back as September.

Kantar has released figures that show that 449,000 consumers bought Christmas pudding in September, a 76% increase on last year. 

It is reported that there was a spike in orders for good quality turkeys for Christmas after fears of a shortage were raised, according to the Traditional FarmFresh Turkey Association.

Major retail bosses said that families are already panic-buying toys as brands like Barbie and Lego warn they are selling in ‘Christmas quantities’.