Because of Covid restrictions, Santa uses a CRANE instead of his sleigh to make visits to sick children at hospital.

  • Royal Aberdeen Children’s Hospital’s children were excited to meet a flying Santa. 
  • A crane was used by Scottish Fire and Rescue Service to get to the windows
  • Covid bans indoor mixing and charitable organizations have to invent ways of doing so

For one brave Santa Clause, the covid rules didn’t dampen his spirits – he was determined to go to hospitals to help children with disabilities who were unable to celebrate Christmas at home. 

The Royal Aberdeen Children’s Hospital’s young patients were thrilled to see Father Christmas sweep their windows and spread festive cheer. 

This stunt was spearheaded by the Archie Foundation, a children’s charity that teamed up again with the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service.

Because of the pandemic indoor mixing was not permitted, all contact must be made through a glass pane.

One striking image featured a happy young girl and Father Christmas joining hands on the windowsill.  

A poignant picture shows Santa giving a high five to a young patient at Royal Aberdeen Children's hospital on Sunday

One poignant photo shows Santa giving a high 5 to a young child in Royal Aberdeen Children’s hospital Sunday.

Scottish Fire and Rescue Service used their crane to help Santa spread Christmas joy to young patients at the hospital

Scottish Fire and Rescue Service donated their crane to Santa to spread Christmas joy among young hospital patients

Both groups of staff dressed in festive attire to celebrate the occasion.

The Archie Foundation stated that they had an “incredibly special visitor” at Royal Aberdeen Children’s Hospital.

Santa arrived in a somewhat unusual way to spread some Christmas cheer among children who were hospitalized for the holiday period.  

The visit was organised by charity the Archie Foundation, who are working with the fire service for a second year in a row

Archie Foundation, a charity that works with the fire department for the second year running, organized the visit.

Santa was accompanied on his mission by a pair of well-trained furry friends from the fire service

Santa was joined by two well-trained, furry companions from the fire department on his journey.

‘Due Covid restrictions Santa could not come into RACH. But the remarkable Scottish Fire and Rescue Service and elves from Inverurie and Banchory and Aberdeen Stores and TEXO saved the day!

“We can’t express how extraordinary today was and thank all those involved.

RACH provides support for children with disabilities in northern Scotland.  

Staff from the Royal Aberdeen Children's Hospital, Scottish Fire and Rescue Service and volunteers from the Archie Foundation all got into the Christmas spirit

The Christmas spirit was shared by staff from Royal Aberdeen Children’s Hospital and Scottish Fire and Rescue Service, as well as volunteers from Archie Foundation.

The endeavour was designed to spread a little bit of Christmas cheer to children who won't be able to celebrate at home this year

This effort was created to bring Christmas cheer to kids who aren’t able to celebrate this holiday at home.

The Archie Foundation is closely involved with the hospital, as well other institutions such as Tayside Children’s Hospital and Highland Children’s Unit.

According to the charity, it hopes Christmas will be a little more memorable for those children who are unable to attend.

A Morrisons supermarket donated gifts to the children. Scottish Fire and Rescue Service raised funds that will help the hospital improve its atmosphere over Christmas.