In an interview, the Duchess Of York claimed that she was one of the most persecuted women in royal history.  

Sarah Ferguson, 62, who is commonly known as Fergie, compared herself to a reed ‘that won’t break’ during the interview with Madame Figaro, which was published over the weekend.  

Meanwhile the mother-of-two confessed she still loves Prince Andrew, 61, and that she stands by him, in a reference to sexual assault accusations made by Victoria Giuffre, 38, which the Prince denies. 

Giuffre claimed that she was forced to have sex with the Duke at the London home Ghislaine Maxiwell and then at Epstein’s Manhattan and U.S Virgin Islands residences. At the time, she was only 17 years old. 

Sarah makes these comments as Ghislaine Maxill, a former friend to the late Jeffrey Epstein faces a New York sex trafficking case in which Prince Andrew is named multiple times. 

The Duchess of York, 62, told French magazine Madame Figaro that she still loves and stands by her former husband Prince Andrew, 61. Pictured with their daughters Princess Beatrice, 33, left and Eugenie, 31, right

Madame Figaro in France reported that the Duchess, now 62, still loves Prince Andrew (61). Photo of their daughters, Princess Beatrice (33), and Eugenie (31). 

Fergie explained that she was subject to negative media reporting for many years after the separation of Prince Andrew and her daughter, Fergie, in 1992. 

“The bruised reed that does not break is in my DNA.”

Her ex-husband is still her partner at Royal Lodge Windsor. She said that her wedding was one of the most memorable days of her entire life. 

She said, “I loved him and still love him today. I will be by his side because I believe that he is a good man.” 

Speaking to French press, the mother-of-two, pictured in Paris in November, said she is a 'bruised reed that won't break'

The mother-of-2, who was pictured in Paris, November 2011, said that she is a “bruised reed that won’t break” 

Sarah’s latest comments come as Maxwell faces allegations of recruiting minors for the late peadophile Epstein to sexually abuse from 1994 to 2004.

Andrew has been mentioned 3 times during the trial. Jeffrey Epstein’s pilot said Andrew flew with him. Jane, one the victims Jane said Andrew remembered them on board. Andrew also was mentioned by Andrew’s ex-housekeeper who stated that Andrew was always polite and nice. He was the one who gave us a tip. 

Epstein’s’sexslave’ Virginia Giuffre accused Andrew of having raped her. This accusation he strongly denies.

Giuffre is a Civil Plaintiff against Andrew who isn’t part of Maxwell’s criminal case. He has described Epstein’s former ‘madam’ as a Mary Poppins figure that made young girls feel safe as they were being lured to the Paedophile’s Web. 

The Duke and Duchess of York, pictured at Royal Ascot in 2019, separated in 1992, divorced in 1996 but still live together at Royal Lodge in Windsor

The Duke and Duchess, seen at Royal Ascot 2019 in 2019, were separated in 1992. However, they divorced in 1995.

Maxwell was known to have brought the prince to Epstein.

Ms Giuffre sued the Duke of New York alleging that he had sex in New York with her over 20 years ago, when she was minor. 

The civil suit is scheduled to be heard by a jury in the latter part of 2022. Andrew has not been charged with a crime and has “unambiguously” denied these allegations.

Scotland Yard stopped all further actions against Virginia Roberts, the accuser. She claimed that Virginia was 17 years old and trafficked into London. Andrew forced her to have sex after she spoke to its officers. 

They will also not pursue any further actions regarding allegations that Epstein, a British financier, groomed and sexually abused women under the age of 18 in Britain.