Moment school bus driver is dragged away from bus and bested by angry mothers who claim that she ignored bullying: “I want them all in prison”

  • Andrea Anderson, a school bus driver, claimed that three mothers pulled up on her bus at a designated stop and started screaming at it.
  • After pulling her off her bus, the parents were recorded beating Anderson in front of scared students
  • Anderson said the parents were angry over a bullying incident that had allegedly occurred on her bus, of which she said she was unaware of
  • She said that she was ‘traumatized” by the incident and that she fully intends press charges once she is healed.

A school bus driver was dragged off the bus by three angry mothers who then  repeatedly kicked her while she lay on the ground after they claimed she ignored a bullying incident. 

Andrea Anderson, a New Orleans school bus driver said that her parents barged onto the bus and started screaming at her. They then dragged her off. 

They then started beating and kicking her in front of students because they were angry about an alleged bullying incident that took place on the bus.

Anderson stated to the outlet that she was unaware of any bullying incidents on her bus prior to the attack.

Cellphone footage shows Anderson, the mother, standing over Anderson while she is driving the bus. The woman seems to be shouting at the school bus driver. Anderson appears to be trying to push the woman off her bus driver a few seconds later.

Andrea Anderson (wearing a bright yellow driver's vest) is pictured being dragged off the vest as the three mothers swings punches at her

Once she was hauled off the bus, Anderson was kicked and beaten by the group of parents

Anderson is seen being dragged off the bus by the three mothers and repeatedly punched while she was lying on the ground next the school bus. The background is filled with fearful screams from the children riding on the bus.

Franklin Ave and North Dorgenois Ave, the intersection in New Orleans where three mothers waited and attacked Andrea Anderson while she was dropping off students

Franklin Ave and North Dorgenois Ave. This is the intersection in New Orleans, where Andrea Anderson was dropping off her students. 

Anderson was then grabbed by the woman who yanked her down the steps of a bus before throwing it on the ground. Two mothers were already throwing punches at Anderson. Anderson is repeatedly kicked and beaten by the three women in the video as she tries getting up. 

They also tore off the bright yellow vest of her driver and threw it on top.

Anderson claimed that she saw the three women waiting at her as she pulled over to make her scheduled stop on the corner of Franklin Avenue & North Dorgenois.

Anderson said, “It was terrible. Anderson explained to WVUE that the students approached the bus and pushed past others students they knew, knocking them off their feet. “It happened right there. In the middle. My stop sign was out, I had cars waiting—you know, people were outside, I had students outside. It was terrible. 

Anderson claimed that she was attacked in front of a bus full students. Many of them were screaming and ‘afraid,’ while her parents continued beating her in broad daylight. 

“They were screaming.” Anderson described the fear of the students riding on the bus as Anderson described it.  

Anderson said Anderson also stated that the three mothers didn’t think through their plans very well and she will do everything possible to ensure they end up in prison.

“You know, but you decide with a childish mind that you’re going to fight a school bus driver at a bus stop like I’m not going press charges, because hey! I want them all in jail,” she said to WVUE. 

Anderson explained that she couldn’t protect herself as any attempt to drive away could have potentially hurt the children.

Andrea Anderson said she isn’t letting the three mothers get away with assaulting her and is going forward with pressing charges

Andrea Anderson said she isn’t letting the three mothers get away with assaulting her and is going forward with pressing charges

She said that she was still recovering from injuries sustained in the accident and that she was traumatized. She clarified, however, that she wants to return to work as she loves her job. 

“I love my job. Anderson said that she would love to go back because it’s a good period for my children.

According to the New Orleans Police Department, the investigation into the incident is ongoing. The identity of the school district where the bus belonged remains unknown.

The names of the parents have not been released, nor has it been made clear if all three have children on Anderson’s route and where those children were at the time.