Five-year-old Boy who’made people smile every single day’, drowned after experiencing a seizure New Years Eve. It happened weeks after his father’s death. An inquest heard. 

His grandmother found Little Jayden-Jay Silvester in his bathtub in Blurton Stoke-on-Trent while Lisa Johnson wrapped presents in another bedroom.   

Ms Johnson, paramedics, and the NHS staff tried desperately to revive the boy but they were unable to save him. Royal Stoke University Hospital, later in the day.

This tragic loss occurred just 34 days following the death of Jason Silvester, his father. Jayden-Jay (or JJ), was often asked where Jason was, and he would say that he wanted him to visit.

According to his mother, her grief-stricken son Oscar and Oscar had been out shopping for balloons together on the 31st of December, just before Oscar’s New Year’s Day. They also stated they intended on heading to the park that afternoon.

Ms Johnson stated that Jayden-Jay climbed onto the couch and refused to leave the house because he was feeling unwell.

“His cheeks were so red and hot. My mum-in law and sister-in law arrived twenty minutes later.

Little Jayden-Jay Silvester (pictured), aged five, was found by his grandmother in the bathtub at his home in Blurton, Stoke-on-Trent, while his mother Lisa Johnson was wrapping presents in another room

Jayden-Jay Silvester, five years old, was discovered by his grandmother, Blurton Stoke-on-Trent. His mother Lisa Johnson, who was wrapping gifts in another room, found him in his bathtub.

“I asked them for help wrapping presents and to take care of the kids.

Jayden-Jay came up to him upstairs, asking if he would like to take a shower. He then shook his head and began to writhe in pain.

“I went to the toilet, switched on the taps, then put my body wash in there. The bath was only half-full. I put him in the bathtub.

He was fine, so I checked him out. Jayden Jay would not have it any other way.

He only drank one sip. This surprised me since he has never allowed Coke, and I assumed he would have more.

“I entered the bedroom to wrap presents.

“Between 5 and 10 minutes later, I shouted Jayden Jay to inquire if he’s OK. He said that he was.

“I was left with one present to wrap and I ran out of wrapping paper. Jayden-Jay’s grandmother came by with the wrapping paper.

‘I heard her scream, and I ran in the bathroom. He was pulled from the bathtub and we started CPR.

After Lisa dialed 999, an operator explained CPR to Lisa until paramedics arrived. Jayden-Jay was then taken to the hospital and was declared dead at 5.20pm.

Inquest revealed that Jayden Jayden, a Newstead Primary Academy pupil, was born at 24-weeks old and had spent 101 days in a neonatal unit. Jayden-Jay was on oxygen for 18 more months. He also had seizures in the past.

Lisa was kind enough to praise his school in her speech

She stated that the teachers had been extremely supportive and had a great relationship with him. They also offered one-to-one support.

“He really came on his work, and the staff allowed him to do his thing and encouraged him.

JJ's mother Lisa Johnson desperately tried to resuscitate the boy (pictured), along with paramedics and NHS staff, but he died at the Royal Stoke University Hospital later that day

JJ’s mother Lisa Johnson tried desperately to revive the boy with the help of paramedics (pictured), but the Royal Stoke University Hospital staff later in the day declared him dead.

“He was always a good person and did all he could.

Jayden Jay was pronounced dead at the hospital after a post-mortem.

According to a police report, there wasn’t any water in the area of the bath that suggested there hadn’t been an argument. Jayden Jay was able to leave the bath, if desired.

According to Emma Serrano, the area coroner in Stoke-on-Trentshire and North Staffordshire, the death was caused by natural causes. She stated that the deceased had suffered from a seizure while in the tub and went under the water to drown.

“He suffered from seizures since he was younger, and he also had high fevers.

“Sadly, due to a seizure in the bath, the man went into the water. He drowned.”

Ms Johnson said that her baby boy would be missed and will remain in everyone’s thoughts.

She stated that Jayden-Jay (JJ), passed away December 31, in a statement she gave to StokeonTrentLive. Oscar was his loving brother, Lisa loved him, and Jason lost Jason on November 27.

JJ went to Newstead Primary Academy, where he was raised by his parents. His school friends made JJ smile every single day. 

JJ will be greatly missed, and always in everyone’s thoughts.