Schoolboy, 10, mauled to death by 115lb ‘Beast’ dog suffered unsurvivable ‘injuries to the head and neck’, inquest hears

  • Jack Lis (10) died on Monday from an attack by a dog while at the friend’s place. 
  • Inquest revealed that he sustained’severe injury to the neck and head’. 
  • Jack suffered severe injuries that were “unsurvivable” according to the hearing. 
  • Caroline Saunders, Gwent’s senior coroner, adjourned the inquest

An inquest heard that a schoolboy was killed by a vicious dog after he attacked him.

Jack William Lis (10 years old) was attacked by the dog and killed after he called into his friend’s home after school.

The coroner found that Jack was unable to survive his injuries and a pathologist gave the preliminary cause of Jack’s death, which was severe neck and head wounds.

Newport’s inquest revealed that Jack was found outside Penyrheol (Caerphilly) where he had been “playing with an old friend”.

Following classes on Monday, they went to their friend’s place in the neighbouring street. This is where the dog attack occurred.

Jack Lis, pictured, suffered unsurvivable injuries to the head an neck after he was attacked by a dog on Monday in Caerphilly, his inquest heard

Jack Lis (pictured), sustained non-survivable injuries to his neck and head when he was attacked in Caerphilly by a puppy on Monday.

The hearing heard Jack was attacked by a dog after he entered a friends home. Police later destroyed the dog, pictured

After Jack entered the home of a friend, he was attacked by a canine. The dog was later killed by police.

Coroner Caroline Saunders said Jack's death had been 'violent and unnatural'. She adjourned the inquest pending the outcome of a criminal investigation

Caroline Saunders, the coroner for Jack, said Jack’s murder was ‘violent’ and ‘unnatural. In the meantime, she adjourned her inquest to await the results of a criminal investigation

Caroline Saunders is the senior coroner of Gwent. She said that Jack had attacked her home when she entered it.

A court was informed that paramedics had been called, but Jack’s injuries proved too severe for him to survive. He was declared dead at 4pm.

Jack’s identity was confirmed by photos of his family that were sent to the Royal Gwent Hospital mortuary manager.

Miss Saunders claimed Jack’s death was ‘violent’ and therefore opened an inquest.

An inquest revealed that a woman aged 28 was arrested for the murder.

The coroner called off the inquest to enable ‘further inquiries’ be conducted. It will resume at a later time.

Jack, the powerful eight-stone canine that savaged Jack’s schoolboy self had been only with Jack’s friends for days since Lee Jenkins sold him his roofer.

Jenkins called Jenkins the dog “Beast” when he said that the dog was good with people.

It was called ‘Beast’ by the ad and listed its height at 24ttw, which is about the same height as a Labrador and weight of 115lbs.

After it attacked Jack, a schoolboy Jack with ferocious brown and white fury, armed officers shot the beast seven times.

The animal’s neighbors described its ‘huge muscle’ appearance as it was seen from Jack’s shoulders moments after Jack’s passing.

According to police, a dog law expert was brought in by the authorities to inspect its characteristics and determine if they are allowed to breed in the UK.

Chief Superintendent Mark Hobrough indicated that specialists will examine the character of the dog in order to decide if the breed is banned.

“We’re looking at all the possible offences, and all actions that could result from this investigation,” he said.