Margaret Ferrier, the 61-year-old Scottish MP, pushes her cameraman to leave court, after she learns that she will be tried in August for traveling between Glasgow, London and Covid-19 symptoms.

  • Margaret Ferrier was alleged to have exposed individuals to the ‘risks of infection, sickness and death.
  • Ferrier denied this charge today when she presented at Glasgow Sheriff Court 
  • She reportedly took the train from London to Glasgow, after she tested positive.  
  • She was captured outside court giving a gentle slap on a cameraman’s arm. 

Outside of court, a MP was seen pushing a photographer. She was then charged. Travelling between Glasgow and London in Covid symptoms can put people at high risk.

Margaret Ferrier (61), is charged with knowingly exposing others ‘to infection, sickness, and death’. She visited various locations in London and Glasgow after being told by her to stay away in September 2020. 

According to reports, she traveled to Westminster in anticipation of a Covid testing. She then spoke in the House of Commons before returning to Glasgow via train. 

Ferrier, who had the SNP whip removed after the allegations emerged but remains the independent MP for Rutherglen and Hamilton West, pleaded not guilty to the charge when she appeared at Glasgow Sheriff Court today.

Radio Clyde News has uploaded a clip from her exiting the court to Twitter. The video shows a photographer running in front of the MP for footage. 

Ferrier was seen wearing a mask, holding an umbrella and slapping on the arm of the cameraman with her left hand while she walks by him. 

Ferrier, who was wearing a face mask and holding an umbrella, can be seen slapping the cameraman's arm with the back of her left hand as she walks past him

Ferrier can be seen wearing a face-mask and holding an umbrella as she strolls past him.

Prosecutors allege that Ferrier booked Covid-19 testing and put others at risk. Ferrier visited multiple places.

They include St Mungo’s Church, Glasgow, Vic’s Bar, Prestwick and Sweet P Boutique, all located in Rutherglen.

Ferrier was said to have taken a taxi to Cambuslang from Glasgow Central Station to Glasgow Central Station. He also took a train to London Euston from Glasgow Central and returned to Glasgow Central. Ferrier may then have visited other locations that are unknown to the prosecutors.

File photo: Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon with Margaret Ferrier

File photo of Nicola Sturgeon and Margaret Ferrier, Scottish First Minister

The claim is that after booking Covid-19 testing, she indicated in her booking form that she has symptoms. After being told to self isolate, she then put others at risk by traveling between Glasgow and London between September 26 and 29, 2020.

It will occur in August, and it is expected that it will last around five days.

Mark Allan, Fiscal Depute said that while there may be a handful of police witnesses to the case, the bulk of it will be handled with civilian witnesses.

“There are also several civilian witnesses that have made significant promises to Parliament and will need to be worked around.”

Sheriff Johanna Johnston, QC has set an August 15 trial date. A pre-trial hearing will take place in June 14.