Novak Djokovic’s status as one of this century’s greatest athletes is undisputed – not a description that could ever be applied to his views on health matters.

An obsessive interest in how to improve his mental and physical health is mirroring the fanatical pursuit of improving himself as a tennis player. It has led to him sometimes into dangerous faddism or quackery.

This inexplicable search eventually led him to Melbourne’s Tullamarine Airport immigration detention area, where Wednesday’s bizarre drama unfolded. 

For now he will remain locked up in a refugee detention hotel after the Federal Court ruled his appeal to be let into the country ahead of the Australian Open would be adjourned until Monday. 

Thursday’s appearance by lawyers for world number one appealed against Judge Anthony Kelly. Kelly asked him to reconsider the Department of Home Affairs decision to have Kelly deported. 

The latest controversy in the life 34-year-old tennis player, who was first discovered two years back. Participated in an online Facebook conversation with fellow Serbian athletes in which he condemned vaccines. 

“Personally, I oppose vaccination. I would not want to be made to use a vaccine to allow me to travel.” However, he said that if mandatory vaccination is made compulsory what would happen? It is up to you to take a decision.    

Among Djokovic’s unusual beliefs are that ‘Bosnian pyramids’ near Sarajevo give off a mystical energy, while positive thoughts can purify water.  

Jelena (35), has many unusual beliefs, just as her husband. She shared them with the world. With her many Instagram followers, she shares conspiracy theories online. 

Instagram published a picture in April 2020 After she posted a conspiracy video on 5G and coronavirus, her stories were marked with a ‘false info’ tag. 

On her blog, the mother-of-2 describes herself as open-minded and has a “never satisfied hunger for knowledge”   

Novak Djokovic 's quest to continually improve himself as a tennis player is mirrored by an obsessive curiosity about how best to curate his physical and mental well-being (pictured)

Novak Djokovic’s desire to improve his tennis game is mirrored by an obsession with how to best maintain his mental and physical well-being. 

While Djokovic faces a weekend locked up in a refugee detention hotel in Melbourne, his wife Jelena has stayed at home in Monte Carlo with their two children Tara, two, and Stefan, five

Djokovic is currently being held in Melbourne refugee detention, but his wife Jelena is staying home with their children Tara (two) and Stefan (5). 

Tree-hugging Novak and his wife Jelena both have an obsessive curiosity about how best to curate their physical and mental well-being - with her sharing conspiracy theories online

Tree-hugging Novak and his wife Jelena both have an obsessive curiosity about how best to curate their physical and mental well-being - with her sharing conspiracy theories online

Novak, a tree-hugging man and Jelena his wife have an obsession with curating their mental and physical well-being. She also shares conspiracy theories online (pictured right and left). 

Jelena's blog features posts about how she learned to mediate in Ecuador, links to controversial vegan documentary Cowspiracy and shares tips on 'how to find your true self' (pictured with Novak)

Jelena’s blog features posts about how she learned to mediate in Ecuador, links to controversial vegan documentary Cowspiracy and shares tips on ‘how to find your true self’ (pictured with Novak) 

Jelena wrote online: “I’m changing and transforming so fast that it is hard to identify me or place me in one box. You can find me everywhere. Misunderstood but deeply appreciated.  

‘All of my research revolves around finding the answer on this simple question “How to live a healthy life with purpose?” I look for answers in different books on psychology, self-help, business, entrepreneurship, spirituality, and nutrition. As I’ve learned that writing down new information is the best way for me to remember them, I’ll share my results and lessons.

‘The beauty of being a seeker of knowledge is that you can take any path you’d like. There are no rules, but there’s always learning. This can lead you to anywhere. As my blog grows, we will see where this path will take me and I’ll do my best to share with you what I learn so that we may both grow together’. 

This blog contains posts on how she came to Ecuador as a mediate, links to Cowspiracy controversial vegan documentary Cowspiracy, and tips about ‘how you can find your true selves’ 

The mother-of-two, and childhood sweetheart of Novak, often shares snaps of the couple exploring nature (pictured) with her Instagram followers

Novak’s childhood sweetheart, a mother-of-2, shares photos of her and Novak exploring nature with their Instagram followers (pictured). 

Soon after the pandemic broke out, Novak took part in a live Facebook discussion with other Serbian sportspeople in which he said he is 'opposed to vaccinations'

Novak participated in an online Facebook conversation with fellow Serbian athletes shortly after the outbreak of the pandemic. He stated that he was ‘opposed’ to vaccines. 

Novak’s world is VERY bizarre, from running a charitable foundation to discussing conspiracy theories online. 

In the early days of her relationship with Novak, Jelena was a successful model, starring in several high profile campaigns

Jelena was an accomplished model in her early years of Novak’s relationship. She starred in several highly publicized campaigns.

The childhood sweethearts married in July 2014 in the grounds of Montenegro’s exclusive Aman Sveti Stefan resort.

Jelena was at that time pregnant with their first child. She wore an Alexander McQueen dress designed by Sarah Burton.

Jelena, in her early years of Novak’s relationship, was a highly successful model. She starred prominently in several campaigns.

Jelena has a beauty and brains, too. She graduated from Milan’s University with a Masters Degree. Now she works for the Novak Foundation as director. This foundation invests in Serbian Pre-School Education.

Jelena helps to run the Novak Djokovic Foundation, which raises money for childhood education and inclusive early education programmes for children disadvantaged communities.

Also, she is often seen courtside. She struggles to keep her poker face.

She is often on the verge of crying or angry at the umpires’ decisions.

Jelena said once that she was unable to control her emotions while competing: “You get passionate watching your boyfriend play in the box.”

 ‘We just want them to be happy. It is not your desire to see them suffering. You don’t want to see them in pain. 


These ‘knowledges’ that she seeks (and sometimes shares) may not be grounded in reality. 

Instagram published a picture in April 2020 After she posted a conspiracy video discussing 5G and coronavirus, her stories were marked with a ‘false info’ tag.

A 10-minute video posted by Dr Thomas Cowan, a mother of two and Novak’s childhood friend, falsely claimed that 5G was responsible for the outbreak of coronavirus.

Her spreading fake news was heavily criticized because she used Instagram to reach nearly half a million people.

Instagram took the initiative to provide ‘independent fact checks’. Every time someone views her profile, a “False Information” screen is displayed. 

Later, she clarified her position by releasing a statement in which she stated that she had taken an interest in this field and not explicitly supported it.  

‘I shared the video a few days ago for one reason only – it mentions the teachings of Rudolf Steiner, which is relevant to my area of ​​interest and business, and hence my interest in this video was larger than the sea of ​​other content I get,’ the statement, shared by EssentiallySports, read. 

“Specifically, Steiner kindergartens and schools are found in 76 countries (Waldorf school), and I’ve been spending time with them and learning about their curriculum. Steiner’s philosophy, and his work in biodynamic agriculture inspired me to continue learning. This is what I have done for the past few months. 

“So, it makes sense. I don’t pretend to believe it, but it is something that I find interesting and want to learn more.     

Novak’s latest episode stems back 36 hours to his triumphant-sounding announcement that he had circumvented vaccine requirements for an undisclosed reason, and was heading for Australia.

His social media posts were cocky and drew the fury of people who have seen more lockdowns in their country than any other. His athletic abilities are extraordinary, and he also has a huge pair of Tin ears.

This brutal collision with public opinion – not to mention opportunistic Australian politicians – has been a long time coming, a course plotted since the onset of the pandemic. 

Covid’s beliefs regarding health have been rooted in his roots since the very beginning of the last ten years. By pressing down a piece of bread on his stomach, he discovered that he had a wheat allergy.

Always a profound thinker with a sharp mind – he has taught himself to converse in seven languages, for example – the more success he has had, the more interested he has become in the workings of body and spirit. 

Jelena has been heavily criticised for spreading 'fake news' given her platform to reach almost half a million people through Instagram

Jelena was heavily criticised by her for spreading fake news, given that she has an Instagram platform which can reach nearly half a million people.

Novak was told he would not be granted entry into Australia on Wednesday after the government rejected his visa, as it did not support vaccine exemption on medical grounds

Novak received a message from Australia that he wouldn’t be allowed entry to Australia after his visa was rejected by the government. The reason for this rejection? It didn’t support exemption of vaccines on medical grounds.

Djokovic took to social media earlier in the week to reveal he had got a medical exemption

 Djokovic took to social media earlier in the week to reveal he had got a medical exemption

Pepe Imaz is a Spanish coach who helped him to get started in meditation. His theories include the ability to hug trees and meditate. 

He established the “peace and love” gestures to go with the Serb’s victories after matches.

Djokovic was diagnosed with elbow problems in the year following. He tried holistic remedies before deciding on conventional surgery. 

He revealed later that he wept for three days following the incident, because he couldn’t find natural remedies to fix it.

He was already an advocate of hyperbaric chambers, where his body experiences pure oxygen at much higher pressures than usual. In fact, he brought a portable version in a truck to Flushing Meadows to participate in the US Open.

It is just the latest controversial episode involving Djokovic and his wife Jelena (right)

This is the latest controversy surrounding Djokovic’s wife Jelena (right).

Djokovic, who was all smiles when he landed in Australia on Wednesday, is obsessed with holistic cures and once revealed he cried for three days after he had conventional surgery

Djokovic smiled all the way to Australia when he arrived on Wednesday.

Djokovic thinks the 'Bosnian pyramids' near Sarajevo give off a mystical energy; here Semir Osmanagic, an archaeologist famous for his unorthodox theories on them, stands near one

Djokovic thinks the ‘Bosnian pyramids’ near Sarajevo give off a mystical energy; here Semir Osmanagic, an archaeologist famous for his unorthodox theories on them, stands near one

The full scope of his views was only revealed when the virus wiped out the entire world.

After his Facebook exchange – which earned him a public rebuke from one of Serbia’s leading epidemiologists – he participated in live Instagram feeds with his friend, self-styled health entrepreneur Chervin Jafarieh.

They promoted at one time the belief that positive thinking could transform polluted water to safe drinking water. 

Then came the Adria Tour. This was a tour of Balkans that refused to comply with any Covid regulations. Amid nightclub carousing and close quarters games of basketball many of its participants – including Djokovic and his wife – tested positive for the virus. 

Jelena Djokovic has been shamed for spreading a 5G conspiracy on social media

Instagram produced a 'False Information' warning on a video she posted back on April 1

Jelena, who shared a conspiracy theory about 5G causing coronavirus in 2015 on Instagram, was awarded a false information label.

Djokovic's online chats with Chevrin Jafarieh (bottom) became notorious in the pandemic

Djokovic’s chats via the internet with Chevrin Jafarieh, (bottom), became well-known during the pandemic

He was not happy with the outcome, though it did make him more open to spiritual exploration. One example is his frequent visit to the Bosnian pyramids. Some believe they emit an energy that can be used for spiritual purposes.

They are pointed hills that a local archaeologist says are made by man. Other experts have dismissed this idea as completely false.

This may be his best shot at surviving his competition in the pursuit of Grand Slams.

He is currently level on the 20 Major titles with Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and should be leading the charge. To many neutrals, he’s already the best men’s player of all time.

If he hadn’t thrown a tennis ball at the line judge during round four of 2020 US Open, and then been defaulted on, he would have almost certain been on 21.

This latest turmoil, however it plays out, comes as he turns 35 in May and when Alex Zverev and Daniil Medvedev are real threats to his dominance on the court. 

The Serbian (far right) hosted the ill-fated Adria Tour event in the middle of the pandemic - and it had to be ended prematurely after a number of the players contracted the virus

In the middle of pandemic, Serbia hosted the disastrous Adria Tour. It was ended early after several players got the virus.

Djokovic (left centre) and fellow tennis stars partied in a Belgrade nightclub in June 2020, with some of the players taking their shirts off during the riotous evening

Djokovic (left center) with fellow tennis players partied at a Belgrade club in June 2020. Some of the participants even took off their shirts during this wild evening.

Although many criticize him for his sport’s shortcomings, his views about vaccines are much more nuanced and balanced than they sometimes portray.

He arranged that those who desired the jab could be given it at the ATP Tour Belgrade event earlier in the year.

Aside from the fact that no athlete has given more than he did to help with the pandemic, it should be noted as well. 

He also works tirelessly to help other tennis players unions.

His vaccine position has been about freedom and choice.

His continued stance in Melbourne could also be seen as self-defeating, despite the opportunities he missed.

The large Serbian population in Victoria is one group that will continue to support him, should he ever return. 

Several of these players have worn T-shirts with a catchy slogan: ‘Novak Against The World’ to the Australian Open.

Djokovic lashed away a ball in anger at a line judge in the 2020 US Open fourth round

Djokovic screamed at the line judge during round four of 2020 US Open.

After hitting line judge Laura Clark in the throat, the world No 1 was disqualified from the event

The world number one was eliminated from the event after she hit Laura Clark, judge in the throat.

Novak Djokovic is to remain in deportation uncertainty ALL WEEKEND in refugee detention hotels as the court battle for his vaccination exemption will continue until Monday 

Novak Djokovic is still in refugee detention after the Federal Court denied his request to enter the country before the Australian Open. 

On Thursday, lawyers representing the No.1 world ranking appealed against Judge Anthony Kelly for review of the Department of Home Affairs’ decision to deport Kelly. 

Before his departure, the Serbian Covid vaccination critic posted on social media that he was headed Down Under, with a medical exemption upon arrival at Melbourne Airport On Wednesday night, Border Force agents detained him and denied him entry.

Scott Morrison accused the tennis great of trying to ‘run the border’, telling reporters that such an exemption was not in place.

The moment before Djokovic was whisked away by security staff and border officials for ‘not satisfying’ entry requirements was captured when the 20-time Grand Slam winner stepped off his flight and stood before the Border Force check-in counter sporting a face mask.

The news comes amid reports that Tennis Australia gave medical exemptions for two more individuals who didn’t comply with the requirements. These people, both from Australia, are being investigated by Border Force. 

Djokovic’s barrister Nick Wood SC told the court on Thursday he was determined to find a way for his client to play in the Australian Open on January 17, and the visa issue is what is standing in his way.

Wood stated that Mr Djokovic cannot compete in the tournament if he has not been issued a visa. 

Judge Kelly stated that he would be willing to wait until the end of the case in order to get an appropriate outcome. He also asked the star tennis player if he had any court for training at the hotel where he is currently being held. 

It appears likely Djokovic will not be expected to return home tonight after all, as Christopher Tran, who is representing the government, said he does not consider it ‘in the interests of justice’ to make a hasty decision this evening.

Moments before Novak Djokovic was taken away to a detention hotel he was pictured at the Border Force check in counter

Novak Djokovic, moments prior to his detention in a prison hotel was captured at the Border Force checkin counter

Novak Djokovic arrives at Adelaide Airport on January 14, 2021 in Adelaide, Australia

Novak Djokovic arrives Adelaide Airport in Adelaide on January 14, 2020.

Tennis Australia requested that a definitive answer be given to Djokovic by Tuesday so they can schedule the Melbourne Grand Slam. The event starts January 17th.

Judge Kelly said, “The dog won’t be pulling the tail here Mr Wood,”

“If Tennis Australia makes the decision to take control of its company, they will.”   

Australian Border Force officials are now investigating their cases, ABC Defence Correspondent reported.

It is costly to rush a case of this type through the Federal Court. 

A lawyer for immigration said that it highlighted Djokovic’s privilege and the fact that the matter was resolved so quickly.

These very fast legal proceedings are only available to those who have money or a good reputation. The source stated that they are not readily accessible.

Tassliveris, President of the Law Council of Australia stated that it’s crucial that visa applicants have the chance to have their decision reviewed by Daily Mail Australia.   

“These decisions will nearly always have a profound effect on the lives of individuals as well as their families.”

Mr Liveris stated that administrative and judiciary review processes, such as Djokovic’s have requested in this instance, are crucial to ensure visa decisions are accurate and fair. 

Scott Morrison, the Prime Minister, stated Thursday that Scott Morrison was wrongly claiming that the Serbian star claimed he had a special medical exemption which allowed him to fly to Australia to defend it.

Morrison replied, “I was advised that such an exception wasn’t in place and as such he is subjected to the same rule like anyone else.” 

“People attempt to cross the border every day. Some people arrive with visas that do not meet other entry requirements. They are then put on airplanes again and turned around. 

Later, the federal government explained that visa approval was an automatic process. It is up to individuals to show their valid exemption or vaccination status upon arrival.   

Djokovic’s first statement caused widespread anger due to his refusal of confirmation about his vaccination status. 

Novak Djokovic (pictured in Adelaide while quarantining for the 2021 Australian Open) may have a hard time having the decision to cancel his visa overturned ahead of the start of the Australian Open in two weeks - amid calls for him to explain his reasons for his vaccination exemption

Novak Djokovic (pictured in Adelaide while quarantining for the 2021 Australian Open) may have a hard time having the decision to cancel his visa overturned ahead of the start of the Australian Open in two weeks – amid calls for him to explain his reasons for his vaccination exemption

Although he is not required to legally share his medical exemption grounds, it has been suggested that he may have done so in order to help his case for entry into Australia.

Border force officers are approving medical exemptions’regularly,’ one source stated, noting that it is reasonable to assume Djokovic meets the eligibility criteria for valid exemption.  

However, they stated that if he refused to disclose the reason for exemption to any official at border, ‘that’s the problem. 

After landing in Melbourne at 11:30 on Wednesday afternoon, the controversial vaccine critic was whisked off and interrogated.

On Thursday morning, Australian border officials confirmed the cancellation of his visa. 

Initial reports stated that the visa Morrison received did not permit medical exemptions for unvaccinated persons. But, Morrison later clarified that no exemption had been granted.  

Djokovic won’t be allowed to participate in the Australian Open if he isn’t vaccinated. This was apparently because Covid has already struck Djokovic down. 

However, this policy is usually limited to those who have been infected within the past six months. Djokovic contracted Covid in June 2020 shortly after he hosted a number of players in an exhibition tournament in south-east Europe. 

Djokovic’s legal team immediately indicated that they will fight this decision in court.

A letter sent from the Department of Health to Tennis Australia warns past diagnosis of Covid is not a valid exemption

The letter was addressed to boss Tennis Australia boss Craig Tiley

Craig Tiley from Tennis Australia was notified by the Department of Health that past diagnoses of Covid are not valid exceptions.


Djokovic's exemption to play the Australian Open while unvaccinated was reportedly awarded because he has already been struck down Covid

Djokovic was granted an exemption from playing the Australian Open unvaccinated because he had been previously struck down by Covid